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    I retired from the Winnipeg fire department after 32yrs.My wife Susan and I are both avid golfers who play in league.We have two grandkids Max and Zoe and we travel down to Indio Ca. for the winter golfing on the way there and back.
  1. Thanks for the information, I had heard that about bell,but I wasn't sure about Shaw.
  2. I heard that bell has changed their signal angle so Canadians down South won't be able to receive a signal. I read that as of June 1st. 2016 Shaw direct is doing the same. I was wondering if anyone can confirm this. We were going to go with Shaw but not if it won't work. South of the 49th. Thanks. Smokeater75.
  3. Herman there's a big difference in price between the 275's and the 295's in fact the 295's are more money then the 315's, I don't think the 295's are as popular as the other sizes. I replaced my 295's 2yrs ago and it was a rude awakening. Just my two cents Smokeater75
  4. Hi there, I just replaced one of my side topper awnings, the best instruction video I found was on the rvgeeks web. site. I ordered from tough-top, the material is superior to Carefree and cheaper. Check it out and good luck. Smokeater75.
  5. Good morning, I have had Coach-Net for the past 6yrs. I have had to use them 4 times once for a battery jump and three times for a tow, one of which was on a flat-bed 60 miles back to Rocky Mountain Cummins in Salt Lake City for a starter problem. I have never been charged for any of this and the service has been great. Just my two cents Smokeater75. 2003 Monaco Windsor 41ft. Cummins 8.8
  6. Here's another one, on are way back home we leave Indio Ca. for Grass Valley Ca. and stop at an RV park called Sun and Fun in Tulare. It doesn't have alot of overnight spots and at the end of March early April it gets busy with snow birds heading home. Knowing this, we book a spot a month in advance on the phone. This year we stopped there and could see that the spots where we could fit were all taken. We went into the office knowing we had a reservation and were told by the person at the desk that they did have a spot for us but after the office was closed they had someone come in and take the spot. We were told that they didn't give our spot away, someone took it. I asked the man at the desk if he understood what the word reservation meant and he told me he did and that normally people who reserve ahead check with them the day before to see if there is room. We left and will never stop there again. I will mention that we have been stopping there for the past 7 yrs without a problem, unfortunately new people have taken over the park and this is how they will be doing business I guess. Smokeater75
  7. Hi luckydog1949, I have a 2003 Monaco Windsor 41ft. Cummins 8.8 370hp 1200lb torque. Round trip for the last 7yrs from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada to Indio California cruise set at 62mph. 5000 miles round trip average 9.2 mpg. I don't tow anything and the motorhome loaded weighs in at 33800lbs. I also run synthetic oil and have my generator running 70% of the time. Hope this helps. Smokeater75
  8. Good morning everyone, we are currently in Oklahoma city. Saturday night we arrived in Council Bluffs Iowa, Sunday morning got ready to leave turned the key wait to start light went out turned ignition nothing. Tried 4 more times on the 5th time it started. We drove all the way to Oklahoma city without shutting down. Checked into RV park, shut down and started 3 times in a row no problem. I'm wondering if there is a relay problem. Any ideas. 2003 Monaco Windsor 8.8 L ISL 370hp 1200lbs torque. New starter, batteries, alternator. Thanks for any help,Smokeater75
  9. Hi Herman, its getting close, we leave in two weeks for Indio Ca. my wife is still working but I think this is her last year I'm really looking forward to not having to winterize the motorhome and not clearing snow. The weather here in Winnipeg has been really nice the last week or so with the temps around freezing and above. The party is over this weekend when the lows will be back to -30 with wind chills in the -40s. Have fun in Texas as I'm sure you always do. Smokeater75
  10. Hi everyone, In the province of Manitoba you can drive with a class 5 license which is for autos but you must have a air brake endorsement. The air brake endorsement requires a written and practical test. It's all about safety and understanding your system . I wonder how many drivers out there drain there air pots at least once a month. I wonder how many drivers realize that if your going to drive in below freezing temperatures you should add air brake anti-freeze to your lines. I have my motorhomes air brake system checked every winter before my wife and I head down south. I don't want any surprises when I'm driving through the mountains in Feb. Good luck to everyone, but for your own safety and everyone else on the road,understanding your air brake system is a good thing. Just my two cents Smokeater75.
  11. I use the Aerospace protector on my tires, dash, compartment rubber and I wouldn't use anything else. It has a spf 40 UV block and to my knowledge there is nothing in it that will harm rubber or vinyl. I use it on all my vehicles and find that buying it by the gallon is the cheapest way to go. Hope this helps. Smokeater75. From the information I found there is NO petroleum distillates,No alcohol, No mineral oil.
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check it on the weekend. Hope you all have a great Christmas and holidays. Smokeater75
  13. Good morning and Merry Christmas to everyone. My dash boost gauge stopped working. The turbo is working fine, I can still see my boost pressure on the computer screen. Any ideas, if I have to replace it what am I looking at. Thanks smokeater75. Sorry about that its a 2003 Monaco Windsor ISL 8.8 Mechanical Gauge.RR 8 chassis
  14. I think that anytime the temperature stays below freezing for more than 24hrs you need to be careful. I can tell you from experience here in Winnipeg, that the -50 rv anti-freeze becomes a slurpy at -35 but true to form it doesn't freeze solid and won't burst your pipes. Good luck ,smokeater75.
  15. Good Morning LollyPoppy14, I stop at the KOA in Salt Lake City every year on my way back home, its an old park but well maintained. There is a shuttle van that picks you up right at the front office and takes you to Temple square and drops you off. This puts you right in the heart of down town where there is alot to see. The shuttle comes and goes all day long so you can get a ride back. If you don't want the shuttle there are different tours some that last all day,that will take you to the various attractions. You can also step right on to the Trax rail that is right in front of the office and it will take down town or the airport. I would definitely consider the KOA for a stay. Good luck Smokeater75.