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  1. Padre Island

    Thank you all for the info! Who knows, next winter I may be a winter Texan
  2. Padre Island

    My biggest handicap is me! As I have aged I can’t hit the ball as far and it is hard to reprogram the brain. Are most of the courses in the RGV country clubs or or their some public play courses? With my current game anything over $75-80 is not worth it. Hope to get back in groove this summer when we are back in Michigan.
  3. Padre Island

    Thanks for the help! Will check out Texas Trails and weather site. Roland
  4. Padre Island

    Phoenix until the 15th of March, then we plan on winding our way down towards Padre. Want to check out area for possible next year.
  5. Padre Island

    What is the typical weather in Padre Island/ South Padre Island towards the end of March? Will the area still be flooded with winter Texans?
  6. CWSWine, were your wobbles at low speed when turning or at higher speed when going straight? What tow bar and base plate do you use? Is your tow bar height level to Jeep?
  7. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    I agree that if you are considering spending more than a few weekends in your coach you will want 38-40+ feet. Not enough room to liv e comfortably otherwise. Good luck in your choice. Roland
  8. I towed a Jeep Cherokee 2015 for two years and over 10,000 miles and our 2017 for nearly 10,000 miles. I have never experienced death wobble but from reports it seems to happen when turning at slow speed in Jeeps without harness to keeps the steering active. I have always had harness and always go super slow in turns were road is bumpy.
  9. I have the same vehicle and use Blue Ox system. Seems to work well.
  10. Pwick I towed a 2015 Cherokee with the harness for two years and 15000 miles without a charger and had no problems. If you have a good battery the draw for a days drive is minimal, be sure to turn off system when you are in for the night. We usually unhooked and went out to eat every two or three days.
  11. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    Great park, we stay there on our way to and from Arizona. Try to get the first row by the cow/horse pasture. Unfortunately we will be passing thru there in late in March. Roland
  12. Diesel Block Heater

    When we left Michigan this year it was -11, we ran block heater over night and engine started right up and ran like a champ.
  13. GPS Systems, Which Is Best

    The Garmin unit is much brighter and you can see it even with polarized sun glasses on in bright daylight. It doesn’t turn on and off by itself like GSRM.
  14. GPS Systems, Which Is Best

    We bought a new Garmin Drivesmart 61North America LMT-S for our winter trip this year. We had a GS Rand McNalley (poor excuse for GPS). Our unit isn’t RV specific but gives all info you need. We also use Truckers Atlas. I have to say we use Interstate Highways most but if we go to smaller roads we use atlas to monitor bridge heights. Over the 2500 miles we have used the unit we have not had any problems, I am not sure you need a RV specific GPS and this unit was much less expensive.
  15. Edinburg TX

    What happen to rest of conversation? This had the most important information.