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  1. Utah

    agreed on the time of year. September is great time. photos above from mid September trip
  2. Utah

    Monument Valley (Goulding) at least 2 days and Zion ( Watchman) for 4 days are must stays. Bryce canyon a must see. Two days if hiking thru formations but can make a day trip from Zion if time is tight. Regret not making it to Arches. Monument valley Zion Bryce Great trip in 2016
  3. Bedroom TV Upgrade


    I was not pleased with original Goodyears. Replaced with Michelin and very pleased with ride and handling. Worth the difference in price. no experience with the Toyos but hear good things.
  5. Dolly Tow A Jeep Wrangler?

    Jeep specifically states in owners manual for wrangler and liberty models "Do not tow on dolly" must be towed 4 down or on trailer. Besides, much easier 4 down.
  6. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    if going to final 4, might look at KOA in San Antonio. Just right around the corner perhaps not more than a mile away. (assuming they are playing where the spurs play)
  7. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    Agree with all said above. Don't know if "source" of heat is microwave or electric element but keep in mind that when on convection, you may use metal rack or pans, so perhaps not microwave. We use ours both ways, frequently in the course of the same meal. will bake in convection, then take out food and rack, then use the microwave to cook something else being careful to remember that the interior surface and the rack is still hot, unlike a mw only oven. we have baked cakes, pies, bread, pizza, scalloped potatoes, oven roasted veggies all using convection.
  8. Zion for sure. Watchman Campground at western entrance is one of the few national park cg's that has electric hook up(30A) From there you can do day trip to Bryce or spend several days there. Depending on size of your Rig, might want to avoid the tunnel in between. Arches another good stop. Also look to get over to Monument Valley in the southeastern corner of UT. Goulding Campground a good possibility. Zion Goulding Zion Goulding CG overlooking Valley Monument Valley
  9. Yosemite and 40ft MH

    So, no one has actually camped in a Yosemite NP campground with 40ft unit?
  10. Utahs Park

    Monument Valley, Gouldings, and Zion, Watchman. Made Bryce a day trip out of Zion.
  11. Yosemite and 40ft MH

    DW and I are planning a west cost trip in late summer 2018 and planning to spend a few days in Yosemite. We love staying in national park campgrounds and have stayed in numerous where the posted length is 35' with our 40' unit and the toad and still kept all tires on the pavement. Yes, that included Mather in Grand Canyon. I see several sites in Lower Pines CG that are 35' range but the big question is maneuvering thru the campground as well as obstacles on a particular site. Also depends if park refuses to allow larger units. Has anyone with 40 footer had any experience there or have suggestions for private options not so far out of park that don't seem like parking lots? Additionally, does non weekend in September tend to be less crowded or is it about the same regardless?
  12. Campground Search-- Near Charleston WV.

    Close is relative term but might check Foxfire in Milton WV, approx 40 miles west of town. It is KOA. Avoid Kanawha State forest, not big rig friendly. St Albans Roadside Park, approx 15 miles west of Charleston has a few sites but limited services. (115v power and dump station but is on the river, Not so sure about Staats Mill in Ripley. pretty much middle of nothing.
  13. RV Parking at Wall Drug, Wall, SD

    Parking no problem for even a 40' with toad, just scattered about, adequate signs to direct you. As for the store itself, typical "tourist trap" but the shear size and nostalgia factor make it worth the stop. it is a piece, albeit tacky, part of Americana.
  14. Refrigerator Swap Process

    Great looking installation! May have to reconsider future change out myself. So far, our Dometic works reasonably well, but not without issues. We do a fair amount of boondocking so draw on battery banks and need for running genset is a concern, particularly when at a National Park site with limitations on hours of generator operation. How much of an impact might that be, if for example you topped off battery charge at 10:00 am and run minimal lighting and normal parasitic loads during the day and can not use gen set till 5:00 or worse case, topped off at 8:00 pm and cannot recharge till 8:00 morning. Presently i can do the later, watch an hour of tv, even run furnace on a chilly night and still have 12.2v in the morning. Any thoughts?
  15. Tow Car Brake Question

    I agree with Herman, The M&G, once installed, is so simple to hook up, only a coiled hose with quick connects to store when not in use and no effect to cars braking system. I had to move battery shelf forward on my 07 Liberty to allow space for the cylinder but that was nothing major.