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  1. Failed Fuel Line Cummins 380 Diesel

    Near the entrance point to the engine.
  2. Failed Fuel Line Cummins 380 Diesel

    Stopped at dealer this past Friday to have window shades repaired. Upon exiting the coach noticed diesel running down the side of the engine and under the coach. This was on a Tiffin Phaeton that I bought new and was 1 yr old on July 28, only 8,000 miles. Turned out to be a crack in the fuel line. Fortunately, the Cummins center in Kenner, LA has the part but that required a 180 mile round trip. Borrowed brother in laws car and got the part to the dealer before closing,. 30 minutes later we were on the road. Understand this may be a common failure with this engine......any others experiencing this problem. BTW the new fuel line had brackets on it to limit vibration... Appears Cummins knows it's a problem. Seems like they should do a recall on this. Not a safe situation!