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  1. Hydraulic fluid capacity?

    Where are they leaking? The name might be on the side of the jack.
  2. Squirrels and wiring

    I don't know of any off hand but there must be someone out there that knows. Maybe look online.
  3. High winds? When do you pull over and sit it out?

    I drive in 35-45 mph winds, any higher it depends on the direction its coming from whether I stop. One time back in the 70s I had a 25 ft Pace Arrow and was headed east around El Paso and had a 50 mph head wind, my mpg readout showed 2.5 to 3 mpg so I parked it for 2 days until it let up.
  4. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    I would set the Magnum controller to 15 amp draw so to have a little cushion. Not all breakers will handle the rated load.
  5. Squirrels and wiring

    I would think you could get a small piece chemically analyzed and have court evidence.
  6. Surge protector?

    I prefer a hard wired 50 amp with the remote read out for volts and amps on each leg. I use Surge Guard.
  7. Tired of the Mess Changing OIL

    I bought a plastic screw fitting that screws on the gallon jug and has a twist valve that opens and closes. On the end I have a 5/8 inch hose about 6 inches long. Insert the hose in the filler tube and open the valve and tip the jug up.
  8. RV Mask/Diamond Shield

    When I had my last coach painted they offered me DS for $1250. I asked how much to repaint the front, $850. When I sold it last year the paint job was 5 years old and it looked like new, no need to cover it or repaint it.
  9. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    I don't like the tiny bedroom tv so I mounted a 40 inch Samsung which is 1.2 inches thick on hinges that I designed and built with a gas strut. The hinge is at the top and the tv swings up to the ceiling for clearance to open the closet door and also a storage cabinet where the old tube tv went.
  10. Thousand Trails (Clermont FL)

    Most of the people wanting out are selling their memberships because they no longer need it due to no longer rving because if illness or death. The annual dues still need to be paid whether you use it or not. Thats why you can find them for next to nothing.
  11. Thousand Trails (Clermont FL)

    I have never paid extra. I figured that I have stayed over 600 nights in the TT campgrounds my average cost per night is $9.33. I have enjoyed most of the parks and have returned to some many times. Some parks do have only 30 amp so I engineered and rewired my coach to run both airs and other things on 30 amp when that is all that is available. The zone program is way too limited such as 30 nights per year and location. This works for me perfectly.
  12. New Paint

    Mine was painted last year at Mike's for $14k. I have a 36 ft Fleetwood Discovery which was done in 4 colors. My previous coach was done 5 years earlier and the paint was still perfect when I sold it.
  13. New Paint

    I live in Lk Havasu City, Az and have traveled to Bremen In to Mike's Custom Painting for two full body paint jobs. Worth the trip. Mike used to paint Newmars and other mfg coaches in the area long before it before it became popular enough so that the mfg put in their own paint booths. He still does a lot of paint jobs for smaller manufacturers.
  14. Thousand Trails (Clermont FL)

    There are hundreds of different contracts that TT issued over the years. No two alike. I now have the Elite which allows me to stay 3 weeks at a time with some 2 weeks during certain times of the year. I can go from park to park with no time out. There are about 86 parks across the country which gives me a choice and works for me. I have stayed in 43 different ones. I know that they are not in every state but thats ok. I went to several different TT presentations and the $8k cost was too high. I went on Ebay and bought one for $99.00 and $750 transfer fee. This was about 12 years ago. Five years ago I upgraded to Elite which added 3 more campground systems at a cost of $4000. My annual $585 is frozen because of my age, over 65.
  15. I have 800 watts of solar panels with a MPPT charge controller and 6 AGM golf cart batteries. In bright sun will charge low batteries at 38 amps.