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  1. Any interesting stops on this route? (I-15 south)
  2. Oops! Ok sorry I'm a newbie on this! We are in vail Colorado right now will be headed to Dubois then Yellowstone late August....just trying to figure best safest shortest route!
  3. Vail/Avon To Dubois Wyoming

    Thanks! I will call. No not in a Porsche! Wondering what a better route would be???
  4. We have a 40 foot RV w/tow will be headed from Vail area in Colorado headed to Dubois Wyoming then to Grand Teton & Yellowstone. We have put our destination in to several gps systems and get various routes hoping to go through Yampa & Craig does anyone know if that's an OK route to Dubois?
  5. We are traveling in a 40 ft RV w/tow going from Vail/Avon area to Dubois Wyoming need advice on best route? Is hwy 13 OK?