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  1. I cant be the only Amateur Radio Op that throws an antenna in the air when camping. I try to sneak one in a tree or on the flag pole every chance I get. I even had a 40M dipole up in Disney!!! Anyone of my other fraternal ham brothers and sisters flinging wires in tree when they camp? de KE3HAY
  2. When you compare that to the 150K or even 15K you just spent on a coach ... its Nothing!
  3. What Joe Said is "More the Reason" why you want toad braking. I towed a Saab 2017 miles on a round trip journey to Orlando from Maryland We traveled down 95 with some time on 85 and 26 and I have to be 100% honest, I didnt feel the car back there. I really didnt "Feel" it when I was braking and lets face it, It was 1000lbs less weight behind me then the Jeep that we typically tow. Did I need brakes on the dolly to stop the car and the coach --- NO. Would I have been up (*&^ creek if the car got loose as a goose on the highway - sued beyond your mind. I installed the brake Buddy Stealth system because I dont have air brakes and after looking at the other systems, should the toad become separated from the Coach and the umbilical chord disconnecting automatically hits the breaks. It was a simple break away Supplemental system combo that uses Quasi proportional breaking and it wasnt $2000 bucks. The 800 bucks and the 7 hours of installation was worth the peace of mind.
  4. Alternator not charging

    Speaking from the world of Gas Naturally aspirated engine knowledge - If you are that concerned I would get the alternator to a real genny shop not a Auto Zone or anything like that but someone who specializes in rebuilds of starters and Alternators. They will be able to tell you if the brushes are OK,and verify the diode and Voltage regulator are GOOD then go from there with trouble shooting. This way you are 100 sure you dont have a bad alternator. After that you have all the other options here.
  5. Flat towing with motorhome

    Im kinda confused on this one. Spin as in someone is trying to drive the Truck while attached to the coach? Spin as in you left it in gear ... like if you neutralize the transfer case there is absolutely no way to supply power to the rear wheels for them to "SPIN" on their own. Are you towing it backwards? What kind if tow system do you have? All tires should turn and rotate as you go down the road so this question needs a bit more ................................ clear I guess is the best way to put it.
  6. Masseys landing RV Resort

    Typically I always put my legs down when I have my awning out because the stress that it puts on the side wall of the coach can be detrimental as Joe has already pointed out. If you read the documentation that comes with it they do tell you to pull them off the wall. I can typically get my awning back up and out-of-the-way in about six minutes. I’ve been through a few storms with the awning out and if you supported appropriately and put the anti-flat straps on it can usually handle 30 mile an hour winds. Too much more than a regular summer storm like if they’re predicting 50 and 60 mile an hour winds I just won’t pull it out.
  7. Masseys landing RV Resort

    Why thank you kind sir! The room was not State Park space, but it wasn't as tight as Disney's Fort Wilderness ... which by the way I wont go back to anytime soon, Even if its Free. There was a bunch of sand but its beach front so ... cant have a beach with out the sand. I just wish the people that were with me learned to take shoes off BEFORE getting in the coach. Unfortunately you cant yell at your mother, and she wouldn't let me yell at the kids, and the DW just ignores me. Go Figure! This is why I spend most of my camping time outside by the fire ...shaking my head cause I subject myself to the rigors of showing my family something different than the concrete jungle of Baltimore! In closing Mr. Manholt, This is why Man invented Beer! AND Masseys has plenty of it everywhere! You don't have to wine and dine a beer but I do the DW --- It comes in multiples of 6, Beer doesn't pout, If you mention a "three-hundred-fifty cubic-inch V8" around a beer, it won't think you're talking about an enormous can of vegetable juice, A beer is always ready to leave on time, Beer doesn't demand equality and MOST IMPORTANTLY a beer DONT CARE if I sit around and watch baseball all day. After all A beer doesn't think baseball is stupid simply because the guys spit. If you have ever met my babies, the Wife, and my mother you'll understand whyI love them AND Beer is my best friend at the campground! And if you ever met my Mother "OUT" Law you'll understand why i am always camping and never available for her to ask me ANYTHING!
  8. Masseys landing RV Resort

