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  1. Tires Parked For Months On Cement? Is There A Problem?

    The key issue is to prevent moisture from being in contact with the tires. If outside protect tires from exposure to UV If indoors keep tires away from electric motor or any other source of Ozone.
  2. Tire Pressure Recommendation

    For those that have weights, I would appreciate it if you could post or PM me the "4 corner" numbers and if you also have CAT scale axle only numbers I would be interested to see how well they match. I have 4 corner on my coach. I also get axle reading once a year to confirm I do not have "weight creep" that might necessitate another 4 corner weighing.
  3. Bag Of Glass Beads For Balancing???

    I have never used the rubber "bushings" as they do not provide a fixed firm mounting for the end of the hose. When installing the "L" bracket just be sure the hose is not touching the wheel simulators. My hoses have never shown any sign of contact or rubbing with the wheel or simulators. NOTE the pictures were taken with my TPMS sensor not shown as I happened to take these when the RV was parked for the Winter.
  4. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    RE mounting tires w/DOT "out" This is not an issue if the dealer provides you with the DOT noted on the tire invoice and if they give you the tire registration form as they are supposed to do. If you don't know about tire Registration you should. Read about it HERE. I have seen a suggestion that you keep tire DOT info on your smartphone and I have previously suggested this info should be kept with other important info and papers. Tire invoice is important if you ever have a warranty issue. Don't forget that "out of the duals is not the same as for the fronts.
  5. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    My goal was to try and help fellow FMCA members have a single place to go ( this forum thread) to get the latest info on what toll roads were 100% electronic. I know that Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) is as are two tunnels and a bridge near Boston. I believe there are some roads in TX that are "cashless" but do not know which. There may be other roads that are also "cashless" as I have heard a report on IL and IN but do not know for sure. I am hoping that those members who know the facts will post the information.
  6. I would take RT 62 N to Canton, then I77 N to I76 East. Go East on 76 to Ohio Rt 11 (small detour in Youngstown) then North on 11 to I90 and NE to Niagra This will miss the congestion in and near Cleveland.
  7. Have you had problems with Electronic Toll Collection or ETC? The Aug FMCA magazine had an article on toll collection in some states. E-ZPass is used in Northeast states. Other states use different systems. Some folks report problems of no good advance notice on some toll roads that the tolls will be collected by tracing your vehicle license number and mailing you a bill along with a "Service Fee". You can help your fellow members by posting the requirements on roads you know about. Please make the first line in the post about the State, Road, and date For example Mass, I90, Aug 2017 Then you can add details such as "Mass TPK is now 100% ETC" More info at EZDriveMA.com Hopefully, this thread will become a place to go to find the latest info on ETC for FMCA members. Thank you in advance for your contribution.
  8. Tire Pressure Recommendation

    Until you can get "4 corner weights" I suggest getting individual axle weights. Then assume one end is carrying 53% of the total. Use that number when consulting the Load Infl tables. That's your minimum cold inflation but I also suggest you add 10% (but not exceed tire max) to give a margin. I also suggest you start reading my RV Tire Blog. Also put Perry GA next March on your calendar and come to both of my RV tire seminars.
  9. Bag Of Glass Beads For Balancing???

    Yes, people can have problems with flex hoses. But it is also possible to be pushing close to 100k with using hoses on 3 different vehicles with no problem as I have. IMO the key with hoses has a few steps. The outer end MUST be firmly attached to the hub or wheel. I do not trust the rubber donuts as they do not firmly hold down the outer end of the hose. Do not over or under tighten the hose onto your metal valve stem. I find that tighten till no air leaks then go 1/4 to 1/2 turn more. Check with a spritz of soapy water or household cleaner that will show bubbles. Finally be sure to support the hose whenever adding or checking air pressure. Simply pushing on the end of the hose can weaken and possibly fail the hose mount. I also prefer the pressurized hoses over the "airless" hoses as the long inner rod in the airless style, can bend and malfunction.
  10. Tire Thing Has Me Totally Confused

    Here is graphic of dual spacing The OP was looking at going from 275/80R 22.5 to 295/75R 22.5 which is a change from 12.24 spacing to 13.19. You may need to think in reverse. Let's assume that with the 275's you have a physical 1.00" clearance down at the bulge in the sidewall near the road. This dimension is controlled by the offset of the wheels. So if you don't change wheels and put wider 295's on the new clearance will be 1.00 - ( 13.19 - 12.24) or 1.00-0.95 or a final clearance of 0.05"
  11. New Tire Pricing & Load Range Advice

    It is illegal to sell or operate tires on public highway that do not have the DOT symbol molded on a tire sidewall. RE tiers. While quality statements are not used in the ranking as there is no cross company tire quality comparison test. IMO I think it is reasonable to use the ranking level as the cumulative opinion of hundreds of tire dealers and fleet owners on the relative quality and durability of the different brands of tires.
  12. New Tire Pricing & Load Range Advice

    Good info on tire brand availability. I have heard some good reports on Sailun brand. RE DOT Regs. The is only one set of regs ( passenger, LT , trailer and truck have their own section, for any tire with the symbol DOT.
  13. Bedroom Slideout Leak

    I also thought the "flap" would seal and guide the water away but in my case the "flap" ended up pointing inward and created a funnel to guide the water inside the coach above the gear rack as seen in my "before" pictures. I had applied a slide seal lube spray but that did not help keep the lips pointed outward. Maybe there are other designs for seals that need different approach. I'm happy with my "fix" for my design seals.
  14. Tire Thing Has Me Totally Confused

    Glad you have confirmed your new tires meet the "Minimum Dual Spacing" requirement. The simple tire comparison web site is reasonable for cars and Light trucks but they only offer an approximation and do not tell you the Minimum Dual Spacing. A failure to consider this dimension can lead to tire "kissing" and potentially two failures. 255/80R22.5 have a MDS of 11.30" and 275/80R22.5 have MDS of 12.24 Since the spacing is controlled by the wheel offset it is sometimes possible to make such a change if the wheels were designed for the wider tire but used by the RV company for the narrower tire.
  15. New Tire Pricing & Load Range Advice

    Without seeing the actual tire specification from the tire plant I can't know for sure but increased Load Range does not always translate into stiffer ride (at the same inflation). Just because a tire can hold a higher inflation does not mean the ride will be stiffer. To hold the air pressure a tire needs higher tensile capacity in the sidewall. Tire steel cords are pretty flexible in bending. When you selected the Sailun tires did you confirm the warranty and get a list of locations that could provide a replacement tire if you ever get a non-repairable puncture? Unrelated to the tires, Did you also get the rubber parts of the bolt in valves replaced too. We all know that the rubber in tires can "age out" but few people remember that other rubber components in an RV also can age out. New "O-rings or gaskets for the valves is low cost insurance and making a change when you get new tires makes it easier to remember when you made the valve rubber change.