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  1. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    After I purchased our 2004 Safari Trek 31SBD (32 ft) on a 20,500lb F-53 it felt a little top heavy. The cheap fix moving the links on the swaybar closer to the axle took care of that problem and created another. I had to replace the bushings with polyurethane because the OEM failed right away. I've wanted Koni's for years and years and finally broke down and installed their FSD shocks on all corners. The last thing I did was install Firestone's air bags on the rear axle - this unit only has a 208" wheelbase which is much too short for a 32ft MH. The air bags have done a great job of preventing tag drag and the overall ride is much better since I installed them. The Koni shocks have vastly improved the ride over today's highways where the tar strips and concrete slabs are tilted causing a constant thump-thump as we travel them. The original Bilstein shocks were much too stiff and resulted in a jarring drive over those rough sections of roads. Would I recommend these upgrades? Yes. Especially moving the swaybar links and replacing the bushings. That doesn't cost much and if you handy at all, it's something you can handle yourself. I'd sure try that before investing in a heavier swaybar right away. Right now I have no plans to make any other chassis upgrades and I'm a happy camper.
  2. When was the last time you took your own bacon and eggs into a restaurant and asked them to prepare them for you? Buying your parts somewhere else and then trying to find a shop to install them is pretty much the same thing. Like the shop you talked about, when you purchase parts elsewhere, you take away some of the money they would have made selling them to you. I buy my own tow brackets where ever I can find them the cheapest but I install them myself. Takes me a little longer but I'm satisfied with the job when I'm done.
  3. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Nowhere did you say you were having a handling problem yet several thousand dollars of upgrades were recommended so I'm having a hard time understanding why all this premium equipment is necessary. Did you tell Henderson you have an unlimited budget and to go crazy with every modification they could think of? What about an alignment if you're having handling problems?
  4. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    Eric, If you didn't let that park know there was a problem with their pedestal before you left please be sure to give them a call and let them know of the problem you had. It just might save the next occupant a small fortune when they they to use it.
  5. Need Side Camera Parts

    Tomsol, I highly recommend you post this question on Trek Tracks ( That site is dedicated to supporting Treks and Trek owners. It's a must for Trek owners. You'll need to request membership but requests are closely monitored and you should receive acknowledgement soon after requesting.
  6. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    Eric, One of your pictures shows a "WIRING STATUS ERROR" NEUTRAL = GROUND Have you tried asking what that error indicates? Call the mfg and ask them.
  7. Only problem with the LA locals is the time. The LA programming comes on way too late for me. While in Emerald Cove (Erp, CA) on the Colorado River a couple of years ago, I called to change my locals and because I was in CA, I got the LA locals. Realizing how late the late shows came on, I called right back a few minutes later and gave them an address in Phoenix and they switched me to the Phoenix locals which aired the late shows and the news an hour or two earlier. I was able to watch the news and late shows and get a good night's sleep too! Now it they offered the east coast or at least central time network shows, it would be worth it to me. Earlier is better for me.
  8. And Portland, Oregon area. When I called around the St Louis area, I found several that offered to replace my foggy windows but none that were willing to repair them. They said they could send measurements out and have new glass tempered to fit. Every place I called told me it would take a week to 10 days to have a new piece of glass tempered. I've got an appointment in Searcy, AR the day after Christmas to have our repaired. By repaired, I mean removed, cleaned, resealed and reinstalled. I don't think any of our panes are etched which would require new glass. They'll put us inside their garage with hookups while they're working on our windows. After that, we're on our way to Quartzsite!
  9. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    I had Sprint's unlimited service for years. Granted it was an older plan dating back to the early 2000s, whenever folks set around the campfire and compared coverage, I remained quite because I had nothing to talk about - my service never measured up to what others were experiencing. I had an unlimited hotspot for years also that absolutely under-performed almost everywhere I went. I emailed "" (the CEO's staff) and they'd call me to pacify me but never were able to correct the problems I experienced. If you're a Sprint customer experiencing problems, emailing that address is worth a try. What got me is when they'd rag on me about using too much "roaming data" The only reason I had to roam was Sprint was too cheap to put up a tower! They should have been glad to have me as a customer and remained quite about my roaming - happened every time I stayed at Emerald Cove in Erp, CA / Parker, AZ. I tried T-Mobile for almost a year before switching to Verizon. Not one of those carriers is without dead areas. Way back before I started with Sprint, I had AT&T service. When I complained about dropped calls at my house, the agent looked long and hard for a solution before telling me straight up he couldn't help and there were no future plans to improve service in my area - and no, he couldn't let me out of my contract. Sprint overcame the problem with a micro-cell device connected to my internet. T-Moble's phone connected to the WiFi signal directly to provide voice over IP. With Verizon, the service isn't great but I've never dropped a call here at the house and usually have 4G data service (the way their unlimited plan is $80/month plus $20 a month for each device up to a total of 4 - veterans get a 15% discount. Lots of luck with your experiences. When you find the idea provider, be sure to come back and let us all know who it is.
