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  1. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Hidden Valley in Von Ormy is a great place to stay, it's just outside San Antonio and is quiet and easy access to the loops.
  2. Boise, ID

    Looking at Ambassador RV in Caldwell
  3. Boise, ID

    Will be staying in Boise for the summer, there are a number of parks but would like some FMCA feedback on them.
  4. Recommendation For TV Under 39" & Over 32"

    Did some figuring and I can pull out the cabinets on the drivers side which are against the existing TV and then I can fit a 40" and still be able to relocate the equipment that is in the existing cabinet.
  5. The spot for my front TV will not handle a 39" TV so somewhere 32 and 39 will fit. Can't find one. Anyone have experience with this and where I can find one? Looked on-line and nothing.
  6. TV Upgrade Shops

    Anyone used RV Decor in Yuma?
  7. TV Upgrade Shops

    Want to pull out the front TV and put in a larger LED up front but it will require wood work and fitting. Which shop would you recommend-- we are full-time so can travel from the Southwest eastward. 2004 Monaco Camelot 40 PDQ.
  8. Entry Step Stuck In Extended Position: 2013 Diplomat

    When mine got stuck while extended I sprayed all the joints with penetrating oil and rapped lightly on the motor with a hammer and voila, it has worked fine ever since.
  9. Would like to stop along the way for a night since it is a long days drive and could be horrible considering the travel through L.A. also, what is a good RV park near the library?
  10. Las Vegas RV park In January

    Need to be in LV for granddaughter's gymnastics competition so looking for recommendation for a nice RV park that won't break the bank. The ones I have seen on the internet seem to be parking lots around casino's. Are there better options?
  11. The steering does not lock when the key is left in but I am not sure if there is a voltage draw. Anyone pulling a Soul know?
  12. Feedback On Using A Tow Dolly

    The only issue I have had with my Acme is that it is heavy for this old man so I had a swing jack added. Needed to visit a trailer fabrication shop to install it because the frame of the trailer is angle iron. No problem for the shop. Now it is easy to move around without having to lift the front.
  13. I need to stay close to Chicago and Naperville, Il to see my kids and grandkids. Slim pickings for RV spaces but found Big Rock, Il. They don't take reservations so pulling in with a 40' MH pulling a toad is dicy. I plan to arrive early on a Friday which should help. Anyone been there that can give me some info?
  14. Acme Tow Dolly

    How did you attach it to the frame? Do you have any pictures? I am using a furniture dolly that I roll under the front of the frame but the wheels are small.