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  1. Sway Bar Bushings

    Thanks for the help! I think I have my dense head around this now and I am going to local auto zone as they have bushings in stock.
  2. Sway Bar Bushings

    I don’t know that I need replacement links, just getting ahead of my self 😁 I thought the space between the bushings was a sleeve covering the threaded rod. I take it this is the rod with an area that doesn’t have threading. When doing this would it be smart to lower the coach leveling jacks or should they be retracted? Roland
  3. Sway Bar Bushings

    Bill you mentioned that you had to thin the bushings thickness, did you just sand it off with belt sander? Looking at replacement links it looks as if there is a nut on bottom and bolt head on top, is this correct. Again thanks for all the help
  4. Sway Bar Bushings

    Bill, I don’t have my coach at home, since ours are the same do you remember if there is a rear sway bar also? I have only looked at the front one. It seems to me that might be good to replace center bushings at the same time so you don’t have to take everything apart a second time. Thanks all for the help.
  5. Sway Bar Bushings

    Would it be smart to replace end links also and how do you know how tight to make things? Sorry for questions but I am not much of a mechanic.
  6. Sway Bar Bushings

    Brett, when doing this do you need to jack up the axle or support it in some way?
  7. Sway Bar Bushings

    I am giving some thought to replacing my coach’s sway bar bushings while on our way to Arizona this winter. Was thinking a stop in Dallas area would be a good diversion. I have seen that there is a Freightliner service facility there and am wondering if anyone has had experience with them. Also what about campground in the area. Thanks, Roland
  8. Michigan to Arizona

    We have been fortunate for the past 4 years that we have had good weather except for Texas winds going down to Nashville then to Memphis. On to Texarkana, Dallas and west to El Paso, then up to Phoenix. Ross has given me the route they use from Indiana and it would also work for me but as he told me daily monitoring of the weather is a must, greater risk of cold weather. Fortunately we have the luxury of time and can sit out bad weather. If we need to we can always go south at Memphis and come across 10, but have heard that this way has poorer quality roads.
  9. Summer in New Mexico

    Brett, does the state park accommodate larger motor homes? We have given some thought to stopping there on our way home next spring. We plan to visit Presidio and Big Bend. Roland
  10. What type of rug is recommended for laminated wood flooring? I have been told that certain backings can damage or discolor the flooring..
  11. Uncomfortable Class A Captain Chairs

    Does anyone have an idea on how hard it would be to install one of the air ride seats in place of original flexsteel driver seat?
  12. Michigan to Arizona

    Ross, Do you travel using bottled water instead of on board fresh tank? Are there campgrounds open along this route? My wife is disabled so we don’t boondock or stop at Walmart overnight.
  13. Michigan to Arizona

    Tom, You bring up my main concern, snow and ice. That is why we have always gone further south thru Memphis to Dallas and then over. This way we have been lucky and not encountered bad weather except for Texas winds. It adds up to being 200-300 miles further but we don’t travel in a hurry. As I said we plan to go to big bend on the way home in late March. I was just trying to see others experience when going at this time of year. Thanks, Roland
  14. Michigan to Arizona

    How much is weather a problem in early January? We have gone thru Terre Haute before, can be really cold. That is why we try to head straight south. How are the roads going to St. Louis and Oklahoma? What time of year do you go? Thanks, Roland