  10. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    I had a 3G LG Optimus phone that I purchased on eBay for around $70. For $15/month I had unlimited 3G Verizon service. I prepaid each month and overall service was pretty good. Never had any overages or problems. The phone wouldn't work for voice calls but that was fine with me. I switched when Verizon began offering unlimited 4G/LTE service for up to 4 phones for $160 a month with a 15% discount to veterans. The wife and I each have a Samsung S7 (that I purchased on eBay for around $300 a year ago so I had my own device when I switched) and I added a hotspot (purchased that device on eBay for 1/2 of what Verizon wanted) to my plan. Both phones were given a rating of 9/10 but I couldn't find a mark on them - they looked new and the price I paid was less that 1/2 of what Verizon was asking. The last line is supposed to be for my daughter's iPhone whenever she the urge moves her. Anyway, back to data. I just looked at eBay again to see if I could find the deal I had previously. I couldn't find it but I found this: ANDROID FLASHED TO UNLIMITED 3G VERIZON $5 A MONTH 2 MONTHS FREE [FREE REFLASH!] $60 for the phone - The seller has 100% positive feedback so this might be something some of you may want to try. 3G service isn't bad. I used it to watch live streaming newscasts from home while away on our winter trips with hardly any pauses to catch-up.
  11. While I'd rather be able to select my "local channels" online, I like being able to call Dish Network, tell them you're traveling in an RV and have an agent switch my local channels to a city near where ever we happen to be with our service. They'll switch your "service address" everyday if you ask them but usually the "spot beam" is wide enough I can't drive through it in a day. Background: There are about 210 "local TV markets across the United States. Congress told the satellite TV carriers that if they carry one station in any of those areas, the "Must Carry" every channel in that market. This was done at the request of the cable TV lobbyists to burden the satellite TV providers and make their prices cost prohibitive. Comparatively, cable TV prices would look more attractive. In order to accomplish that feet, the satellite TV industry developed "spot beams" that service only the areas they're aimed at. That allowed them to reuse the same frequencies several times across the country. These spot beams carry the local TV channels in the area they're aimed at. When you leave the area they're illuminating, you loose those channels and need to have your service switched to area you've entered. I'm from the St Louis area. I can receive the St Louis locals all across Missouri and Illinois but if I go much farther, I'll have to switch to another city's local channels. Local channels are ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and various others that direct their ads to your local market.
  12. The automatic roof top units for Dish only tune one satellite at a time - either 110, 119 or 129. There are no hard and fast rules for what's on those satellites but in general many of the local channels are on 110. Most of the SD programming is on 119 and 129 carries most of the HD programming. As you change channels, a signal goes to the dish that tells it to re-position to the correct satellite. Never is more that one satellite signal used. Dish Network has two constellations. The 110-119-129 satellites are called the "western arc." You can also use their "Eastern Arc" satellites at "61.5°, 72.7° and 77°" if your view of the sky and the western arc is blocked. On my GM-1518 Carryout dishes, I have to flip some DIP switches to make that change. That's good to know and gives you an option that might give you a better chance get a signal before giving up.
  13. Best Satellite TV Service Providers – 2017 You Decide.
  14. Does the "Grand Marquis" have a driveshaft? If so why not use a driveshaft disconnect and make it easy. I've had one for too many years to count - it works great!
  15. You should be able to find a cheaper auto-tuning antenna than $2000 unless you need to have HD resolution. For $2000 I'm guessing you're looking at a "Trav'ler" dish. You can find cheaper solutions than that. The smaller portable dishes for Direct TV cost more than the ones for Dish Network but they're still a lot cheaper than the $2000 you mentioned - even the "in motion" models. Here's several to look over and compare: Here in the mid-west we have lots of trees, I often get a site under one of them and it blocks my roof mounted dish. When that happens, I've got a potable and 50ft of cord that usually allow me to get a good signal but not always.