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  1. Freightliner Oasis

    Joe, what is a person to do to get necessary service? Would you say that FL oasis service is a likely good choice?
  2. Freightliner Oasis

    Do you really feel that a trip to Gaffney is necessary? Surely there are other qualified service centers more locally located. I have read good reports on the oasis FL dealer in Kalamazoo Mi., this is only 100 miles from me. Hate to think South Carolina is the only place.
  3. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Punsxy they weren’t there 1 month ago when we were there either. A Texas tall tale or mystery! Roland
  4. Freightliner Oasis

    Is the difference in an Oasis shop worth driving an extra 50 miles? Are the techs more skilled on mh or is the difference the availability to camp at the shop the main thing? I have 82000 miles on my mh and only limited knowledge of previous service so I am going to get 90000 mile complete service now to bring everything up to date.
  5. Buying a gas class A

    While the price of a new gas mh is attractive, the drivability and weight limits make it a no for me. I plan to plug along with my present DP until I win the lottery! Buying another used DP doesn’t hold any attraction to me now, who knows what the future will bring.
  6. Routine yearly maintence

    Would it be time for transmission service?
  7. Routine yearly maintence

    I am not original owner and have no service records.
  8. Routine yearly maintence

    If I take my my with a c-7 cat engine to a Freightliner shop what routine yearly maintence should I expect? Oil change, chassis lube, what filters? I have 82000 miles on coach, is there any other service I should be doing?
  9. I know Texas BBQ is good but Memphis does a pretty good job. Try Central BBQ when you are there. Pine wood? We use hickory.
  10. Captains chair

    Thanks for the info. I am going to contact the Freightliner shop near me.
  11. Captains chair

    Thanks Bill.
  12. Captains chair

    Carl, Did they have seats in stock or did you order? Did the shop do the install for you? I wonder if someone in Indiana could do this? We are only a few hours away from Elkhart. Roland
  13. Captains chair

    Anyone replaced their captains chair in a class a? Did you do it yourself or have it done? Anyone used the air type chair semi trucks have?
  14. What tire if price no concern

    After talking to a few dealers I find I am unable to get a Continental dealer that accepts the FMCA program within 100 miles of me. I am going to go with the Michelin tires and be done with it. Thank you all for your advice. Roland
  15. Mainline Truck and RV repair

    Carl, They are near Cleveland Ohio. They are a certified dealer and installer of Henderson Alignment products. Thinking of having them do a ride analysis after I get new tires, also an all wheel alignment. The Freightliner shop near me is reluctant to touch steering gear. I may not need anything other than alignment but I want it checked. With my wife’s health issues we have decided to keep this coach and fix it so that it is as comfortable as we can make it. I am going to check into new drivers and passengers seats also. The padding is starting to wear out in the current chairs. Roland