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  1. New Tire Pricing & Load Range Advice

    Sorry but I do not agree with the concept that running 110 PSi in a LR-L would be "unsafe and result in excessive flexing and heat. This assumes you are running the correct inflation based on your measured load. While not the same product I have been writing in my BLOG about what inflation to run when you change size or LR
  2. What tire if price no concern

    If price were not part of the decision I would select based on tire availability and number of service locations across the US ( and Canada if you travel there).
  3. New Michelin Tire Valve Stem

    Sometimes people screw the valve core in too far so it is not opened by the gauge. If the center pin on your gauge or your inflation chuck is a little deep or worn it may not contact the pin in the tire valve. I have this problem right now because I had someone change a tire rather than do it myself. (It was rainy & cold and I got lazy) At least I know the inflation is OK as the TPMS will read the pressure but the first non-snow day when the temp hits 55 I will have to pull the core and install a new one as the core gasket (S in the picture) is probably distorted now from being over tight. There is a spec for how deep the pin "P" can be from the surface of the valve stem 0.010 above to 0.035 deep. FYI the actual place the air goes in or out is the Valve V in the core. HERE is my post on why valves can leak sometimes.
  4. Tire Blow Out Game

    And I thought constantly looking at tires was an afliction only suffered by tire Engineers. I've been doing it so long that the DW can ID tires that are about 30 percent or more low.
  5. Mixing tire brands

    Mixing tires in a dual position take some special precautions. This and THIS post cover the most important considerations. Check them both. While you can mix brands side to side on the rear axle BUT you do need to confirm the OD difference side to side is not too large as this would make the differential work harder all the time. Not sure if fully support the "thicker sidewall" idea as these large tires have a significant difference in sidewall thickness as you move from the tread down to the bead. Also, it is sometimes possible to achieve a change in sidewall stiffness even as you make it thinner if you vary the placement of the different materials as not all rubber has the same level of stiffness and some can be very flexible while other almost as stiff as a rock.
  6. The owners think they had the steering unlocked. I will agree they could be mistaken. Both tires were rotating because the damage was 360 degrees around the tread. I think the tires turned sideways to the right when the Jeep was pulled around a corner but when the RV went back to straight the tires on the Jeep did not go back to straight ahead but remained turned to the right. The left front suffered the most damage on its outer shoulder and the right tire had less overall damage due to weight transfer. The RF also suffered its greatest damage but on the inner side which is in line with the idea the steering was turned right. In the picture, it can be seen that the outer shoulder of the RF tire shows almost no signs of being dragged which also lines up with the tire being stuck turned to the right while the Jeep was being pulled straight ahead. Most vehicles have what is called "self-aligning torque" which is supposed to bring the tires back to straight ahead if you let go of the steering wheel. I am wondering if this force is lower on Jeeps.
  7. Trying to help a fellow Rv owner who flat tows a 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport with their new to them 2007 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40PDQ . They suffered a tire failure (belt separation) on the LF and some damage to the tread on the RF. My read on the tire damage is that the steering was turned way to the right and would not re-center resulting in the tire being dragged sideway with the resulting belt & tread being partially torn off. Comments or ideas appreciated Jeep LF.pdf
  8. 27580R22.5 tire pressures

    I am running a comparison test of two different brand of TPM systems and while not complete I have posted some of the initial data on my RV tire blog. www.RVTireSafety.net You might want to check it out. I would however not be concerned with a rise of 20F.
  9. Tire Inflation

    Welcome to any new FMCA members. If you have questions on tires you should check out the TIRE thread in the Technical area. Until then here are the general recommendations I do not see posts with actual side to side measured loads on each tire. Single axle trailers should: 1. Confirm actual load on each tire 2. Calculate 115% of the heavier end 3. Check Load & inflation tables using the 115% number to learn the MINIMUM allowable inflation 4. Add 10% to that inflation number and use this new number for your goal Cold Inflation psi Multi-axle trailers should: 1. Confirm actual loads for each tire 2. Calculate 115% of the heavier end 3. Check Load & inflation tables using the 115% number to learn the MINIMUM allowable inflation 4. Add 10% to that inflation number and use this new number for your goal Cold Inflation psi 5. If you want to lower the potential for a belt separation due to the multi-axle Interply Shear increase your CIP to the tire sidewall pressure. This link is a Google search on Interply Shear if you want to learn more.
  10. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    I prefer to use the dimensions published by the tire mfg for the tires I am considering. The "comparison" website is theoretical dimensions based on numerical tire sizing. Bet the website gives identical dimensions for all brands of tires but the data sheets do have some minor differences. Links to different mfg Load & Infl tables and other data can be found HERE.
  11. TPMS accuracy

