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  1. My engine CAT 3208T has what looks like a homemade metal shield over the turbo. Is there normally a metal shield over the turbocharger on these engines or RVs in general? I am not really too thrilled how this thing is attached so if it was the original owner's addition I would probably remove it. If these come standard then I will have to look at a better way to secure it. It is about 1/8" piece if metal that is flat on top and the sides being bend at about 45 degree angle.
  2. I would caution everyone against using those stainless steel screws and bolts from Home Depot and Lowes. These are Chinese junk and will rust. It is one of these things I learned over the many years of owning a boat. If there is a West Marine store near you or your travels you can get marine grade stainless there. I don't even think there is any price difference between them and those big box stores. There used to be but the big guys jacked up their prices. Alternatively order on-line. Make sure it does NOT come from China.
  3. Primary Fuel Filter Bypassed

    The pump does work. I used it to prime when I changed the filters...but it took me a while to figure it out. It was a bit of an adventure. I installed the filters dry and started the engine. It was running horribly. I started researching and saw all the posts about wet filters and the pump. Not knowing what the pump looks like and because it is not visible from the back I assumed I did not have one and took off the filters and filled them with diesel. The engine would not start. Back to research. Found the procedure and drawings of the pump in my maintenance manual. So I pumped until the fuel come out and then try starting the engine. I think it took about 3 tries at priming the system. Once the engine started running it was fine. I sharing so that the next guy can learn from my mistakes like I have learned from others'.
  4. Primary Fuel Filter Bypassed

    Yes it is a Cat 3208 and the secondary has the priming pump. When I replaced the filters I read the thread on filter replacement. I did not know about the pump so I followed the advice I believe that you gave about filling the filter using the outer holes and installing them wet. Whoever the mechanic was that maintained this RV for them is someone I would never use. While the primary filter looked like it has been changed regularly (although it is bypassed) the secondary was very old. I would say over 10 years old based on the dirt and rust (and it's a California RV). The oil filters were on so tight that I snapped the oil filter wrench trying to unscrew them. Even after 2 full turns they were still too tight. I will head to the RV later today to do an ATF change. I am putting in Shell's TES 295 version of it. I will also reconnect the primary fuel filter while I am there. I have only driven it once after the purchase - to get it home. A trip of about 1000 miles. Yesterday was the first time I drove it since doing an oil change and replacing the fuel filters. Seems to me that the RV has quite a bit more power. It got up to 60 mph about the same as my van. Fairly quickly. It was lot more sluggish before. I cannot even imagine how clogged that old filter was.
  5. Primary Fuel Filter Bypassed

    All the filters that were on this motorhome when I bought it were CarQuest. The one in question was 86406 - premium fuel water seperator. I do not know what the brand the base is but it looks aluminum. The filter is a screw on canister with a drain nipple. I installed corresponding Fleetmaster filters. 10 micron for primary and 2 micron for secondary.
  6. Primary Fuel Filter Bypassed

    I just discovered that the primary fuel filter is bypassed. I am the 3rd owner and the previous owners were not aware that it was. At least that is what they told me. I did replace that filter as well as the secondary. I wanted to ask all the experts here before reconnecting the lines if there is anything I should check first. Given that the previous owners do not know the reason for the bypass I can only hope that it was done due to the filter getting clogged while on the road and then forgotten.
  7. 1987 Beaver Marquis Air Dry location

    Gentlemen thanks for all the info. I calleg Gillig this morning and learned that the line is #12 and 73 inches long. With that information I crawled underneath again and found with a hose connects to another one. Unfortunately that is as far as I can get laying on my back. There is too much in the way for me to disconnect the old one and attach a new one. There are two other air hoses and 2 liquid lines plus number of wires and a pump of some sort and bracket the pump is attached to that I suspect is welded onto the frame as I could not find any bolts that attach it to the frame. I went back to my previously failed repair and gave it another try. Amazingly enough this time it is holding . I drove in circles around near the storage facility and put 9 miles on it. I think it is good enough to get it into a service center where they can get it on a lift and do a replacement. I also located the air dryer. As I suspected it is all the way in the front of the RV. I will also have it serviced.
  8. 1987 Beaver Marquis Air Dry location

    Thanks Wolfe. I am on a Gillig chassis. I have located something that looks similar to the various photos I have on the internet. What threw me off is the location - dead center of the coach in the front, maybe 2 to 3 feet back from the front bumper. Most people that wrote about theirs mention either the engine compartment or the rear axle. Where can I purchase the SS braided line? I called local Freighter parts department as well as NAPA and did not have any luck. Maybe Freighliner service department? Also, would the entire line from compressor to dryer be stainless steel or does it connect somewhere under the motorhome to one that is not. I ask because the only places on the internet that I found selling these do not have anything longer than 80 inches.
  9. 1987 Beaver Marquis Air Dry location

    I recently purchased a 40 foot 1987 Beaver Marquis and unfortunately the air line from the compressor to the air dryer has a leak. I need to replace this line but have no idea where the air dryer is located. ..or what it looks like. The motorhome is parked in a storage facility almost an hour away and sits on some very coarse gravel so crawling under it is very difficult. Is anyone familiar with this motorhome and the exact location of the air dryer?? I want to have a new hose made and get it installed. I have tried to trace the existing hose but after it goes from the engine compartment down near the transmission, it goes up towards the top of the frame and I cannot follow it due to other lines wires and devices..