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  1. Connect On The Go - Round 2

    Thanks for the reply everyone. It appears that a separate data plan would be needed for phones and the Mifi, unless your phone(s) were always connected to the Mifi. Total cost for a 4 GB/2 phone Plan with the FMCA/Verizon Plan not much different than a Verizon Unlimited Plan. Rather have the latter as not to be tethered to a Mifi and use the phone as a Hotspot when needed.
  2. Connect On The Go - Round 2

    The question for many of us current Verizon users is.... If you have a current data plan using your phone as a Hotspot and switch to the new FMCA plan, will your new Mifi be able to share the data plan with your phone without being connected to the Mifi. and use your phone as a Hotspot when needed? In other words, having multiple devices capable of connecting to the towers and receiving data, share one plan, as it is now.