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  1. Cummins Fault Code Yellow Light On

    JLEAMONT, Got her done! Thanks for your info., it was encouraging. It made me realize two things,#1. I can still do it! #2. Gettin too old for it.....Lol
  2. Cummins Fault Code Yellow Light On

    Thanks you, i am getting there
  3. Cummins Fault Code Yellow Light On

    Jleamont, thanks for sharing your information. I am staring down my 350 , ISC, gulping and getting ready to dive in to replace my sensors. Question! Did you drain coolant so you could remove coolant lines from compressor? And did you loose any oil when pulling it back ? Im starting tomorrow by removing the Hydro Tank, to get at it.
  4. Windshield Wipers Failing

    Bill, where you get the adapters? I have enough trouble finding the blades!