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  1. Tire Air Pumps

    Carl (and others) -- I received the Central Pneumatic 150 psi compressor from my sons as a Christmas present a couple of years ago from Harbor Freight --> https://www.harborfreight.com/6-gal-15-hp-150-psi-professional-air-compressor-68149.html . I do not take it with me on trips as it would take a chunk of room in a storage compartment. My thinking is if a tire needed a quick "topping off" I would use the motorhome's air system (there is a permanently mounted coupler for an air hose in the generator compartment of my motorhome). I hadn't thought about putting "wet" air into tires on my motorhome, or my Jeep or the wife's Infinti. I'm not aware that tire dealerships in the Houston area "dry" the compressed air they use for the new tires they install. The Discount Tire store near Katy Mills Mall is my "go to" store for the Jeep and Infiniti. I'll have to quiz them about their store air system.
  2. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    As I stated before, I joined FMCA two years ago when I "graduated" from a travel trailer to motorhome to provide more space for my growing family and to learn about motorhome ownership. I need to "down play" the concept that motorhome owners are "old" folks. The 300+ motorhomes that arrive in Baton Rouge for each LSU home game have owners that are mostly in the 45 - 65 year old range (like me). A large majority of those owners are similar to me in that they are first time owners who purchased good condition 5-10 year old motorhomes to have a larger RV for growing families. This past weekend while walking through the RV lot I'd guess only ~20% of the motorhomes had FMCA membership plates. The owners on either side of me were not FMCA members. When I asked why, both said they hadn't heard of FMCA (so I gladly educated them). Both however were members of Good Sam Club because of their visits to Camping World. The discounts for Camping World purchases, RV park discounts and fuel discounts are their primary reasons for being Good Sam Club members. When I explained to them that the annual FMCA membership is twice the price of Good Sam Club which included the tire purchase benefit and medical assist benefit but no other everday purchase discounts, no fuel discounts, and fewer RV parks that have FMCA discounts they were not interested in joining FMCA. As Issac1 has stated many times, FMCA is not very attractive to the middle age, 45-65 year old crowd and is highly disadvantaged from a visibility stand-point compared to Good Sam's Club being "owned" by Camping World. Additionally the "everyday" purchase discounts at Camping World and fuel discounts at Pilot/Flying J Truck Stops are significant reasons for keeping a Good Sam's Club membership. A tire purchase discount some point in the future "is not on the radar" of motorhome owners. The "middle age" crowd generally has no health concerns and sees little need for a "medical assist" benefit that must be funded by membership fees. Whether towables owners are allowed to join FMCA or not, FMCA has a significant image (old folks only) and visibility/marketing problems that hopefully national leadership recognizes exists and will quickly address.
  3. A final update for my slide-out problem. The good folks at RV Masters in Houston diagnosed the problem to be a "bad" Lippert Slide-Out Controller. The "in/out" switch and relay all work fine and were not the problem. A new controller was installed and the slide out is working great again! My "panic" purchase of a new $600 slide out motor was not necessary (I now have a gently used "spare" motor). For my motorhome, there are two slide out controllers attached to the "roof" of the middle basement compartment between the two main beams of the frame. One controller for the passenger side slide-out and one for the drive side slide-out. RV Masters charged $130 for the new controller and $140 for an hour of labor to install the controller. A new Lippert Slide-Out Controller can be purchased from Amazon for $85 (not including shipping) -->https://www.amazon.com/Lippert-135666-Controller-Above-Floor-Through-Frame/dp/B00S2ICOSI . What does the Forum think about purchasing and keeping a "spare" controller in my box of "essentials" for my motorhome?
  4. Onan 7500 Quiet Generator 1000 hr. Service

