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  1. Simple Tires Online

    I tried them and was told they will only say they are not more than 4 years old, I went to tires direct and got 6 Toyos 245/75 22.5. $1,750.00 Free shipping and 120 days old or less. I have a local local trucking company I did some favors for they will mount and balance.
  2. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    I agree with desertdeals Toyos are a good tire. I just got 6, 245/75 22.5 Toyos from tires direct. $1700.00 shipping was free. I am lucky to have a friend that will mount and balance for me. I also ordered centramatics for steers
  3. Just as much at home in our motor home as we are in stick home sometimes more.
  4. Mine is in my yard on a crushed stone pad 30 amp plug, climate controlled by mother nature.
  5. Entry Door Lock Freezing

    Use Fluid Film available at Lowes & Home Depot, NAPA. It is a lanolin based penetrant and lubricant. no solvents long lasting non toxic non hazardous. It comes in a spray can with straw for tight places. It will work here in Connecticut we do snowplowing we buy in gallons and with a sprayer made for it we spray all the undersides of our trucks. We spread salt on parking lots and the chemicals the state uses on the roads are very corrosive it does a great job protecting our equipment. After every storm everything gets washed down nothing freezes up.
  6. Starting Cummins ISM/ISX During Storage

    Just my 2 cents. The corrosion issue causing liner jacking referred to may be liner pitting on the coolant side of the liner. When I started working for Cummins Ct in 1964 it was a big problem. It was thought to be from tiny air bubbles caused by slight flex of the liner when the cylinder fired. Back then it was common to find liners with holes all the way through allowing coolant into the cylinder. When liners were removed some would look like a shotgun blasted them. After the use of SCA's in the cooling system the problem seemed to be solved. The only time we saw the issue was when the SCA's were not maintained. Just a thought. I have been retired 15 years now so I don't know how the newer generation engines are.
  7. Chassis Rust

    Just a FYI. Home Depot has Rust Reformer Automotive, same stuff but the can has all angle spray tip. Easier to use underneath.
  8. Chassis Rust

    X2 for Rust Reformer. It does work well.
  9. Dometic Refrigerator Cooling Problem

    Herman, Happy Birthday. I understand your comment about residential fridge but we are in one spot for 2-3 weeks and sometimes need to leave the coach for 2 days. I have solar and run a Honda 2000i when we are there, but my battery bank is only two 6V golf cart batteries and it would be very difficult to add more I could get them in but service on them would be a nightmare. The other factor was the remodel to get a residential unit in. Replacing the cooling unit was our best option.. I agree with the comment The Amish replacement cooling units are expensive but when you look at the blogs about refurbished units vs the Amish unit it was worth the cost to me. My unit is a side by side and all the info I found said those units are not a good candidate for refurbish. I paid $1300. which included $150. in freight. I am fortunate my work background allowed me to do all the work myself. If our camping habits were different I would consider the residential unit but I think this was our best option. As I said I am very happy with the way it works, it is a big improvement over the original unit.
  10. Dometic Refrigerator Cooling Problem

    I have the Dometic side by side in my 2003 Pace Arrow. A little over a year ago it failed. I found replacement units would require modifying the cabinet. We dry camp 95% of the time so a residential unit was out. After a lot of research I went with a Amish cooling unit. I did the work myself and have been very happy with the way it works. I did add two fans to the vent while it was out. I would recommend the Amish cooling unit as replacement.
  11. Freightliner/Cummins ISB-02 3rd Fuel Filter

    I don't know on the 24 v ISB, Cummins does supply some engines with everything it depends on the order from the end user. They also supply engines with no accessories the end user assumes that because it is engine mounted it came from Cummins, Yours is easier for parts a Cummins service facility can look up parts by serial number. Things that were not supplied by Cummins they will have no info on. I still get calls from people that knew me asking why can't Cummins tell me the belt number, for my alternator.
  12. Freightliner/Cummins ISB-02 3rd Fuel Filter

    They did use different types over the years, I retired 15 years ago so I don't remember all of them the old "B" used car type diaphragm pump. Later ones used a style that had check valves this was very susceptible to failures caused by debris. They have used electric lift pumps-- the feeling was they all needed protection from rust and debris. Just my own opinion but if the primary filter is before any pump they are not needed they were intended to protect the lift pumps that were before those filters. As has been mentioned before the truck or motorhome mfg. may think one is necessary. The problem is Cummins makes the engine it goes to the end user and they decide what filters to use and where. Cummins gives recommendations but they may or may not be followed. It created a lot of problems when I was a service manager when you tell a customer the oil pressure sender or starter, alternator, and other items were not supplied by Cummins and I could not warranty the part or labor.
  13. Freightliner/Cummins ISB-02 3rd Fuel Filter

    When I worked for Cummins those filters were used to protect the primary lift pump which were like a automotive fuel pump. rust and debris would clog the valves. They are usually are in the main line from fuel tank and do tend to be hidden and not readily accessible.
  14. I am looking for input on a 2006 Four Winds Magellan 38E by Thor. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow 37A and I like the quality of it. We are looking at the 2006 Magellan it is on the Workhorse chassis with 8.1 Vortec and Allison which the Pace Arrow has. I know I have 22,000 lb chassis the Magellan has 24,000. We like the layout and features of the Magellan but I know nothing of the quality of Four Winds and Thor. Anyone have any experience with four winds or Thor? Thanks
  15. Living in CT and using your routes often, I would suggest 95 to Saybrook then up Rt9 (easy merge just over CT river bridge.) No traffic on rt9 except at 8am rush in Middletown. Rt 9 merges right into 91 north, It may be a few miles more but a much easier drive.