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  1. Pads For Jacks

    We also installed a set of Snap Pads and they have worked great on gravel, grass, concrete and asphalt. It is great to not have to get down on the ground every time to set out pads or blocks to level on, especially when the weather outside is less than perfect.
  2. Are You A Veteran?

    US Navy Surface Warfare Officer 1986-1997 USS LaMoure County (LST-1194) - CIC Officer Special Boat Unit 20 - Ops Officer Instructor - Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic - Dam Neck USS Nitro (AE-23) - Ops Officer USS Saipan (LHA-2) - 1st LT
  3. Navigation Apps -- Which are Best?

    We use CoPilot for RV on either a tablet or smartphone. We also use Waze and other apps for routing and weather, traffic, etc. It helps if the real co pilot (in the passenger seat) can do some searching and/or Google mapping to help navigate. I wouldn't rely on just one system, I think using several apps with just one as a guide is what works best for us.
  4. Are You A Veteran?

    Name: John Mihalkovic Branch: Navy Time in Service: Nov 1985 - Feb 1997 Rank: LT / O-3 (Active Duty) Specialty: Surface Warfare Officer Stationed at: USS LaMoure County (LST-1194) Special Boat Unit 20 (SBU-20) Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic (FCTCLANT) USS Nitro (AE-23) USS Saipan (LHA-2) Served in: Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Desert Shield
  5. Copilot

    I use the app on my iPhone and have found it to be pretty good. I did update to the ActiveTraffic and that does help the ETA feature become way more accurate. I also added the LowClearances POI database and have that in addition to the RV specific data.