    Salademar -- Welcome to the Forum! I too have an Onan 7500 Quiet Diesel generator that is not on a slide. The afternoon before Hurricane Harvey hitting the Houston area, I change the oil and all filters (oil, fuel and air) in case I needed to use my motorhome if my house lost electrical power (thankfully the power stayed on!). Changing the oil and all filters is relatively easy if you are able to crawl on your back under your generator. To give myself some extra working room, I extended the leveling jacks as far as they would go. The Onan RV Generator handbook shows flushing the coolant in addition to oil and filters changes for the 1,000 hour service. While I was under my generator I could see the coolant drain plug. How the cooling system would be flushed I don't know. The handbook shows three Cummins Coach Care service centers in Michigan located in Clinton Township, Grand Rapids and New Hudson. One of these service centers could like perform the generator work you need. Here is the link to the RV generator handbook --> https://power.cummins.com/sites/default/files/literature/rv/F-1123-EN.pdf Hope this info helps! Forum members -- Any advice on how to flush the coolant from an Onan 7500 Quiet Diesel Generator?
  5. Quick update (10/2/17). After spending several hours this past Friday trying different control buttons and swapping relay modules (Bosch brand), the passenger side slide-out still will not extend. This "electrical" problem is beyond my capabilities so I took my motorhome to RV Masters repair shop in Houston (I've had good service from them). Their statement was the circuit board in the battery control center could be bad (??). I hope to have a diagnosis later this week. I'll share my learnings with the forum.
  6. Black Tank Set Up At Campground

    Ditto for me. While in an RV park both tanks stay closed until they need dumping. To help with mileage when traveling, all of my tanks (fresh, gray and black waters) are all empty to avoid transporting 900 pounds of water with assorted solids (only exception is when "boon docking" for a LSU football weekend)!
  7. One more question for the forum. Is there any way to manually extend the slide-out given I now only have a six inch diameter opening to the slide motor area? The opening is just to the left and below the yellow wire screw caps (first photo with old motor) Square rods that drive the slide bars are attached on both sides of the motor gear box (second photo with new motor). The slide-out that was stuck open is also shown below. Thanks for everyone's help and ideas?
  8. Rich -- Thanks for the great feedback! When looking in the area of the slide motor I didn't see a relay, fuse, etc. for the motor. All that I saw were the green and yellow wires coming out of the wire bundle that connected to the motor's black and red wires (see the motor photo above). It makes sense that there is a relay somewhere as the wires on the back of the slide out control switches are different colors (orange "slide in" wire, blue "slide out" wire, and a common purple wire for all three switches). Somewhere the orange and purple wires at the control switch change to green and yellow wires at motor. The wiring diagram is from my owner's manual. As I mentioned above, to get the slide-out to retract so I could travel home, the green/yellow wires at the slide motor were switched. The slide-out can not be extended / the motor accessed until the electrical problem is resolved. I guess the next step is to hunt for the power relays !?
  9. My trip to Baton Rouge for LSU football this past weekend went to heck when my passenger side slide would not retract (we stayed Thursday night in Lake Charles, LA to visit my son's family). After calling a couple of Lake Charles RV repair shops, the initial thought was the slide motor had quit working. I was able to find a new replacement motor (KMG - Klauber Machine Group) from a dealer in Lafayette and found a mobile RV repair company that would work on a Saturday. After the new motor was installed, the slide still would not retract. The "square rods" connected to the motor were detached to assure the new motor was functioning. We found that power to the motor existed only when the "out" part of the slide's in/out button was pushed. There was no power to the motor when the "in" side of the button was pushed. Finding an apparent electrical button, the control panel was removed and the wires for the stuck slide were placed on another slide "in/out" button. Again, there was no power to the stuck slide when the "In" was pushed. The two young mobile repair techs were now perplexed and did not have the skill to trouble-shoot the electrical issue. To get back home to Katy, the power supply wires to the motor were "reversed" so the slide could be retracted so I could drive home to Katy, TX. With the power supply wires "reversed", the slide will now not extend. There are no fuses, relays, etc. in the slide motor compartment. I'm and the young repair techs are perplexed why this one slide would not retract while the other two slides have no problems. Below are photos of the motor, the control panel with push buttons (front and back), the battery control center, and wiring diagram for the slide outs. Any thoughts on how to trouble shoot the electrical problem now that the slide out will not extend? Is this problem best done by RV Masters or some other repair shop in Houston? Thanks for the forum's help! 1) Front of Control Panel / 2) Back of Control Panel with wires disconnected from "Pass Front" button / 3) New Slide Out Motor with Yellow and Green Power Supply Wires "Reversed" / 4) Slide Out Wiring Diagram / 5) Battery Control Center
  10. Took my motorhome out of storage yesterday (Sunday, 9/18/17) for the first time since Hurricane Harvey to prep is for a LSU-Syracuse tailgating weekend this coming weekend (9/22-24). Everything at the storage facility appeared normal -- no flooding (thank God!) and 20 amp power supply was working (house batteries fully charged, 110 volt night light working, etc.). When I returned to the storage facility and plugged into the 20 amp outlet, the GFCI in the outlet tripped. I reset the outlet and it tripped again. I checked 20 amp outlets that were being used by other RVs (a mix of motorhomes and fifth wheels) and found no other outlet GFCI that were tripped. I reset the GFCI at the outlet for a third time and had no problems. This is the first time I've unplugged from / plugged into the 20 amp outlet for my storage spot since before Harvey. The GFCI has never tripped before and there are no changes to my motorhome (at least that I'v made!). The storage facility is 22 months old. I'm attributing the GFCI tripping to the storage facility's circuit and not the motorhome. I always use a surge protector at the storage facility (and at any RV park). Any thoughts from the Forum would be most helpful!
  11. Best GPS Router Garmin or Rand McNally

