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  1. Exhaust Brake & Lower Gearing

    Can you use exhaust brake and lower gearing together to keep rpms down?
  2. I would like to know what supplemental brake system is preferred by those that do tow.
  3. Norcold "no co" Error

    Ok I looked up ARP. Thanks y'all for the information.
  4. Norcold "no co" Error

    What is the ARP
  5. Norcold "no co" Error

    We have a 2002 Monaco Windsor with a 1200 Norcold. I defrosted the refrigerator/ freezer now I get a noco code!! How do we fix beside jumping the board?
  6. Replacing A Norcold Refrigerator

    Thanks for the information Jim. Sherry
  7. Replacing A Norcold Refrigerator

    Lol!, you are funny Herman! Thanks for all the information on the RR. I believe we will do that also. Our Norcold 1200 just quit cooling in the refrigerator part but the freezer works great!, EVEN KEEPS ICE CREAM FROZEN! Any other suggestions? Sherry
  8. Anyone ever replace a cord that has evidently broken before and tied off? I have a 2002 Monaco Windsor.
  9. Help! Motor Home Won't Start

    Thanks for the reply Rich, hoping to get someone out to look at it this week. Sherry
  10. Hey Wolfe10 we have a 2002 Monaco Windsor that started up 2 times yesterday but shut off and we can't get it to do anything. No lights on the dash but the camera comes on when we turn the kep on as well as the light for the step when the door is open. All our 12v items are working and all else it just will not start. Please give advise if you have any.

  11. Help! Motor Home Won't Start

    Our 2002 Monaco Windsor started up then cut off 2 times now we get nothing in the dash to light up and it won't start. Anyone help?
  12. Monaco Diplomat Stalled While Driving

    Our 2002 Monaco Windsor is having a similar problem it wont start. Everything else works fine.
  13. Battery Disconnect Switch

    Can anyone tell me where the ignition solonoid is located on a 2002 Monaco Windsor thanks
  14. We cannot find the solenoid on our 2002 Monaco Windsor. where is it we have no power to our ignition switch it started then cut off and no gauges light up we have 12v everywhere though,

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    2. huffypuff


      Back in the battery compartment, you could of tripped a large circuit breaker.  Don't know if that would be chassis or house.  

    3. sherrycasteen


      Hey Huffypuff, just wanted to let you know, it was an ignition relay! Worked great after that.

    4. huffypuff


      Thanks for letting me know and yes the relay is referred as solenoid by many but may be just a relay as they have internal moving parts but don't move anything externally.   Glad to hear you got it fixed.