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  1. We tow a 2011 Honda CRV and the last few times I have driven the CRV through a car wash, when it is not being towed, it makes a loud noise and stops. The motor doesn't turn off but the CRV becomes frozen. It continues making the loud noise and freezing until something mechanical in the vehicle dries out. I took the CRV into a Honda dealer and the Service Rep I spoke to had never experienced a similar issue. After doing diagnostics the Rep called me and said he thought the problem was connected to the Invisi brake that was installed but they hadn't been able to isolate the cause. I contacted Roadmaster, the company that makes Invisi brake, and the technical support person I spoke with immediately knew what the problem was. When the towing package was installed there were diodes installed inside the rear taillights and he said they were getting wet from the car wash which was causing the Invisi brake to malfunction. Now I don't know much about diodes so he suggested that I have Honda contact him directly. He instructed the Honda mechanic to seal the diodes in silicone which will prevent them from getting wet and it will not affect their function in conjunction with the Invisi brake. I got the CRV back yesterday and at this point I haven't taken the CRV to a car wash because it doesn't need it at this time. However, based on my conversations with the Invisi brake technical support rep and the Honda mechanic I feel confident that the problem has been resolved. If anyone reading this has an interest in verifying that that is the case please reply to this post and I will let you know as soon as I have the CRV washed again. I'm a little ahead of the game in posting this but I wanted to let as many people know as quickly as I could in case someone else might experience the same problem.