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  1. Many thanks everybody, I'm old school like you guys re metric / imperial. BUT I purchased an electronic Caliper, its great press a button and it flicks from Metric to imperial. Best regards Peter & Rayne
  2. Hi Firstly I must apologize to Kay, sorry I did not reply (some work & health issues) yes, I managed to locate the proper Wheel Stud sockets. Secondly, somebody kindly sent me a Workshop manual for the Oshkosh 1990 Chassis,but somehow I've managed to loose the file, can I kindly ask if somebody could email me a copy to ( please, if there's a cost please let me know. Thirdly, would anybody know the Torque settings for the Front Axle to axle spring U bolts, and lastly what is the Toe In measurement for the front axle. ??? An update for those kind helpful hearts within the club, we've done around 7,000 miles in the Gulf Stream since we purchased her. We've rebuilt all the Brake Calipers, and now have good brakes (rather a novelty) and they're getting better. We've installed a dual fuel kit, Diesel / LGP and the power difference is amazing and so far a 10% benefit in Diesel consumption but the added pulling power up hills is remarkable. We have also fitted a Exhaust Gas Temperature probe and that's been a big help in monitoring what's going on. We have a Cummins 6BT (150hp) and fitting this dual fuel system has transformed its pulling power. We've just had the front Road Springs rebuilt as they had flattened out and fitting new Shocks front and rear. Sorry to have to ask for a re copy of the Technical Manual, getting older and a bit more forgetful. Very Best regards to all in the US of A. Peter & Rayne
  3. England Calling

    Good Morning Guys Its truly amazing, we go to sleep at this end and wake up with Answers from across the pond, I've ordered via this morning via the link Kay supplied. Many thanks everybody I'll let you know how we get on. Br Peter & Rayne
  4. England Calling

    Hi Guys England Calling again for those who kindly answered my last call, we totally changed out the Brake fluid on our 1990 Gulfstream and the result is great. We passed inspection first time, so we're on the Road Again. Can anybody help please, the Inner rear wheels have a Square wheel Nut and I'm trying to find a socket to fit, can anybody advise where we can buy one, it seems almost impossible to find in the UK. Any help guidance would be most welcome or possibly someone has one lying around in thier toolbox. The next step is get all the brake Calipers off and sorted but nothing is happening until we source a inner wheel nut Socket. Best regards to all Peter & Rayne
  5. England Calling 1990 Oshkosh Chassis

    Morning Guys Well, the people at Freightliner in SC have been incredible, I got the info below in about 10 minutes. Dear Customer, The VIN number you provided is a MC chassis built in 1990. The part number for the master and boost cylinder is GAF RW24255 The part number for the caliper assy in the front is TDA A3263E1019. The part number for the rear brake calipers are DTW 60450395 The only repair kits I have is for the calipers. DTW 60050198. This is for both front and rear. The Freightliner dealer for international parts is Stoops Freightliner in Lima OH. There number is 419-228-4334 Sincerely, Glenn Hoops FCCC Representative [DTNA Call Center Email] [Queue-FCCC_OTHER_EMAIL] [Tracking Number-000330642] 12:19 PM (20 hours ago) to me I'm pretty impressed. We'll begin with renewing the Brake fluid. Thanks Herman, a good thought I'll check for numbers on the seals. Also thanks Brett, I don't think there's one fitted, I'm going to ask at Freightliner in case there's a later model Brake Booster (what we call in UK a Servo assist) which can fit. But first steps first we'll replace the fluid. I have to tell you the Chassis is in like new condition, the vehicle only has 56,000 miles on it but the Boys at Gulfstream use a foam to attach the Bumpers to the chassis rail and that was coming apart and unsafe so I've fabricated a new Bumper support frame front and rear. Does anybody know anything about the under floor hot air heating unit, I just need to figure out how to take it out as ours sounds like howling Cat on some unlawful substance !!!! Many thanks to you all, I will contact Todd this week because we would like to become full members of the FMCA if possible, so you never know its possible a couple of Brits may turn up at one of your get togethers. We'd love to rent a Motorhome and travel some of the US but its unbelievably expensive for us Brits, in fact I knew one couple who actually purchased one in the US, traveled for a year and then shipped it home to UK, the Motorhome paid for itself. Best regards Peterk
  6. England Calling 1990 Oshkosh Chassis

    In case its helpful the Email address is: I'll keep you all posted Br Peter
  7. England Calling 1990 Oshkosh Chassis

    You know Guy NOW I know why I really miss being in the States, THANK YOU everybody I got more info in less than a day than I've been able to find in months. Fantastic, I will begin to digest the info you have all kindly sent through. I will be replacing the Brake Fluid as I have run into this problem before on older vehicles. The problem here in the UK is narrower roads and shorter braking distances, we took it to South Wales on the first trip, and there were a few white knuckle moments. I would like to try and track down more info on the Electric Assist. On this Gulfstream the Floor panel is fixed and about a 1inch clearance above, so I think we're going to modify the floor panel to gain good access to the Mastercylinder. Does anybody know if there are New Seal Kits available for the Master Cylinder and wheel Callipers ????? Happy Motoring to you all and thank you all so much for pitching in. Best regards Peter
  8. Hi can anybody kindly assist We have a 1990 Oshkosh Chassis (puller) with a Cummins BT6 and Alison 4speep auto box with a Gulfstream Body. Chassis Number 4CDB4XE28L2101312 We are trying to understand the Braking system and what brake fluid we need to use. I believe your group has Oshkosh specialists, can you kindly put us in touch. I\'m a competent Engineer and I want to avoid expensive mistakes. The brakes are not brilliant and there does not appear to be a Brake Booster. I have found a small vacuum pump under the hood but it looks too small for any Brake boost. Can we thank Todd Moning for his kind assistance. By the way I lived in AZ for 6yrs and loved it. We look forward to your comments and suggestions Best regards Peter