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  1. Surgeguard Model# 40250

    J 8 is actually two pins on circuit board. When recalibrating surgeguard the cover has to be removed and yes live voltage is present at contacts. It is something that should only be done with extreme care.
  2. Surgeguard Model# 40250

    Update, I successfully recalibrated surgeguard today. What I used is a single alligator clip the one clip would securely attach to both pins of J8 easily. When I connected to shore power in this configuration you do not get the signature clunk noise! What you get is both red lights come on then blink once then steady red lights. I then took a pair of insulated needle nose pliers and carefully removed alligator clip while still plugged into shore power. My remote display went from reading 124 to 118 volts which is the voltage at pedestal. Hope this helps out Thanks Carl.
  3. Surgeguard Model# 40250

    Hi gang, in my 2004 American tradition I have a TRC surgeguard #40250 out of calibration reading voltage 6 volts higher then actual voltage at pedestal. This causes surgeguard to trip off because it thinks there is a high voltage situation. Doesn't happen all the time but a pain in the neck when it does. TRC says to confirm 120 volts at pedestal. then jump pin J8, connect shore power then disconnect jumper while still energized to shore power. This procedure is suppose to recalibrate surgeguard to read confirmed 120 volts. I have located pin J8 it's two small pins extending from circuit board. Any members have experience doing this and if so can you offer any tips or tricks. Thanks, Carl 2004 American tradition 40 w Spartan
  4. Thermistor

    Thermistor was not the issue. Control board needs to be repaired. I understand A&A ELECTRONICS can repair control board. So what I do when zone 1 reads 60 degrees when it's 75 degrees I run fan on high for awhile then thermostat starts to read correct temp then I switch back to auto. You can swap thermistor from zone 2 to confirm it's not that. A&A has a 6 week turn around. On American coach owners yahoo group there is a file from a owner that had a shop in Arizona upgrade all controls to a modern system replacing all thermostats, thermistors and control boards using existing cabeling of coach. Excellent article carl 2004 American tradition 40w Spartan 116,000 miles
  5. Check out vacation inn rv resort in west palm beach fl. Great rates and beautiful park in a EXCELLENT location. This will be are 4th year there. Carl
  6. Toll Road EZ Pass

    Also Florida has its on sun pass !! Not compatible with ez pass. I live in n.h. And ez pass is accepted in all of the northeast. And yes put toad transponder in special package or you will be charged twice for toad from r.v. Transponder.
  7. Maine Best Routes From FL?

    Do it all the time. 95 to 66 to 81 to 78 to 287 to 87to 84 to 90 to 495 to 95. 40 ft diesel pusher Carl.
  8. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    Dave, black rocks at Salisbury beach state park has many sites available. Again thru reserve America. Carl
  9. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    Dave, I believe last time I dry camped at Hampton beach it was $10.00 a day and no generator after 10:30 p.m. Sign up for reserve America to make reservations at state parks country wide. June and September have many weekdays available. You may also find a couple days in July. Great camp ground just very few sites. Carl 2004 American tradition atkinson nh
  10. Best Auxiliary Brake For A 2013 Honda CRV

    AFO on my 2013 Crv. Works flawless. Carl 2004 American tradition
  11. RV Extended Warranties -- Recommendations?

    Hello gang, I personally self insure myself. Meaning if it breaks I pay to fix it. Basically what I am saying is insurance is based on if 10 people pay for it (1) will need it. They are experts at mathametics and not in the business to loose money.
  12. 2007 Winnebago Tour

    Herman, I agree with you! Good to teach a newbie some of the names of his power train and accessory systems. You never know how much they have been around class a diesels. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your new coach. This is a great resource please take advantage of it. Carl 2004 American tradition 40w 370 hp cummins Spartan chassis. 2013 Honda CR-V
  13. Vero Beach Kamp. 8850 n. US 1 Sedastian FL 32958 (772) 589-5665 they were at Tampa RV super show. I have never stayed there but picked up info. Carl
  14. Should We Buy Or Should We Run

    Jleamont, no I've never had a axle seal problem either. Just passing along something I learned while up at Spartan in charlotte Michigan. I saw several coach owners get the bad news that there axle seals are leaking and will need new brakes as a result. When coach is sitting only the bottom of axle seal is in oil. The top of seal dries to axle and can get damaged when coach is finally moved. I will continue to exercise my coach every 6 weeks. All the best carl
  15. Should We Buy Or Should We Run

    They may not know if there axle seals are leaking with out an inspection of there brakes. They may assume all is well. Carl and margaret 2004 American tradition