    Thats How I know that Aint coffee ... Cause I had one too!!!! WE had a good time that weekend. Crabs were OK, the rest of the food was questionable at best.
  9. Masseys landing RV Resort

    That Aint no Coffee!
  10. Masseys landing RV Resort

    So this is a quick post about Masseys landing resort in Millsboro Delaware. The resort sits right on the Indian river and has its own beach, beautiful swimming pool, bar in the swimming pool, and awesome tiki bar, a dog beach, plenty of sand, they cut rate on property, several restaurants, and did I mention enough booze to get a Philistine drunk. The only drawback to it and I think Joe can comment on this as well, there’s nothing Close to it meaning if you want to go to Rehobeth beach or do we beach or even get some pizza you’re gonna have to get back to the beaten path. Anywhere you go outside of the resort for recreation is every bit of a 30 minute drive. To get to the outlets 30 minutes, to get to Dewey Beach about 45 minutes, Rehobeth beach is about 35 minutes, and Lewes Delaware is about 45 minutes The local undertaker shop is about 25 minutes unless I happen to be camping beside you and then I’m just seconds away. If I’m not mistaken Joe never left the resort and everybody seem to be well pleased. I do have to venture off the property because someone forgot to pack the dog food and the DW found out that there was an outlet mall so I Found myself praying to God that he shut down the Internet so we would come back home with gas money. The only other drawback is the price, last year we stayed it was like $80 a night but now for the same weekend is looking like it’s going to be $120 a night and I’m not sure if they’re going to run a special or do something to attract people from last year but the cost plus the The fee that we pay to get into the crab feast may or may not be worth the effort. I think I can buy crabs and we just go hang out somewhere else a lot cheaper nevertheless, that doesn’t mean don’t go it just means understand before you get there if you want to put some money out that’s all. Here are a few pics that we took of the campsite and one of the beach
  11. Camping Without A Toad

    It’s new but it’s beautiful. Had a good time. If you want more detail I think Brett is right will start a new thread but it was nice.
  12. Camping Without A Toad

    Pretty Much. All of my stuff is manual. My awning is manual and Jacks are hydro but sometimes I have to put one side on wood to help them out. I AINT MOVING THIS COACH once we at the campground. If I am there for a night, I may not hook up sewer depending on the situation (I travel with Women) Sometimes you can get a shuttle to places but Joe will attest, Williamsburg was one of those places we HAD to have a toad or we would have been ordering pizza and looking at each other in the pool.
  13. Camping Without A Toad

    I dont see a significant difference with the Jeep but the Saab on a dolly ... I loose a few miles. I wont start that thread but I usually never leave home with out the toad. Maybe to get gas or something.
  14. Camping Without A Toad

    My toad ... I never leave home with out it. It a wonderful Coach Pusher! Disney was the ONLY place --- and Massey's Landing in DE where I didnt need it. Everywhere else it was almost a necessity. If you want to eat, you need it, If you want to get beer (unless its a resort that has a store) you need it. IF you want to see the sights you kinda need it but keep in mind Uber cost more in most cases than a $2000 putter 5 speed with liability insurance. I have DW that likes Baskin Robins at 2AM so try getting a Lyft at that time of AM. I think Joe mentioned resorts like JellyStone and a few other places but lets face it, as soon as your kids get older and as soon as the DW gets the munchies its worth the few extra buchs in fuel to yank it down the road.
  15. Cost of Use

    So I am late seeing this post but I just did the math and I have a head ache after doing the numbers. So, I dont have a Coach note so I included camping - and with about 5K in miles a year and fuel Maint and other misc cost, I am about $1.44 to own this coach a year & actually go out and camp including insurance. Thats not bad when my boat was almost $270 for every hour on the water.