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  1. I am looking for input on a 2006 Four Winds Magellan 38E by Thor. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow 37A and I like the quality of it. We are looking at the 2006 Magellan it is on the Workhorse chassis with 8.1 Vortec and Allison which the Pace Arrow has. I know I have 22,000 lb chassis the Magellan has 24,000. We like the layout and features of the Magellan but I know nothing of the quality of Four Winds and Thor. Anyone have any experience with four winds or Thor? Thanks
  2. Living in CT and using your routes often, I would suggest 95 to Saybrook then up Rt9 (easy merge just over CT river bridge.) No traffic on rt9 except at 8am rush in Middletown. Rt 9 merges right into 91 north, It may be a few miles more but a much easier drive.
  3. I installed the Amish cooling unit in my domestic ndr1292 in March. Need help getting unit out and back to wall. Everything else I did. Take your time and lots of pictures before disassembly. The replacement unit has a bracket to mount temp switch for fans I put in two fans at the top chimney 85 cfm each and only draw .25 amps each. It performs much better than original domestic unit.
  4. My 2 cents for what it is worth. I spent 40 years working for Cummins in CT. Several of which were as service mgr, and many as a factory trained and certified instructor. It was always a problem to get good techs and for a lot of reasons. Cummins held several forums on this and some of the answers were young people can no longer work much on their cars, years ago kids hung around gas stations and worked on cars, developing a interest in mechanics today that doesn't happen. With the technology in today's cars trucks RVs etc it is very hard to get a job as a tech without training. Private tech schools are expensive and don't keep up with technology (I was on advisory boards to several) after school and in debt they will spend $5,000 and up on a large tool box with no tools. The pay scale to start is barely above poverty levels and when someone asks what you do and you say I'm a diesel or RV tech you get "Oh". I don't see any changes in the near future. Everything is about college education and nothing for the trades. I rarely need to take my car or RV to a shop but when I do I always get a signed written estimate with the statement only repairs listed are to be done if other parts or work is required they need my written OK. It is a pain but there are no big surprises.
  5. I agree with Huff, My 30 amp breaker is in basement and it would be difficult to locate outside. My 30 amp Progressive hard wire delays input until everything has been checked. Saves me a lot of running.
  6. No problem I am 73. Ibuprofen in my tool box and I'm ready. Thanks for the idea of a stand I will do that. I am going to take the doors off the handles don't look like they will take the weight. If they break parts for the NDR1292 are scarce. Time is not a problem as I have 7 Saturdays and I do have help to do the lifting. The Dometic NDR1292 is discontinued and I thought about going residential but I only have 2 6Volt GC batteries no room for more and 95% of our camping is dry 3 weeks at a time. I have solar but would need a lot more. I do have 2 fans at the top of the refer vent with a 135 degree thermistor on the coils they move a lot of air. I am going to order the interior fan, I hope it goes well once it is done I found a experienced person to help me install my laminate floating floor, Thanks again for the advice.
  7. I just ordered a new Amish cooling unit for a Dometic NDR 1292 double door fridge in my 2003 Pace Arrow, I want to do this myself. Has anyone done this? I would like advice cautions etc. I did get the instructions from supplier and looked at You Tube video. But first hand advice is helpful. Thanks
  8. Rich has the correct info. I retired from Cummins 12 years ago. When a fault or problem occurs a code is created and the check engine light indicates there is a problem but is drivable with caution and get it checked as soon as you can. The red stop engine light indicates a serious problem and should be shut down as soon as it is safe to do so. If a problem occurs momentarily the light comes on and goes out, A fault code is created and is stored in the ecm. it is called an inactive code and can not be accessed by the switches. It has to be read with a diagnostic tool. If the check engine light stays on it is an active code and can be read using the switches. All codes are stored in the ecm until cleared with a diagnostic tool. The code is a numerical numbers called sids(sub system identifier) and pids (parameter identifier) these give the tech the info as to which system maybe the problem and causes, If the check engine light comes on and off at different times it keeps a count of how many times it happens. Just clearing or erasing the codes will not solve a problem.
  9. I was stationed at Ft Belvoir Va for several months I watched the changing of the guard at the tomb several times it is one of the most impressive things I have seen in my 73 year life. Any one going near Washington DC should see it,
  10. I have the min max and have been with dish about 6 years with no problems. We have home service and in the spring I put one receiver in MH you do have to reprogram the receiver to use in MH. We have been happy with both Dish and Winegard customer service. Just a FYI my neighbor purchased the new Winegard G2 carry out, We could not get a signal at all a call to Winegard and we learned they do not recommend it for Connecticut and parts of the east coast It cannot receive the eastern arc satellite. He had to switch to the Pathway.
  11. I wonder how those that don't like ladders feel about portable dump tanks on the ladder, (no I don't carry mine there)
  12. I have a minimax stationary and it works great. Winegard customer service is excellent. Keep it waxed helps keep dew and rain from causing signal loss.
  13. 225 is not near the danger zone. A high pitch whistle may be turbo boost from a leak in the cac connections or the charge air cooler itself.
  14. I have enough room between the living room slide and frame on my pace arrow to carry a 6 ft step ladder. I made brackets to hang it on. Its out of the way hidden secure and easy to get. I did it 5 years ago and have had no problems, I have enough room between the slide and frame when it is closed to carry an even bigger one. I am thinking of going to 8 ft. I wish my Barker 42 gal tote was as easy to store.
  15. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow with a Dometic NDR1292 side by side refer/freezer the cooling unit is gone. I am looking for input from people that have had a rebuilt cooling unit installed. Have you had problems or not. I know the consensus is a new Amish unit is the best. But there is a big price difference and that is an issue to me. Thanks.