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  1. Our RVing Story

    Herman, we are planning on being in Gillette, Wy., not with the grandkids. My son and daughter in law live in Oklahoma and are renewing their vows in June, so we are going to take a 2 1/2 month trip to the rally. Hope to see you again up there.
  2. Our RVing Story

    How ya'll doing. My wife [Paula] and I stated camping as a family in 1972. We started out on the ground in sleeping bags, but that got pretty old fast. Then we started using our pick-up truck with an mattress in the back. Later that year we added a camper shell. In 1980, or so, we purchased a Four Star slide in camper. We thpight we were in heaven. It had a ice box and a fresh water tank. It did not have any waste holding tanks and we had to plan all our travel stops were there was a Ice House, so we could keep the ice box cold. That lasted for a couple of years. We had three kids so we moved up to a 28' Fireball fifth wheel trailer and used it until I broke the frame supports in the king pin area. We traded it off on a 30' Fleetwood Terry Resort 5er but only kept it for a year or so. It leaked really bad when it rained and the dealer could not repair it, so we traded it for a 32' foot Snowbird. We used it until 2015 when we got our first class a motorhome. It's a 2004 Holiday Rambler Endever, 38' with two slides. We are in our late 60's and plan on traveling a whole lot more now that we are both retired. traveling with our grandkids has been a blast. I can't wait until our great grandkids get old enough to travel with us. Well we are getting ready to head out to the western area Indio Rally. Hope to see some old friends and make some new ones. See everyone on the road. Safe Travels Rick & Paula Ammerman F442485
  3. Wash Wax All

    I have been using "The Solution" for quite a while. It's pretty awesome stuff. Bugs and road grime are no match
  4. First Motorhome!!

    Great looking rig. Hope you have a great time roaming this great country.
  5. RV Tire Recommendation

    Goodyear is the only tire company that makes a true rv tire these days. I have a set of Hancook on my coach. I've had real good performance from them.
  6. Ford V10- Adding Oil

    you can find the spout desertdeals69 is suggesting at O'riellys Auto Parts
  7. Flat Towing Versus Trailered

    I usually trailer when we (my wife and I) go boon docking. We do a lot of off roading, so when or if I break the toad, I need a way to get her home.
  8. Hello To All

    For all you snowbirds out there, Lake Havasu City, Az. runs a winter series from November thru March every year. Come on out and enjoy some local short track racing at its best.
  9. GM 454 Backfires

    If the backfiring only happens under a large load, like climbing a grade, and stops when he backs off the gas, its most likely fuel pressure related. (it's leaning out). If the backfires happening in the intake manifold, its low pressure/volume and if its happening in the exhaust, its most likely coil and/or plug wires. If all else fails, take it to the dealer. They are factory trained and have all the correct equipment to diagnose the issue. This is going to get real expensive if your just guessing what is wrong. Like I said in a previous post, I have 53 years experience in GM performance issues.
  10. GM 454 Backfires

    Hey Herman, I resemble that remark. I'm sure Tim has a throttle body injection system. If he has had plug wire issues in the past, the first thing I would look at is the ignition coil. If you see any white stains around the ground bracket, the coil is breaking down due to being over worked ( too long at max voltage). Another thing to check is fuel pressure. The system is already a low pressure system to start with. Unfortunately you have to tee into the pressure feed line to get this info. I did have this problem on a customer truck and checked everything I just mentioned and it turned out to be a defective exhaust valve. The valve was starting to collapse. I am an OLD GM certified tech. of 53 years. You can PM me and I'll give you my phone number so we can talk. Rick Ammerman F442485
  11. Test

    I'm going to be in Havasu this weekend. Will be at the speedway Friday and Saturday. Come out and enjoy the racing
  12. Test

    It's not I-40, it's I-5
  13. Good Sam: My Experience

    When I had my shop in Loma Linda, Ca. I had a contract with most all the RV dealers in this area. I stopped using any extended service plans from anyone, especially Good Sam. Collecting from them would take months.
  14. Lon Cross

    Thanks Herman. Great to see you in Chandler
  15. Lon Cross

    Need to now how to get ahold of Lon Cross Western Area