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  1. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    Tiff, AJ- Maybe we can tilt a glass bottle of wine sometime. We plan on being there almost every weekend unless we are traveling on vacation. David
  2. Skid Wheels

    The coach is gas. I like the air bag thought. I only need a couple of inches if that. I almost ripped off the mud flap when it got stuck under the drag brackets pulling in. I might try the board ramps first (I'm cheap). That will have to wait until early spring. Coach is wrapped up for the winter. Snow and frigid cold here now. We might need to get a shotgun shack in Texas. Thanks guys. David
  3. Skid Wheels

    So I need to install a pair of skid wheels on the MH. Our driveway has a good pitch and the rear drags on the skid brackets when pulling in or out. Not a lot but enough to be uncomfortable. I see that they make skid wheel that weld on the rear frame but I need a type that mount on the skid brackets. I only need 3" max. more clearance. Thoughts? Ideas? Our really old TT had stem casters mounted on the brackets. Thanks, David
  4. Dang Rodents

    We are using that as well along with the dryer sheets. So far been good. The got into our last MH in the cab heater blower and ate the wires and insulation up in the AC. When I started in up in the winter I got covered in nest material and a dead one's head was sticking out the vent. The fan kind of chewed them up. Took along time to clean.
  5. Hampton Beach State Park- NH

    Pets are allowed only after Columbus day. So aren't horses on the beach
  6. I would plan my route by restaurants between point A and B.....
  7. Hampton Beach State Park- NH

    I fished Worden's Pond. Big largemouth. Carl, your like almost next town over.
  8. Hampton Beach State Park- NH

    Finally got in for the weekend. There is usually a 11 month lead time thru Reserve America and is always booked. But after Columbus Day its first come. We have been there all summer dry camping in the field. This is a whole lot better with full hook ups and this view inside looking out.
  9. Traded In FR3 30DS

    During a boring rainy day while boondocking @ Hampton Beach, NH we decided to take a ride and look at some new RV's. After about 1/2 hr looking we traded in for a 2018 FR Georgetown XL 369. OMG, what a difference. We pick it up next weekend because we need to have the washer/dryer installed. Going camping right after pick up. David
  10. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    We have been going here almost every weekend since my original post. Last weekend there were a bunch of peeps from Canada BDing and they had there own band playing. That was neat. The beach is great and the boardwalk has a lot of interesting sights........
  11. Sebago Lake, Maine Upcoming Visit

    The Wild Duck looks great. We will have to check that out some day. Maybe mid Sept........ David
  12. Maine Best Routes From FL?

    I think you should be at Bar Harbor already. How was the trip? What route did you end up taking? David
  13. We booked a week at Family & Friends Campground at Sebago Lake in Maine for August. All the reviews I read were good. http://www.familynfriends.com/ We only boondock in NH, our weekly stays are usually in Maine. Nice state! Beautiful coast and lakes! Having a boat will make this an enjoyable trip. I will post some pics after our stay and along with our review. David
  14. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    There are a couple of chapters that go to both of those every year. We haven't been with them YET. Scusset beach is great.
  15. Maine Best Routes From FL?

    Oh and there are a bunch of tolls in Maine.