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  1. With my wife's disability it is easier for us to have longer stays. She doesn't travel well but is fine when we are at a place. I would travel more but want to keep her happy 😊
  2. You guys have to much time on your hands!
  3. If you are interested in the Phoenix Arizona area, the Pioneer RV park just north of Phoenix on I 17 is nice and they have a large storage area. Well located for sightseeing and shopping as well as golf and hiking. Roland
  4. Brett, I agree with you but many of us would rather see business stay with their business and out of politics. As a retired business owner I know I wanted all my patients and didn't care what their politics were.
  5. Marcus Lemonis made his statement on CNBC August 16, 2017. A google search of his name brings it up.
  6. True you are Carl. It doesn't seem that you should keep putting new dicor on top of old but I guess it is the way to do repair.
  7. Thanks Bill
  8. How many times can you touch up Dicor sealant before you should remove and replace with new Dicor? What about eternabond tape instead of Dicor? Seems that tape makes a better looking job, is it not as effective at preventing leaks?
  9. Well said Kaypsmith, my thoughts exactly. I am not wealthy but comfortable enough that I want to live the life I want and don't consider financial concerns as my prime decider. If I did I would not have any type of rv and would not own a home either.
  10. Spuds,you hit the nail right on the head. I also belong to GS and don't need another one.
  11. Carl, I am looking at roof treatments also, the RV Armor seems good but I was told to figure $100.00 per foot of coach length. Seem expensive to me. I have been quoted $1800.00 to do the Dicor treatment including removing old sealer, washing roof with Dicor prep and 2 coats of sealant. i really think if I was a few years younger this would be something I could do myself.
  12. Has anyone had experience with the Dicor roof treatment? I need to replace some of my vent sealant and am considering doing the whole roof with the Dicor system.
  13. Hi Teri, Welcome to the forum. There are no rv parks near Dearborn Mi. You will have 1/2 hour drive. Several state campgrounds to consider and a few private places. Frankenmuth has several private parks in the area. It might be easier to stay in Frankenmuth area and drive your toad to Dearborn, safer also. The Ford museum is a great day trip and from Frankenmuth the thumb of Michigan is an easy drive to explore. Roland
  14. We have had all this conversation, I think all of us have made up our mind by now. We all need to vote and make an effort to get the other 80-90% of the membership to vote also. Going back and forth is not likely to change any minds on the forum. I think it is time to move on, just my 2 cents.