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  1. At Thousand Trails Fair Play, SC. Had perfect conditions for viewing full eclipse.
  2. Is it a VDO? If it is, I had one on my last coach. Called VDO and they sent me a chart for the dip switch positions.
  3. I would use hydrogen peroxide. Empty fresh water tank and fill hose and pour a pt of hp in the hose and then hook up to spigot and fill your tank with about 10 gallons. Run your water pump with a hot water faucet open so as to fill the hot water heater. Let it sit for and hour or two. You won't have to flush so just go ahead and use the water system normally.
  4. When I had my last coach painted they wanted to sell me Diamond Shield for $1250. I asked how much to repaint the front end and that was $825. Since they gave me touch up paint of all the colors I passed on the DS. When I sold that coach after 5 years and 45K miles, just minor touch up and it looked new.
  5. I have seen rear doors on some of the new coaches. Some have the hinge on the bottom so when it opens there are "steps" to walk down assuming the coach is still right side up.
  6. We had "business cards" printed with a picture of our motorhome and the pertinent info. We are almost out of those and we will be getting new ones made. We have recently changed coaches but since we had the identical paint job done on the new one we can still use the old cards.
  7. We'll be in Fair Play, SC at Thousand Trails. Hoping for clear skies.
  8. I redid my last coach with bamboo wood. Like was mentioned in an earlier post the core is wood not ground up newspaper. It had cork backing and was not fastened down, it was floating with a 3/8 clearance at the walls. Had it for about 4 years and still looked good when I sold it in April.
  9. I change my own tires. I bought professional tools from Ken Tool, made for changing 22.5 tires. A little more sophisticated than tire irons and a little easier.
  10. My ISB has a accumulator tank on the slober tube and returns the oil to the engine. Its a 98 275hp and was made that way.
  11. Usually the master cylinders are rebuildable. I have done many.
  12. I use Mike's Custom Painting in Bremen Indiana. He has painted 2 coaches for me and does a fantastic job. Stands behind his work 100% and very reasonable.
  13. One cable for each valve. The valves are made to hook the cable to, I saw a valve at Bontraggers a few weeks ago.
  14. You can peel off old Dicor. The new Dicor self leveling will smooth itself out and look good.
  15. I have seen cables on the dump valves. Simular to remote control cables on outboard motors. Morse and Teleflex make them. I believe the type is a bulkhead mount at one end with a t handle.