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  1. Wind Sensor Cups

    Morning Herman, Have you called Girard? I searched their website but couldn't find the cups either but they may have them. 800 382 8442. Uhhhhh.......tree branches? Blake
  2. Suspension Upgrades: 2002 Freightliner XC Chassis

    Gary, As Herman and Bill have mentioned. Welcome to the Forum. Both have good recommendations. Let's ask a couple of questions: Are you happy with the way your XC chassis tracks on the open road without cross winds? Or do you think there's room for improvement also? The reason I ask is we've struggled with our coach in crosswinds ever since we bought it new. At the time, our Roadmaster chassis was heralded as one of the better pusher chassis available to us. We were very happy with it tooling around the roads and mountains in California but when it came to the open roads of the plains and deserts that was a different story. Once we moved from California to Texas we were faced with oft travel through Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. The crosswind gust in those areas can get pretty nasty and I found the best solution to keep me in my lane was to slow down. But, here's some things that helped. Changed the stock Monroe shocks to Bilstiens (slightly noticeable improvement), Keep diesel tank and freshwater tank as full as possible when expecting strong winds. Added additional pressure to the tires. And put higher rated tires on the front end (stiffer). All of those changes have happened over several years and the coach seems to have much better road manners now than it had before. But, a pretty subjective comment as crosswinds vary and I have no other way to measure other that our driver comfort. Last fall we ventured back to California and back and it seemed to be an easy relaxing journey. That was the road test for the Goodyear 315s tires that we swapped out from the Michelin 295s Blake
  3. Dead Starting Batteries

    Our inverter/charger was never set-up to charge the chassis batteries. Agree, that was pretty odd given the manufacturer/price etc.. This was a design condition when we bought it new. Did the same thing Herman describes above. Ours is a Battery Tender brand plugged into the 120v outlet in the engine compartment. Blake
  4. Eeeek! So he saved $1,100 bucks. Is that known as tripping over dollars to pick-up a dime?
  5. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Carl, Installing a shut-off valve downstream of the pump may solve the issue with backflow into your freshwater holding tank unless the fill problem exists with the city/fill valve leaking by. Bad thing, you still need a check valve down stream of the pump. Especially if you're boon docking and on tank water only. Otherwise, pressure downstream of the pump will still bleed off and you'll be stuck at square one with the pump cycling on and off when not in use. Blake
  6. Refrigerator Swap Process

    Awesome Lex.....would love to see the pics and sure most everyone would too. Just do as Kay suggests. Drag and Drop. Blake
  7. Refrigerator Swap Process

    All, Starting to document this process for anyone that is considering swapping out their Norcold 1200 for a residential. I've gotten some feedback from several others that the Samsung models may fit but they no longer offer the model that was a perfect swap for the Norcold. We were also limited on space to get the refrigerator in the hole without removing walls. So, there are no other companies that offer a model with the correct size. However, after extensive search, I was able to find a Fisher & Paykel unit that will work with minimum mods. This swap out is above my paygrade so credit goes to Action RV in Conroe, TX. They are letting me be involved as much as I want. For the junk pile - Norcold 1200 Residential to replace - Fisher & Paykel. 16.9 cu. ft. Looking into stacking a stand alone true sine wave inverter to accommodate or replacing existing 2,000w modified inverter.
  8. Shake Rattle and Roll

    Hahaha.....I know exactly what I would have said and thought! Okay, back to original question. A couple more rattles: vent fan in living room ceiling rattles if louvers aren't closed: lazy Susan in microwave rattles if we forget to take it out when on the road: front door stop bracket will rattle when on I-10 east of Houston (bumpy roads). Blake
  9. tmk, Our awning has auto-retract feature also. I like this feature. Fortunately for us the electricity is on it's own circuit. Perhaps you or the dealer can separate the circuit. Welcome to the Forum! Blake
  10. Shake Rattle and Roll

    Ray (Puff) mentioned something similar in his misadventures awhile back. I don't know if he resolved it yet. Early on, shortly after we bought the coach, we were on I--40 heading west. Traffic was stalled in both directions. Root of the traffic mess was an accident in eastbound lanes. There was a Dynasty (new and pretty) that was stopped and the front windshield was laying on the highway in front of the coach. It was shattered. I remember this because it was a very hot day and it looked like the owners were trying to stave the heat off by closing their drapes on the inside of the front end. The drapes were flapping in the breeze. We guessed the Dynasty made an abrupt stop and the windshield popped out. It wasn't part of the accident and there was no damage to the front of the coach that I could tell. I think it was after that that Monaco replaced the windshield gasket when we were up in Oregon for other warranty items. Blake
  11. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Holy Smokes! Glad you didn't get caught up in that. Thank you for the video Blake
  12. gypsyken, I think you need to couple your scientific background with the laws of physics. When you bought your coach did you rely on the salesman's word that installing a Pac Brake would be overkill? What empirical evidence did he provide you? I try to give myself every edge possible to keep myself, family and others as safe as possible. We all know that adding a supplement brake system to our toads will help us stop more efficiently than if we didn't have it (if set up correctly of course). I'm not trying to be argumentative on this but if not for you and your family, but for the sake of others on the open road, please support adding supplemental brakes on towed vehicles. Blake
  13. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Carl, Look downstream of the pump (discharge side). Blake
  14. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Pete, Here's what you may have (or something similar). Your check valve should be downstream of your water pump. Blake
  15. Shake Rattle and Roll

