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  1. Hazardous /Propane and RVs

    They don't kid about the tunnels under the Baltimore Harbor The fine is large and the ticket is "must appear". That means you can't mail in the fine. You must travel back to Maryland and appear in court. The 695 bridge is an easy an option. If you are in an all electric coach with no propane you may still get pulled over to prove that you have no propane. They assume that all RVs have propane.
  2. Schwintek I Wall Slide Out System

    tireman9 and others having problems. Synching the motors is an easy DIY operation. No need for a dealer. Before I give the procedure one thing everyone with Schwintek slides needs to know. Always, without exception, when opening or closing the slide keep the button pushed of a minimum of 5 seconds after the slide stops. This will keep the motors synched. To synch the motors: 1. With slide in. 2. Press Slide Extend button three times very fast to get in program mode. 3. Immediately press Slide Retract button and hold until motor stops making sound. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 five times. You can reverse these procedures If the slide is out.
  3. Our Tiffin

    Our 32 SA Allegro at Country Waye (Now KOA) in Luray, VA. showing our Magna Shade.
  4. Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR)

    I know that the Tram drivers were volunteers as I talked with many of them and they along with the other volunteers did an amazing job. But someone had to coordinate getting the trams and enough of them, arrange for fuel, set up schedules, etc. And the trams were, I am sure, only a small portion of the coordination required to put on the event. In a past life I was involved in coordinating a much smaller event and the amount of time required and headaches encountered were substantial. That was why I was so impressed with the GEAR . I am sure that they had issues to overcome and yet to my eye everything went off without a hitch. These people are good!
  5. We just returned from our first rally. It was the GEAR in Lewisburg, WV. Going in we didn't know what to expect and if it was worth a six hour drive. I must say that we had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. Everyone, without exception, was friendly and helpful. It boggles my mind at the work and time it must have taken to organize and put on the event. Just the transportation was amazing. We could hardly step outside our RV without a golf cart stopping and asking if we needed a ride anywhere. The seminars were good and contained a lot of useful information. Of special note the meet and greet put on by the Tiffin Travelers Chapter for Tiffin owners was excellent. I am sure that there must have been hiccups but it was so well organized that any issues were transparent to the attendees. As I said this was our first rally but it certainly won't be our last.