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  1. Leaking Allison Transmission

    I was told this trans takes 5 gallons, seems like a lot.
  2. Leaking Allison Transmission

    I have an appointment for February 28th to have this trans looked at and repaired as it is very difficult to get underneath this coach as the suspension is right there. I will report back as to what is found and how it is repaired. I ordered 2 gallons of the TranSynd tarns fluid from Amazon as they are the lowest priced. This Allison takes 5 gallons total full synthetic transmission fluid and at $13.50 a quart it gets pricey.
  3. Leaking Allison Transmission

    This is a picture I was able to take a few minutes ago by crawling under the trans. As you can see trans is covered with oil and would seem to indicate it has been leaking for awhile.
  4. Leaking Allison Transmission

    It is very difficult to crawl under our coach, I noticed the back of the trans is coated with oil and it is leaking from the back as far as I can tell. Will crawl under a try to take a picture of what I see. Hopefully it can be repaired without too much effort. The owners manual calls for TranSynd full synthetic transmission fluid. I will post a picture of the trans ASAP.
  5. Benefits of Diamond Shield

    I would not recommend the 3M product or whatever kind of clear plastic you have, does not last and mold/mildew forms under the film and generally looks like crap. Very time consuming and expensive to remove.
  6. Leaking Allison Transmission

    We purchased 2009 Holiday Rambler Scepter in November. We drove from South Carolina to Pine Island, Florida November 26. We have not moved the MH since and I have noticed a transmission oil leak below the Allison. Does anyone know of a Allison trans repair capable facility located around FT. Myers, Florida?
  7. Diesel Pusher Repair Facilities In E . Texas

    That is alot of blowby, that much would indicate very worn piston rings or possibly a hole in a piston.
  8. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Yes, our Holiday Rambler Scepter is a tag and what a difference. The dealer predicted I would be impressed with the handling characteristics of this Scepter. The 5' difference in length between the Expedition vs. the Scepter is part of it in addition to the significant weight difference.
  9. Dead Starting Batteries

    I purchased a Sears battery charger/maintainer and it has a digital read out, when I installed it the first time, the readout indicated 20% charge. After 12 hours of charging, starting batteries are now at 99% charge and I'm continuing to keep the charger/maintainer installed until I decide just what I want to do.
  10. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Speaking of cross wind driving, I went from a 38' Expedition to a 43' Holiday Rambler and the Expedition was all over the road in a cross wind. The Scepter is rock steady and the Expedition was no light weight. Obviously, both diesel pushers.
  11. Dead Starting Batteries

    I added a small charger/inverter yesterday and it has charged the starting batteries back up to 54% from less than 20%. Just surprised that I would have to do that on such an expensive motorhome when new.
  12. Dead Starting Batteries

    We purchased a 2009 Holiday Rambler Scepter in November and after 1 1/2 months of camping encountered dead starting batteries. Our diesel pusher Expedition had the inverter charge the house and starting batteries. Is something I need to turn on with this motorhome that would allow the chassis batteries to receive a charge when hooked up to shore power?
  13. Hermanmullins - I'm in Florida, Pine Island to be exact, I would enjoy a house call and it would be worth a couple of beers at the Ragged *** Saloon in St, James City, just a short 1/2 mile down the road.
  14. Here is the picture of my wipe that I'm trying to change on my 2009 Scepter.
  15. I would take a picture if I knew how to post it.