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  1. Refrigerator

    Thanks guys! I am in Georgia, and due to the big storm, the temp outside is 18 degrees this morning, and threatens to continue the pattern for a week or so... We are headed to Fla for a month or so, and want to load up the absorption fridge / freezer for the trip. I found that opening the door worked well. My concern is that if I load it up at that point, with the outside at or below freezing (particularly the first night out), that the fridge part will cool down, maybe freeze something (I have seen that happen in older units), and the freezer will warm up some. We have traveled a lot, but this is the first time to deal with a cold-weather startup... We are in a Tiffin Allegro Bay (wore out our Bounder) and going strong!
  2. Refrigerator

    With outside temp. below 20 degrees, how do I get fridge to start up since I am preparing for trip, and I want to load fridge.