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  1. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Glad its working for you. You make a reservation at TT so there will be a spot for you. I find that getting there about 9 in the morning gives you the best selection of spots. We stay in TT campgrounds about 80-100 nights a year and one year almost 150 nights.
  2. Kitchen Faucet

    Glad the fix was simple.
  3. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    I think there is more headwind when you go west.
  4. Kitchen Faucet

    I presume you get hot water out of the bathroom faucet. If it were mine I would replace the entire faucet with a new one with a pull out nozzle. I did that to my current coach and am happy with the way it works.
  5. Maintenance and repair

    You are lucky you found a good shop. Its a rare find.
  6. Parasitic electrical drain

    Make sure that there is no other wires hooked up on the wrong side of the battery switch. The fridge is 120volt so no battery drain there. If you batteries are wet and not AGM scrub the cases with baking soda water mix and rinse with water and thoroughly dry. Moisture on the tops will draw current.
  7. Add fitting to black tank?

    Looks good, hope it works as planned.
  8. Freightliner Oasis

    Thats good you found someone you can trust. Unfortunately that is very rare in this day and age. Gaffney raised their rate last year from $75 to $100, still not too bad considering I think the national average is around $140 with some as high as $200.
  9. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    I think we have a better chance of getting a group together at Gillette rather than scheduling a get together that everyone has to travel to.
  10. Freightliner Oasis

    I agree 100%. I was in the service industry for 52 years, working on boats and RVs, the last 40 years in my own shop, middle son now running it, basically doing boats only. When I am home I go into the shop to piddle around just to see whats new. Still somewhat involved. I taught marine repair at the local community college for 7 years and It was tough to find students with the dedication needed to be sucessful in the business. I was at the Freightliner rally in Tucson a month ago and was disappointed at the level of skill by the techs there. The one that looked at my coach had no clue as to what my problem was. Like I said in an earlier post I would drive across the country to Gaffney to have service work done that I couldn't do myself.
  11. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    I was looking forward to a meet and greet at Gillette.

    Watchman in Zion has electric and if you are close to the drinking fountain I used a long hose to fill my water tank.
  13. Lippert autoleveling jacks

    It does sound like the reservoir is too full. If not you might put a pipe extension to raise the vent a couple of inches.
  14. GE Appliances and Service

    Thats a little scary. Haier was the brand of refrigerator I installed in my last coach. The compressor failed in 7 months and they said their products are not warranted in an RV. When I told them to listen to the phone recording earlier in the year when I talked to the tech dept about putting a switch on the auto defrost because it was installed in a motorhome and could be running on batteries, they reversed their mind and gave me my money back. I wonder if that is the same policy with the other brands they own.
  15. Simple Tires Online

    I went on their site and couldn't find rv tires.