    Published a couple blog posts on TPMS Accuracy. First one compares the pressure accuracy of 12 sensors on a single pressure chamber. The second one looks at the Temperature reports in cool ambient after I left Perry. I will be posting next week on the result when it is cold. We will have to wait until July for warm to Hot temperatures
  12. Better WiFi reception in RV

    Thanks for the feedback. Am checking out the MobileInternetInfo.com link and info. I am thinking that my normal usage would be in campgrounds or similar where there is WiFi but the signal is weak. Last week at Perry I was not able to connect to the offered WiFi just using my laptop. I do have one of those inexpensive USB "antenna" things similar to THIS one, mine was even less expensive but it does work. I could point it out my window and I could then connect most of the time but the signal would occasionally drop. Been thinking of attaching a directional antenna on my TV antenna post. I could then raise it and rotate the antenna to get the strongest signal. Drop the wire into the RV and have a small router in the RV, I have a Class-C and the TV connection and power is in the overhead area so that would be a good location for the low power router. We never watch TV. Would the coax that I currently have on the external TV antenna be OK to connect an external WiFi antenna to a router in the coach? This would avoid having to run another cable. I know that sometimes this stuff requires specific cabling so just asking. I do understand the security concerns but WiFi in the RV is not something I use for critical or sensitive stuff. My passwords are over 8 characters, letter, number and special characters included and my routers require password too.
  13. I have been reviewing a number of videos and blog posts (not FMCA forum posts) touting various hardware to improve WiFi reception when at a campground or other locations where WiFi is "available" in the area but reception is poor. This might even include a Pilot fuel stop, McDonald's parking lot or similar location. Various combinations of external directional antenna wired to a router you would mount inside the RV are suggested. I note that "system" costs run $13 to $300 but I don't see any reliable data on the signal improvements achieved or "bang for the buck" I know there are apps that can report on signal strength so data strength with and without a system, should not be that difficult to learn and report but I haven't found independent reports. Where are the Tech geeks with hard data or even amateurs who have taken the plunge with A vs B data? We should be able to "crowdsource" some meaningful data. I would think that some "Best in Class" suggestions for various systems <$50, $100 - $150, and $300+ might be a good start.
  14. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    I have a number of blog posts that mention "Corner" weights HERE HERE is a link to a worksheet on how to do the calculations once you get on a scale. THIS web site has info on where you can find truck scales. While it is a 5th wheel site the info is still valuable. If you are ever traveling on I76 East of Akron OH Here is a small company that has a scale and will allow one side of an axle weighing. You will need to drop your toad as the exit turn is sharp. Call 330.633.3282 first. You can GPS 50 Southeast Ave, Tallmadge, OH or use N41° 05.985' W81° 26.328'. 2.4 mi off Exit 29 of I-76 NOTE I-76 Exit #29 has Summit Racing for the car enthusiast. .
  15. FMCA Perry GA 2018

    Dan, I Really liked the App. One minor tweak needed. My Android phone would not allow me to properly view the section of the map that showed the meeting room numbers. I could move the map and zoom but as soon as I stopped zooming it zoomed back to the home view. I compared this with an I phone and they could hold the zoomed view. Having a map with room numbers is critical for people to know where they need to be. With this app, I never consulted or needed the printed map (other than I cut out the small section with room numbers to carry in my pocket. One other question. Is there some way to shut off notifications other than removing the app? I kept getting notifications even on the trip home to Ohio on Sunday afternoon ( I had to leave early due to appointments Tuesday AM) As i was scheduled to deliver 6 seminars and monitor 3 others the "My Schedule was GREAT.