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  1. CO alarm need furnace in Perry

    New info. My unit is Safe-T-Alert 35-742 Online at the company website , I found info on how to read the light color / flash code. The code indicated Unit Malfunction. Further reading on RV Forums I saw a mention of low voltage. It ran the furnace fan so I didn't think about battery but Checked and my coach battery was very low (11.70 v) So I am now more comfortable about using the furnace. The battery is on charge and will spend a few minutes in Perry to check the CO alarm. Have decided to keep the battery CO alarm as I placed that one at the recommended shoulder height in the sleeping area. Who knew that reading the instructions would be of value. See you in Perry. Stop in, say at one of my 2 RV Tire Seminars or one of the 4 Genealogy Seminars.
  2. CO alarm need furnace in Perry

    Put the new detector on the floor 6" from the original chirping one. Pressed the test button on got a double chirp. kept furnace on for 30 min. Tested the new battery powered detector. Each time I get a test chirp but the rest of the time it is silent. IMO the OE hard-wired detector went bad. Have removed it. Will contact the mfg re warranty. For the trip to Perry will rely on electric heaters and mattress heater till I can talk with Atwood furnace rep. if they are there.
  3. CO alarm need furnace in Perry

    Will run to local Lowes to get a house CO detector. This would be battery unit but comparison would identify if my current RV detector is faulty.
  4. CO alarm need furnace in Perry

    The detector is dated May 2015 and is powered by house battery.
  5. Packing for the trip to Perry. Little chilly here in Ohio so turned on furnace(2016 Coachmen Class-C) just to warm things up while working inside. CO ararm went off. I pulled outside cover to check for any critter nest. All clean. Vent tube is also clear. Have looked at the weather in Perry Ideas?
  6. 275/80R22.5 vs 11R22.5 tire sizes

    In general if you are happy with the ires you have already used I see little reason to change unless there is some significant reason.
  7. 275/80R22.5 vs 11R22.5 tire sizes

    I suggest you look at the published dimensions for the tires you are considering from the manufacturer you are considering. While tire companies generally follow the same guidelines, there are variations. You mentioned Goodyear brand. You could check HERE and HERE There are alternatives Dayton brand HERE Continental   Firestone Goodrich Roadmaster
  8. Classified section

    I'd also like to see a classified section in here.
  9. New Michelin RV tires in Jacksonville Florida

    People simply do not check DOT on cars etc as the tires will wear out before they age out. Yes people need to be more informed on RV tires as it can easily be a year between tires going on a chassis and the coach being built. Another year at a dealer. Record all your DOT serials and keep with your other important info such as when you changed oil or did other maintenance.
  10. New Front Tires

    I agree with Herman except. I suggest that whenever you can you record the FULL DOT serial of every tire and keep that info with your important papers like when you did maintenance such as oil change etc. That way if you hear about a recall you don't have to go and check your tires, just read your "Fact Sheet"
  11. No 110V w/Generator running

    Well, don't I feel silly. It's been so long I forgot to plug in the power cord. I may know about tires but that doesn't mean I can't forget something this basic. Thanks to all who responded. I'll buy u a cup of coffee at Perry or Gillette. Just see me at one of my seminars on Tires or Genealogy.
  12. No 110V w/Generator running

    Just fired up generator in my coach (Class-C w/ 4K Onan) No auto transfer switch in my coach. Haven't used the generator in some time but it was working fine last time I used it. When it started, I get no 110v reading on the outlet. No display on the Microwave. Looked at power panel and no circuit breakers are tripped. Before I get really involved in tracing the problem anyone have a couple of basic things to check.
  13. First Time Buying New RV Tires

    Check out my post on the "New tires" thread.
  14. New tires

    Don't forget to change out the rubber parts (gaskets & "O" rings etc) of your valves and related parts such as extension hoses when you get new tires. These rubber parts age out too but it is easy to forget their "age" as they are not marked. Changing when you change tires makes it easy to remember. large tire dealerships should be able to change the rubber without having to buy an entire new bolt in valves. Be sure to record the full DOT serial, including date portion, of each tire when you buy them and keep this info with other important papers. A lot easier to do when the dealer is mounting them. Before you leave the tire store ask if the dealer "registered" your ownership of the tires with the tire company. That way you can be notified if there is ever a tire recall. Here is a post on tire registration and why it is important.
  15. TPMS Techno RV Install

    I have seen one brand of hoses that come with brackets that are bolted down with 2 of the lug nuts. If you have aluminum wheels don't you have a center hub cover? This would be a little like my older chevy hub covers seen in the link from my Feb 11 post. RE my install being wrong and hoses going to fail. Sorry, but I put about 40k miles on the plastic hub cover set-up with no visible wear on the hoses. I only have another 10k miles on my 2016 RV that has SS wheel simulators as seen in this picture. Two hoses show contact but no abrasion as the outer ends are firmly attached. Since they are 8 years old it is time to replace them as the internal rubber has "aged out". Hoses are off right now as I am installing an internal TPM system that I am evaluating. Will have a report on Internal vs external TPMS at Perry.