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  1. Hi - We are hoping to do a 3-4 week trip through Arizona in February with our 36' Class A. We are particularly interested in the areas of Tucson, Lake Havasu City and Sedona. We would like to do a mix of campgrounds and dispersed camping. We would love any recommendations for routes, camping spots and must sees. Thank you, Lu Ann and Chief
  2. Popping In Speakers

    Hi - I have 2005 Beaver Monterey and was wondering if anyone has experienced any popping in their speakers. It just started happening and is very random. It appears to be when switching from shore power back to battery power as well as other random times. I have been trying to trouble shoot and have tightened all battery terminals as well as trying to track down any shorts in the wires. It is happening even when the stereo is turned off so I am thinking it is not related to the stereo. I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.