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  1. Thetford Problem

    I have a thetford problem sometimes when i step on the pedal to flush if i step too hard the valve will stay open if i reach in (with gloves on) and move the slide it will close. do i need to rebuild the valve or replace or adjust the cable Help my grandsons are coming and they are not old enough to understand step lightly
  2. Tow Dolly Brakes

    I am looking at a tow dolly dolly. I want surge brakes or electric brakes. Recommendations?
  3. Dewinterization DIY Tutorials

    do you have to mix the bleach in water or can you pour 1 cup in the gravity feed and fill with water
  4. Amateur Radio and Motor Homes

    is there a frequency FMCA hams use as a to communicate on simplex or repeaters Gordie Connelly KB8HFC
  5. Frank Vargish

    we have been to Cedar Key and had a great time several good places to stay sunset isle is where we were and stop at Tonys for clam chowder
  6. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    I think I did post that information along with the fact that they did not respond to my email.
  7. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    I had a bad experience with Bad Sams. I had a tire blow on my fifth wheel on I 10 and 75 called Bad Sams and waited 3 hr on the side of the road while the young women tried to find me service. I called back 3 times. I finally limped into the weigh station just ahead and changed the tire myself. That's why I am looking for a new service for my new to me Class A. I also sent an email to Good Sams and never received a response.
  8. Is Coach Net worth the 150 dollar difference over the FMCA Roadside Assist? FMCA is 4107 and Coach Net is $249 Gordie Connelly 2006 Winnebago sightseer 29 R No Toad yet
  9. Chassis Work In Michigan

    I have had good luck with Bridgeway they did a great job on my fifth wheel
  10. Jack Not Working

    I have a new to me 2006 Winnebago Sightseer 29 R I made my first trip 3 weeks ago. Everything worked great. Next trip radio worked on aux but not on main and the jack panel lit up but would not turn on. All fuses look OK. Any ideas would help. I called service dept and they told me to look for breaker next to driver seat-- could not find. Tech also said to unplug jack panel and re-plug. That did not make any difference.
  11. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    This looks fantastic. Did you do hardwood under the slides? I am purchasing a 2005 Winnebago 29r and it would be nice to replace the linoleum but the slides go over it . Any ideas?