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  1. Correct, it is the Allison 3000.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the after-market chips increasing the performance on their diesel pushers? I’ve got a 14 Mountain Aire with the Cummings ISL 8.9 450 hp pusher and have heard about some of the chips improving performance of hp and torque up to 20%. It would be nice to climb some of the hills a little easier but not if there would be damage to the engine or transmission. Thanks in advance.
  3. Portable Soft Water Units

    Thanks for all the info. I guess I better get one!
  4. While at a RV park one of my neighbors suggested it would be prudent to get a portable water softener. I’ve seen several rv’ers use one of these blue portable units and wondered if I should get one. Any thoughts?
  5. Window Auto Shade Problems

    I haven't but will look.
  6. Window Auto Shade Problems

    The shade uses toggle switches inside. You are correct re the front shade. It does work but the mechanic screwed some setting up as it will go down and up but has an auto-stop at the level shown.
  7. I am struggling with my auto-shades. Purchased a 2014 Newmar Mountain Aire last Nov. The Driver side shade stopped working on my trip back to New Mexico from Florida. I purchased a whole new shade system and the mechanic dropped and broke the new on. He struggled for a couple of days to get it to work before he broke it. He showed me how it would work outside hooked up to a 12volt battery, there was power to the inside plug in but it would now work hooked up inside. Now the front window shade will not retract all the way up. Any idea what kind of problem I now have and what should I do next? The did order and have a new shade to replace the broken one but after working on the 1st one he created an additional problem as in the pic below.
  8. Chassis Rust

    Thanks for the help! Keigm
  9. Chassis Rust

    I recently purchased a 2014 Newmar Mountain Aire. It was in Florida at one of the large dealerships and we brought it back to New Mexico. I tried to find out what maintenance had been done which they said everything but as I am finding out it was only oil/filter changes to the engine and generator. I wanted to make sure proper/known maintenance has been done so am doing it and logging into a chassis and coach logbook form myself and the next owner if and when I trade it off. I just took it to a reputable RV Mechanic here in Albuquerque to change out the Air Dryer Filter and since he has a pit we could drive over and see the underside we discovered this rust. I am just curious as to how bad this is and what kind of problems I can expect in the future. Thanks for your help. Keigm
  10. Correct Way to Charge AGM Batteries

    Thanks for your help.
  11. Correct Way to Charge AGM Batteries

    The inverter/charger is a Magnum 2800 Watt.
  12. I just replaced my old house AGM 6 volt batteries with 8 Lifeline AGM 6volt batteries. In looking at some blogs I see it has been recommended to make sure the batteries are being charged correctly. I am assuming the SilverLeaf on my Newmar Mountain Aire is set up correctly but am just guessing. I would like to make sure though; what is the correct way to charge an AGM battery?
  13. Our New Motor Home

    Thanks, I'll check on it. We are doing the RV Basics that begins before the convention.
  14. Our New Motor Home

    Ok Wilde Bill, we are signed up for Chandler. Looking forward to the trip and convention.