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  1. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    They make several models, mine is the one that flows in one end and out the other. As far as I know the element is the same or same media with the housing different. The one I tested was a prototype and then I ran with a production model. My new to me coach has the same production model. I don't have the model number on hand with me.
  2. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Since I did the field testing for K&N prior to its release and they monitored my oil using Blackstone Labs on a regular basis, the filter worked as it was supposed to. I changed coaches the past spring and installed a new K&N ail filter on it.
  3. Camping Without A Toad

    I would think a van conversion would be about as big as you wanted to go for a daily driver in town.
  4. Itasca Horizon

    My guess is that the door is on the slide and the filler cap is in the normal position so the slide has to be in when fueling.
  5. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    I bought my first RV in 1976. It was a 1969 Lifetime. I used it for 8 weeks and sold it and got a 1975 Pace Arrow. Joined FMCA in 1978. I was 38 years old then and I have about 400K miles on about 10 motorhomes since. I joined FMCA because it was for motorhomes only.
  6. Dolly Towing

    If I had a choice I would only flat tow. I have done both and only in an emergency would I consider dolly towing.
  7. Allison 3000-- Correct Fluid

  8. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    I think the cable system is not the best one and I would be more concerned with Forrest River and their slow response time for warranties, One of our employees bought a new FR trailer before summer and it has been out of commission most of the summer and he is still waiting for parts right now that haven't been shipped.
  9. 2001 Safari Zanzibar Parsitic Draw On Chassis Battery

    On the fancy switches it kills the rotor current before switching the battery cable to avoid blowing a diode.
  10. Uncomfortable Class A Captain Chairs

    In my 98 Fleetwood Discovery it came with Flexsteel. Has 108K miles and the seats are very comfortable, for up to 550 miles a day so far.
  11. '98 Fleetwood Discovery Living Room Window Removal

    I did buy it a Best Buy because I could find only 2 models that were 24 inches wide with the freezer on the bottom. The other one was GE but was 2 1/2 times more expensive. Been testing the Insignia on the garage floor and it seems to run ok. Can't hear the compressor running unless you put your ear to the cabinet. Cools down the freezer from 86 degrees to -7 in less than 3 hours and draws 1.1 amps, 1.8 for defrost. Kenmore is Sears house brand and their products are made by various manufacturers with the lowest bid.
  12. Battery Issues

    If the purple wire has 12 volt that is what is activating the solenoid. That should come on with the ignition on or jump start switch. With it disconnected start the engine and see if the engine battery is about the same voltage as the house battery. If more that about 1 volt difference hook up the purple wire and see if they are closer to the same voltage. If so then there is a problem with the purple (control) wire. Thats my guess without actually being able to trouble shoot it.
  13. '98 Fleetwood Discovery Living Room Window Removal

    I only lost one, the Heier which had no warranty. That was in my last coach, I put the Norcold back in and sold it. My new to me coach is the one I'm installing a new 10.2 cu ft Insignia from Best Buy. Its ok if installed in an rv and I got the extended 5 year warranty. I'm taking out a Dometic 3722? which is 32 inches wide and the new one is 24 inches wide leaving me 8 inches to put in a much needed pantry. The new refrigerator has a bottom freezer and has more interior space than the old one.
  14. 2018 Chevy Equinox Flat Tow

    You only need it if the hitch comes loose. If you have one it probably won't come loose!
  15. Battery Issues

    Before you get a new one disconnect the purple wire and hook up the battery to see if the solenoid is still closed (gets hot).