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  1. A/C Is working with shore power 50 amp but has stopped working with generator power on this trip. The generator seems to be running fine. We have a 2009 Winnebago Journey DP with inverter. Any ideas on what to look for and try? Thanks for any help. Bob
  2. What has been the experience with the VAS Road Side Assist program? I was going to sign up for the Road Side Assist program today. I would have signed up on-line ,however, their (VAS) website is not indicating that it is secure. I am not going to put my personal info including credit card number on their website, since it does not show the "secure/padlock" icon on their page. (If it is indeed secure, then they should so indicated properly on their site.). So, I tried using the phone number indicated on the FMCA website for Road Side Assist. I have called about 8-10 times. One time I got an answer and then put on hold so long that I hung up. One time I got a customer service person, but I did not have my VIN handy. The other +/- 6 calls received no answer. This phone number that I was calling was not only the number to call to sign-up, but it is the number to call if you need service. I don't think that I want to join a roadside assist group that can't answer their phone. So, am I just unlucky and the VAS roadside assist is good or not so good? Thanks, Bob