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  1. RVing and Fishing

    Lake Winnipesaukee, Sebago Lake, Buzzards Bay, Pig and Sow Reef, Cleveland Ledge, Hampton Beach Jetty. Both fresh and salt, boat and shore. 8 Reels relined and ready to go, boat is not ready.
  2. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    I could type a few paragraphs here but to make it brief and clean: I really dislike the winter here this month.
  3. Classified section

    I can't seem to find the digital version of the mag, I used to look at the classifieds there on line.
  4. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    And don't forget the High velocity, High Impact, Metal Parts Aligner- "Hammer Time" (any manufacturer) Safety Glasses req'd
  5. Rope ferry? Like the one in "Josey Wales"? Where you pull yourselves across?
  6. New, two us, Georgetown

    Welcome to the GTown gang.
  7. Old Girl Fatter Than I Thought!

    Driving on a non attended open scale might not be that accurate. They are usually calibrated or zeroed out before "official" attended use.
  8. Anyone cook outside using a wok? I use one all the time at home and want to bring it on the road. I have everything but I need the hose from the gas port to the cooker? Is that something special or just a change out? Do I need a diff. regulator or something. I don't want to haul a propane tank around. Thanks, David
  9. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    Yes there is a cover under there. Somewhere
  10. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    MH "did" have a path out, not now. Ended up with 22". The walls are really closing in on that cabin.....
  11. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    8” and still more to come. MH has a cleared path out jic. I wonder how it is doing donuts in the parking lot? I’ll have to looky for video. No I wouldn’t do it. I used to like the mess hall food.
  12. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    Do you mean biscuits and SOS? I love that and impossible to find good around here. All we got is Quinn, Riley and now Skylar.
  13. Best Fish Fry

    And then there's the Nordic Lodge in RI, all you can eat seafood. I've been there a few times, definitely wear stretchy pants. https://www.nordiclodge.com/
  14. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    And here we go again......3rd NorEasta. This is getting depressing. Looking at another 15".
  15. Best Fish Fry

    I fish in Buzzards Bay, MA., always a fish fry at my house starting in early spring. Gotta shuck those quahogs for the appetizer. I have a license for diggin those. Also have boat for fishing (Whaler) if anyone is in the area and wants to go sometime. Target is black sea bass, tautog, scup and striper.. David