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  1. Maine Best Routes From FL?

    We were in Schoodic Woods C.O E in Maine across from Bar Harbor in Winter Harbor and it was just beautiful. We were there from June 30 thru July 6 and I will never go to Bar Harbor again to crazy . Schoodic is peaceful and all big pull through sites. Cost 150.00 for 6 days with America the beautiful pass. Schoodic point is breath taking . We are now in Reed Bingham State Park in Adel GA working our way home back to Marathon in the Florida Keys and this is a five star park. 33.00 per night with 50 amp, cable, water and sewer. SWEET.
  2. Big Slide Will Not Retract & Is Cocked Slightly

    Correction on my previous post. It says plugged into power or generator running with key to the on position not running. The slide will not work with the engine running as a safety .
  3. Big Slide Will Not Retract & Is Cocked Slightly

    My Charleston says to run engine or generator or be plugged into power while operating slides or leveling jacks to maintain battery voltage.
  4. Entry Door Won't Unlock?

    Do you guys realize you have not addressed the door lock post for five days but you made 14 posts?
  5. Fresh Water Leak

    JT like I said there seems to be no rime or reason as to how they design these things. But I had my coach for two years and knew the tanks were on the side as the dump and all shut off valves. Then one day I was looking under the coach and saw two rubber latches on the panel on the other side of the coach from the water bay door. When I opened it up that's when I realized that all my tanks went from one side to the other. That is where my water pump and tank drain is and the wiring for the tank heaters are located. Hope you figure it out and do not need to drop the fuel tank. Right now I would deal with the drip but as you know they don't get better. Good luck
  6. Fresh Water Leak

    Do you by chance hear the pump come on then off every now and then when not hooked up to city water. I ask this because the leak comes from over the fuel tank might not mean the tank is above the fuel tank. Could be a water line or connection that is above the fuel tank. On my coach there are four fresh water tanks side by side across the middle of the coach that are connected to each other to stop sloshing of the 100 gal of water when going down the road, 4 25 gal tanks. above them is the black and grey tanks. This all helps with weight balance. I think if the pump cycles every now and then it's loosing water from a line and not from the tank. My fuel tank is 100 gal and is up front just behind the generator and front axle and no room for a tank above it. Just saying this is my layout and there all different .
  7. Diving Into Being A Full-timer

    I actually like to service and repair anything on my coach. I have always worked on cars and engines ever since I was about seven helping my dad change the oil in our ford galaxy 500. I am retired and have the time and when something comes up I'm on a mission to research what needs to be done to get it taken care of. Diesel engines are actually more basic then gas in my opinion and when I service my coach I know it's done right . But again I enjoy the challenge and getting to know more about how things work. Besides the satisfaction of doing it yourself you can save a butt load of money and that savings goes straight to fuel, to me it's win win.
  8. Litter Box Location

    Just a cool story about a cat we had when I was around 12. We had a Golden Lab and a cat that were best friends as we got them both as baby's . My mother had my father mount a bell about 12 inches off the floor by the back door and trained the dog to ring the bell when he needed to go out and it worked great. A short time later the bell rand and the dog was already outside and it was the cat !. The cat learned from watching the dog ring the bell and after that it was the end of the litter box. This was not an RV but I think it is a neat story all the same
  9. New All Electric Coach Question

    Our coach has a EMS and have no problem when hooked up to 30A. But we also have propane that we really like having the option to use if needed. We use it for the refrigerator while driving as it uses very little gas. Can also use it for hot water if no electric or run the generator and and run everything as if on 50A. To me its just another tool that gives me more options and in our coach we hold 38 gal of propane that lasts us quite a long time. Now the furnace will consume more propane but most of our travels are not extended stays where its really cold so most of the time we can use the heat pump in the a/c units. But as Carl C said I don't plan my travels around how much fuel or propane I will use its just part of the game. As I said its nice to have the options for multiple power sources.
  10. Towing 2013 Kia Soul

    Not a Kia but my 2014 Chevy Equinox put car in N and turn key to off and leave key in and steering doe's not lock. Take the key out and it locks. My 2017 Chevy Cruze has push button start and there is no steering lock at all. Also no battery draw with ether car.
  11. OnStar WFfi from GM

    Sorry about the confusion I'm not to good with this stuff but now I think I see how it works. The car hot spot is showing me the signal from they're service not from my provider. We only have this because it came with the car for I think six months and will most likely not renew as it has not been an issue in the past for us. But it's still pretty cool to have these different options.
  12. OnStar WFfi from GM

    As I stated in my first post this was to use the On-Star wifi while at a cg where we have little or no cell service with the phone antenna would the on star antenna get more signal. As Bill Adams pointed out it needs to have a cell signal to work. In April we did try to see if it made a difference while we were in a cg in FL and it did, I had two bars on my Verizon and my wife had 1x on her Sprint. When we used the on star as the hot spot my Verizon went to full signal and when my wife used it as a hot spot her Sprint went to 3 bars. We are leaving on June 4th for a two month trip to Maine and sure we will have more situations to check it out. Just another tool if needed.
  13. Tow Dolly Brakes

    Bill you are right the outside of the coach is 102 and the outside of the duells is about 98 and that makes sense because when I deflate the air bags the tires go up inside the wheel well and you cannot put your hand up in between the tire and the fender. So yes the dolly track is wider but it is not wider than the coach, so if the dolly is on the rumble strips the side of the coach is also. But as you said and I agree you need to be aware of where and what the dolly is doing at all times.
  14. Tow Dolly Brakes

    Bill I understand what you are saying and agree if the coach is less than 102 inches wide the dolly will have a wider track. On my Charleston the coach is 102 inches wide and my dolly is 102 inches wide and my hitch is in the middle at 51 inches. I think that the law is 102 inches wide and any wider needs oversize ( wide load ) permit. But as you said you need to be aware of where the dolly is in relation to the coach. Now the guy that offset his hitch 16 inches to the drivers side is ( NUTS ) first off why go through the BS of fabricating the hitch for an offset when all you need to do is get a rear camera? If I did that on my coach I would be 118 inches wide . Again ( NUTS ) When I tow my boat the trailer is 102 inches wide but my P/U is maybe 80 and I need to watch because sometimes my trailer wheels are very close to the curb or the center line.
  15. Mystery Switch

    Bill I marked it with my label maker ( Home Theater Surround Sound On / Off ) so the next owner will know. Cost around 0.002 cents worth of label tape, but that's not including the massive cash layout of around $ 40.00 five years ago for the label maker. And also the skill to put the label on straight and somewhere close to the switch.