    Morning Joe - Yes, on occasion we have noticed drips of water running down the inside of the windshield when the wind/mating conditions exists. Not enough water to concern me and not enough water to reach the dashboard. Herman - Thanks.....I'll also search. I actually gave up on a solution a few years after we bought the coach. Was very concerned about the windshield early on and had heard of, and have witnessed, entire windshields falling out with this front cap. I think the Dynasty/Windsor (maybe more) in this year shared the same cap and one-piece windshield. Monaco did replace the windshield seal for what they called a better, stronger seal. Wind noise still comes and goes and my concern that the windshield will fall out has fallen way down the list since we've had this coach so long and hasn't had anything worse than the noise. Blake
  16. Shake Rattle and Roll

    We get the rattles, squeaks and sometimes wind noise. Our coach is very similar to Joe's (HR/Monaco). Most frustrating is wind noise from the windshield. Most of the time there is no wind noise but if we're negotiating a long sweeping curve, at any speed, the windshield and front cap loose a bit of mating. After a few minutes the windshield and front cap mate and the noise goes away. This is an inherent problem with our year coach. As we tried to have it solved early on. Blake
  17. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Richard, Curious to know if the LP service tech found any water in the tanks? If I remember correctly Joe (Jleamont) found a considerable amount of water in his tank after years of being in-service and filling process (trace amounts of water in supplied LP). I worked in the upstream oil and gas industry for over 30 years with many of those years working and managing natural gas processing plants. Our LP and Butane mix tanks would have small accumulations of water in the bottom of the "bullet" tanks after several thousands of gallons of finished product had cycled through. Which was just part of the process. Our dehydration systems weren't absolute. We had to cycle the tanks out of service periodically for draining, inspection and certification during plant turn-a-rounds. Blake
  18. Holy Smokes Bikeryder! Very thorough job! Can't wait to see the finished product. Cutting some plate steel is a great idea to add stability. Blake
  19. Extended Warranty Or Self Insured?

    When we bought our coach we were offered an extended service contract at a small discount. Being our first motorhome we opted to purchase the warranty. It gave us piece of mind but we never used the warranty. We didn't renew the warranty after it expired. As the years have passed, I've learned more about the coach and repair things as they come up. If above my paygrade I find a professional. I don't believe I would have gotten my $$$s back had I kept up with the warranty the past 12+ years. But.......that's why those folks are in business. Hope I didn't jinx myself! Blake
  20. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    First thing I would check Carl is the supplied campground water pressure. This has happened to us when pressure are about 60 psi or greater. Our Atwood fill/supply valve leaks by and overflows the water tank. I put a regulator on it and haven't had a problem since. I set my regulator at 45 psi. If your water pump is cycling without using water in the coach you may have a bad check valve. Cant understand why your tank fill option hasn't worked since you've had the coach. What type of valve do you have? Can you post a picture? Blake
  21. "FRED's (Front Engine Diesels)

    Coincidental topic. Neighbor has a 2007 Benz SUV with the diesel engine. It's been in the shop having entire fuel system gone through. It has run well since new but is having intermittent fuel delivery problem now. The engine dies on occasion when driving. No codes detected and nothing out of the ordinary (visual) with fuel filter. I think next step are the injectors. Blake
  22. 2011 Cummins 6.7 340 HP Engine

    Welcome to the Forum. I have the 6.7 Cummins in my '07 Dodge Ram 3500. No problem whatsoever through 113,000 miles. IMHO good engine. What is it in that you are looking at? Blake
  23. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Richard, As promised, here's a picture of the spare propane tank for our forklift. This is the spare one I got off of Craiglslist. Herman.....great explanation! Blake
  24. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Richard, Apologies for late response. When I first looked at your photo I thought your tank looked like an old forklift tank based on the crash handles around the fittings. Once the sun is up here I'll go out to the garage and take a photo of the tank on my forklift and send a picture. It sits horizontal. I bought a spare tank for the forklift on Craigslist for $80 (if I remember right). Blake
  25. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Richard, You may have had a considerable amount of water build-up inside the tank and that's what froze and caused the valve to fail. Then the pressure of the propane caused the water to spit out and the propane followed. Which in turn caused local condensation at the leak (super-cold condition) thus the icing. You can check to see if there's any pressure on the tank through the bleed/spit valve on the top. If the tank is small enough to remove, I would take it to a LP service center like Rich mentions and have the valve replaced and the tank recertified. Blake