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  1. House Lights Dead

    Thank you for you r replay. We are going get th e switch replaced as soon as we get back from big bend to Aransas Pass.
  2. House Lights Dead

    Thank you all They now work not sure what fixes it but will watch and see what happens
  3. House Lights Dead

    Not sure what happened but they all came on!! Thank you
  4. House Lights Dead

    Below is the photo of switch not getting power. Tech is confused and can’t figure out why r knight
  5. House Lights Dead

    Tech found every thing gettting power but one switch outside and it doesn’t match the rv schematics so still no lights
  6. House Lights Dead

    Thank you! Switch is on. Batteries are getting power and a tech just arrived! We are leaving on a trip thursday. So kind of panicky and already gave up. rknight
  7. House Lights Dead

    At 4am light went out on tv signal finder, then found none of the house lights. Work when plugged in or in generator power.. the outlets work and the tv works. Most lights on monitor panel do not work either. rknight
  8. Replacing A Microwave /Convection Oven

    thank you for your quick response!!!
  9. Replacing A Microwave /Convection Oven

    Our 2005 Sharp Carousel Microwave stopped it was 850 watt. Do I need to replace it with an 850 watt or could I go up to 950. We have A 2006 Monaco Knight 40' and it was a 2005 Sharp convection microwave. I cannot find any 850 watt I or/conventions in stock anywhere or the right size for our space.