    Bill Adams -- I fully concur with your "common sense" statement about using WAZE. I rely on WAZE for highway navigation only as I would not take my motorhome on any side streets in cities/towns I do not know to save a few minutes of travel time. Google Maps and AT&T Navigator are also good alternatives to WAZE. My opinion is WAZE has more real-time traffic/accident/incident/road closure/etc. updates than Google Maps and AT&T Navigator. I haven't seen a response yet that justifies the cost and benefits of a Garmin or other GPS device over the free WAZE / Google Maps/etc. services.
  12. This is an "after the fact" question for the forum. In the rush the Saturday afternoon before Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on my Onan 7500 watt generator (the motorhome was to become the respite/power provider in case my home lost power which by the grace of God did not happen!). The generator was within 12 hours of needing a 150 hour service (the generator has 438 hours of total use). I purchased Cummins brand filters for the generator at PPL Motorhomes in Houston. PPL did not have Cummins-Onan brand 15w-40 oil so I purchased Shell Rotella 15w-40 at Walmart. Is it safe to presume that the Shell Rotella will perform OK when I use the generator continuously for 48 hours next weekend (September 22-24, 2017) for my LSU football tailgating outing? Thanks for your thoughts!
  13. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    My hope is FMCA will remain dedicated to motorhome owners only AND retains current member benefits. The aspects of motorhome ownership are much broader than those of travel trailer / fifth wheels as we have the opportunities / challenges that the "chassis" brings. If towables are "voted in" then FMCA becomes Good Sam Club or iRV2 type organizations with slightly different benefits. If FMCA is struggling financially, has FMCA thought about offering different membership levels and fees? For example, offer a basic membership as does Good Sam Club. Alternate "benefits" then could become "pay as you go" for something like the Emergency Medial / Travel Assistance service or pay a subscription fee for the FMCA magazine. Bottom line, I greatly appreciate the unique focus of FMCA and sincerely hope that focus is not diluted by towable RVs.
  14. Best GPS Router Garmin or Rand McNally

    I concur with Bill Adams. WAZE has served me well on my motorhome journeys (albeit they have been less than 300 miles one-way each) and is my "go to" navigator for my daily drives to/from work in Houston area traffic (especially today as many parts of west Houston remain flooded). WAZE is "free", uses very little data and has better real time information than Google Maps. I'd like to know what advantages Garmin or other paid navigator systems have over WAZE. How is the cost for Garmin or other systems justified versus a free navigator like WAZE?
  15. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    I'm like Bill. My reason for tracking fuel mileage is to have an indicator when the engine isn't performing as it should. I average 8-9 mpg driving 65 mph on mostly flat roads of south Texas and Louisiana. My fuel cost "is what it is" as my motorhome is "the" family toy. The value of my wife, kids, grandkids and me enjoying time together at an LSU football weekend or in the Texas Hill Country is immeasurable compared to the cost of a couple of tanks of diesel. I am thankful that my motorhome is just old enough that I don't have to mess with DEF (diluted urea).