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  1. Pathway x2. Help

    When you set up x2 do one receiver method to get primary tv, leave that tv on and then do 2nd tv setup as one receiver method also. That way you will be on southwest satellites for both TVs. You then can use both TVs on different channels as long as they are on same satellite. If you do 2 receiver method you will only get eastern satellite 72.
  2. Options For Washing Motor Homes

    Jim, that was what I was thinking but when we travel from Michigan to Arizona we do get dirty and I think a wash would be needed before I would want to use Slick Mist. I use a similar product on my Jeep but not when dirty. Do you just spray the mist on and wipe off with microfiber towel? The wash wax system looks good but is pricey, Chemical Guys has a similar cloth head for less dollars.
  3. Options For Washing Motor Homes

    Carl, do you only use Lucas Slick mist or do you wash off road grime first?
  4. Fleetwood Quality & Company Support

    Thanks! Some day I hope to do the same.
  5. Fleetwood Quality & Company Support

    Jim, Did you order your unit thru a dealer or direct from Newmar? Did ordering have an effect on the final price you paid?
  6. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Bill A adds some spice to our conversation! 😄
  7. Toad Oil Change

    I had a friend ask a question today, with a toad do you change its oil based on all miles including towed or only miles driven? I told him I only change oil on miles driven but would ask what others do.
  8. Firearms

    You would not have to worry unless I am worried. She takes her clues from me as most dogs do with their humans. Carl, we are working on adding 6” to jump. 😁
  9. Firearms

    Wayne, My Jack Russel might be smaller but I would guard your crotch if you approached in a menacing fashion. 😁 4 foot jump and very agile. Also smarter than the average thug. 😊
  10. Firearms

    Carl, OO buckshot is a good home defense round, good stopping power and because of fewer pellets less incidental damage. Also in spite of what others have said the racking of a round is a psychological deterrent. I would love to use my Mossberg Mag 10 with 3 1/2” shell but weight and size make it impractical.. I think the most important decision is if you are going to arm yourself be trained with which ever weapon you chose and maintain proficiency.
  11. Firearms

    Whether or not one carries is certainly a personal decision and my first post was not designed to raise that issue. I was merely looking for advise as to what other firearm owners are doing when traveling in their MH. My experience with fellow MH owners is that they are a responsible bunch as a rule and would take firearm ownership and use in a responsible fashion. Bill, your idea of keeping the entry step cover down is a good one. thanks all for the imput and Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Firearms

    I do also have a dog and she is a great alarm system. I guess I am reacting to recent history in areas I have camped in and thought were safe. It is a sad day we have to start thinking this way.
  13. Firearms

    Wayne, I agree that up until now I have not felt threatened or had the need for a firearm in the coach but I am rethinking that. Carl, normally I do carry a 9mm when I do carry. My thought for the shotgun is the added fear factor of racking a shell into the chamber. I do agree it would be messy. My thought on having a gun is that if you are not willing to use it you are better off not having it. I belong to a gun club and routinely shoot pistols and shotguns to maintain proficiency. Wayne you bring up another point about being on land where it may be illegal to possess a firearm, are all federal and state parks off limits?
  14. Firearms

    I also have both but have not carried while in MH. Recent events have made me reconsider. I am considering a short barrel shotgun for the safety reasons you outlined.