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  1. toad braking

    We tow a 2012 Hondo CRV with our 1998 Tiffin Allegro Bus (DP) and I have a RoadMaster Invisibrake installed in the Honda CRV. It is permanently installed under the driver seat. Works off of the brake light signal from the motothome, so is connected when the light is plugged in. Has a lanyard which connects a safety breakaway switch to the motorhome, should the tow ever break loose the brakes are applied. Really like the set up.
  2. WOW, thought I was confused at the beginning because I couldn't get to the cart to pay for the darn thing.... Now I'm wondering if that might be a blessing in disguise... Been waiting and hoping that a deal could be made cause I think I will probably need something after I retire in Jan. Want something to be able to use a smart tv with.
  3. Camping Cards

    Like punxsyjumper, had cards (QSL) back in the CB days... While at a campground for the Solar Eclipse, a couple we met handed out cards with their info... DUH! what a great idea and easy. We are getting some printed.
  4. Replacing TV Antenna Coax Wiring

    Kahlua/cream and the hot tub.... climbing up and down the ladder several times found some muscles which hadn't been used for a while
  5. Replacing TV Antenna Coax Wiring

    Okay, so I finally got the materials I needed and got back up on the roof. Cleaned away the caulking around where the coax goes thru the roof. Surprise... a plate hiding a connector splice.... job just became much easier. I disconnected the old piece of cable, ran a new cable from the jack on the antenna head, leaving a service loop on the antenna, and another at the antenna base. Connected the cable at both ends, applied lots of new caulk and went inside and check it out...seems to work great. Thanks to everyone for suggestions and guidance.
  6. Santa Fe Trail

    Finished the trip, no major incidents. Altered the route a little because we stayed an extra day in one place. Took the Mountain Route from Dodge City to La Junta CO. Did stop at the Tall Grass Prairie, really interesting. Did a short hike there (~ 2 mi.), to the top of a ridge to look for buffalo, saw a small group on the ridge, before we even go there, a bull standing by itself, we were probably 3/4 mile away and how it stood out against the sky was incredible...the size of it. Pulled into Pawnee Rock, not advised for a big rig and a towed. Had to up the wrong way because we couldn't make the turn through the gate. Got turned around at the top and came back out. Saw the wagon ruts west of Dodge City. Was a great trip.
  7. Replacing TV Antenna Coax Wiring

    BtllAdams. not sure if it is a factory install or not, it is an older Tiffin (1998) with a crank up Winguard. I will post my results when I finish.
  8. Replacing TV Antenna Coax Wiring

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Think that I will try the repair by putting the connector splice in as the first try. I'm a bit afraid that, as some suggest, the cable may be tied in a bundle and part way through the pull everything will stop. If the connector thing doesn't work the it will be pulling time.
  9. So on last trip we didn't have any TV reception. Discovered that the antenna coax was broken/cut about 2 inches outside where it comes thru the roof. Any suggestions on replacing? Can I pull new cable by attaching to the old cable and pulling the new cable thru. If so should I pull from thru inside to the outside or outside into the inside?
  10. 2011 Honda CR-V

    Thanks to everyone and the suggestions and comments. Since this first trip was a short one, only a few stops, I just ended up jumping the battery, or putting the charger (which I purchased the 1st night out) on it. I read in my Invisabrake manual that if you turn on the running lights on the RV the Invisabrake is suppose to put a trickle charge on the battery...didn't work! I am going to do the fuse bypass switch thing and see how that works. I think the charge line idea is great too. On my Honda, when I shut the ignition off with the transmission in neutral, the key will only go to the accessory position, not to the off position. Again thanks for all the comments.
  11. Just stayed 2 nights at Campus RV Park in Independence MO. Nice little park. very convenient to Frontier Trails Museum; Truman House and museum; Church of Latter Day Saints Temple Headquarters/Monuments. The only slight negative is the train noise from near by tracks. Not so bad as to keep you awake, but you hear them come by a number of times a day. Got FMCA discount. Very nice and friendly folks there. I had to call and push our reservations out a day, it was not a problem.
  12. 2011 Honda CR-V

    We have a 2011 Honda CR-V which just got all set up for towing with a Roadmaster Falcon 2 and the Invisibrake. Did the transmission procedure, just as a side note. Stopped after about 300 miles to perform the transmission procedure again (as is recommended) and the battery was dead. Got it jumped and did the procedure... Now I think I may have read something somewhere about pulling a fuse, but can't remember where I read it. Does anyone know if I can just disconnect the negative terminal on the battery? Concerned that maybe the transmission procedure may configure something in the computer and disconnecting the battery would cause any code to be lost and consequently there goes the transmission... Thanks is advance for any comments.
  13. Santa Fe Trail

    Wildebill308; Thanks for the link... I will spend some time going thru it. I was at that site earlier, but not the map portion of it. Thanks again
  14. Santa Fe Trail

    We are going to start in Independence MO 6/1 and head West, following the Santa Fe trail with a couple of side trips to the Tall Grass Prairie and the Salt Mines in Hutchinson KS. Plan to take the Cimarron branch, south out of Dodge City KS. Anyone doing something similar?
  15. Stopped-Up Kitchen Sink

    This has nothing to do with a Class A but.... the topic brought back funny memories... Way back when... a while on a deer hunting trip, the kitchen sink in my friends pickup slide in camper got stopped up. He told his wife to watch the sink while he went out side to try to clear it. Well she was watching the sink drain...looking down into it, when he blew through the drain hose... yep you guessed it... , a loud scream came from within the camper as the stoppage cleared, right into here face. We had to cook our own supper that night!