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  1. Diving Into Being A Full-timer

    Well shame on me but the wife and I just bought a 2018 Thor Challenger LX. sold the house, downsized to a 5x5 storage unit which will be gone in the next 6 months. The Ford V10 was the only choice since we have been at the same site since July and love the Resort we are living in, weekend trips are not enough to justify a pusher, yes it is louder but the 3 trip to Florida from Las Vegas Last year was a fluke, if we put more miles in it would be worth the investment in a Pusher. The deal was to good to pass up. The Motorhome had 2000 miles on it and the price drop was 50k plus my trade and 9months of Warranty left on it. A few initial bugs that the dealer fixed, Direct TV connected. 1.5 bathrooms the wife loves. It has auto leveling and a touchscreen to control everything from the living room, bedroom and entry door. I do like the fact that I can do mountains at speed and not block traffic if I want to fly which I normally don’t only due to the loss of life and consiquences of putting our home into a ditch. Safe travels. :-)
  2. Diving Into Being A Full-timer

    The wife and I are Prepping to sell our home and purchase a Diesel Pusher, currently we have a 2000 Monaco Monarch and we love it. I am looking at a 2008 Tiffin Allegro 40QRP ALLEGRO BUS. We can't afford a New rig and I am planning on spending the next 10 years job hopping until I retire. My only worry is Diesel has a higher maintenance requirement than my Ford V10, all it needs is gas spark water and air. Any ideas on required maintenance and expense? I know there is a Glycol water and Rig heating system that requires yearly maintenance but from what I have heard upkeep is horrendous on a Diesel Pusher. Advise on things that need to be done and ballpark costs?.