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  1. Brake Systems For Toad

    Kay, I've always wondered, if your rear suspension doesn't move ... in other words is it possible to adjust the Caster or the camber on the rear? I kind of sort of might see how the toe could be adjusted but let's just say for instance they are fixed, is it possible that a misaligned front cause the rear to drag? Going back to my original theory of the coach tugging up on the front end of the toad, I'm also curious what does he have in the back of that toad weight-wise that is not being disclosed? Is he putting clothes or wood for the fire or anything in the trunk that would cause excessive weight to be on the rear axle?
  2. Brake Systems For Toad

    Yeah ... at this point all we can do is speculate. I think the only thing that we can be reasonably certain about is it's not the braking system itself.
  3. Brake Systems For Toad

    Hey Bill, if I'm not mistaken the brake booster on that Fiat is going to apply 60 + percent of the braking to the front not the rear even when using an Invisible brake or some type of manual pedal brake system. I could be wrong but I would think that that's how it's done. It might even be 70% in the front. I know my coach Appliance 50% in the front 50 in the rear but I'm assuming because of the weight it does that. I would love to see a picture from the side like a profile picture of the coach the toad and the setup because the last time I saw uneven tire wear like that was a coach that was pulling a Chevy Malibu but the front end of the Malibu was kind of lifted up in the air and dragging the back kind of like what would happen if it were on a dolly. That would cause really wicked drag unless the parking brake is slightly applied but that's an easy diagnosis because the parking brake would be worn down. Whether it's the braking system or the way the tow bar is set up something isn't quite right in the setup.
  4. Brake Systems For Toad

    I'm not exactly sure what you're towing with or what your setup is so I'm kind of like Bill I really don't know what to say other than okay. Here are a few suggestions and keep in mind there just that until we get some clarification or what you're dealing with. 1. When your Towing is the front of your vehicle pointed up and the rear pointed down? If it is you're putting the weight of the vehicle in the rear the tires which is going to wear them faster 2. Is your tow vehicle a manual transmission or auto? Awd, rwd, or front? Are you properly putting the transfer case in neutral or putting the clutch in neutral? 3. Okay so I'm now out of ideas, if you have some more information that would be great up to and including what kind of tires you have
  5. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I hope Joe and Herman did not drink all the beer. I’m Keon and I pay three people to travel with me, my wifey Pooh that will forever be 21, my 19-year-old daughter and my eight-year-old son. We live in Maryland not too far from Joe, and I’ll travel anywhere there’s a road. We do a lot of local camping specifically in the Maryland Pennsylvania and adding Delaware this year. I’ve taken a hankering to liking state parks only because they are cheap and it gets me out of the house so I can light a campfire and sing Kumbaya
  6. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    Bill let me explain how the Hayes Rascals work. if I put a fare box at the front door of the coach and they paid the fare, by the time we get finished camping for the weekend they're going to make sure they tax my pocket for four times what they put in the box. Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat.
  7. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    Ummm ok. I guess that would be the equivalent to me calling my coach are referring to it as a bus even though the people that ride is passengers don't pay to get on and it sits on a truck chassis. in the grand scheme of things I end up paying them to ride with me
  8. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    I’m sorry I think I just figured out where the source of the confusion is. I feel really bad about it. You’re talking about a trailer that sits on the fifth wheel, I was under the impression you were talking about an actual fifth wheel. I am probably the wrong person to ask about that or to answer this because the cost of the trailer itself can exceed $80,000 and by the time you look at the $60,000 truck you need to pull it you have well exceeded the cost of a brand new class I am probably the wrong person to ask about that or to answer this because the cost of the trailer itself can exceed $80,000 and by the time you look at the $60,000 truck you need to pull it you have well exceeded the cost of a brand new class A gas. On that note I would say just get a gas coach or use diesel because it’s less maintenance, less issue, and a $2000 car behind it ends up coming out cheaper in the long run.
  9. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    Yep he does ... I’m going to have him look at this post. May give him another idea! As far as rebate, now that I think about it, I don’t think that there are rebates per se but they do run defense a.m. The cost of the mechanism is only a couple of thousands of dollars so I doubt if they have rebates per se, Camping world currently is running a sale. I just got the flyer in the mail so I would try giving them a call to see what you can negotiate and they do a really good job with installation.
  10. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    Hey Joe, is that the one with that gentle Glide mechanism? My buddy was going to get one of those for his horse trailer and I told him it looked like it was going to work out for him just fine. I'm not exactly sure what rebates or anything they have on them but never the less that's a nice 5th wheel
  11. 2008 Workhorse Chassis Brake Problem

    This is not to say that Workhorse is a piece of junk or anything like that but I am so glad the majority of the people that I talked to told me to stay the heck away from them. Unfortunately this is not the only issue that he's had with this particular chassis that seems to be a global issue. There was a recall and I'm not exactly sure if that recall issue was supposed to prevent or solve this from happening but unfortunately he wasn't eligible for whatever reason.
  12. 2008 Workhorse Chassis Brake Problem

    The ABS Brake Pump was the culprit FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!
  13. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    So, just curious ... What are the actually numbers? Your stating its a guess and not fact I would like to know what the numbers are and if you dont have them where can I obtain them?
  14. Brake Buddy Stealth Update

    You may have to purchase a new cable if you move to the cargo area but dont panic. Mine is in the cargo area and i dont notice it. I would have them look at the 7 Pin as mine is super easy to push in. Make sure there are no pins bent that is cause the issue. Contact the BB people and they will usually replace without issue. I actually had fun installing ours. Watching the DW's eyes and I had jeep parts all over the yard again. The biggest issue in Jeep Cherokees would be the firewall, may have to drill and it is compact in there. Over all I think i will work fine. I love the way the coach and Toad work together to make braking smooth and predictable. The fact the brake away and the tender for the battery is built in was the over all selling point for me. Good luck and happy driving