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  1. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Speaking of cross wind driving, I went from a 38' Expedition to a 43' Holiday Rambler and the Expedition was all over the road in a cross wind. The Scepter is rock steady and the Expedition was no light weight. Obviously, both diesel pushers.
  2. Dead Starting Batteries

    I added a small charger/inverter yesterday and it has charged the starting batteries back up to 54% from less than 20%. Just surprised that I would have to do that on such an expensive motorhome when new.
  3. Dead Starting Batteries

    We purchased a 2009 Holiday Rambler Scepter in November and after 1 1/2 months of camping encountered dead starting batteries. Our diesel pusher Expedition had the inverter charge the house and starting batteries. Is something I need to turn on with this motorhome that would allow the chassis batteries to receive a charge when hooked up to shore power?
  4. Hermanmullins - I'm in Florida, Pine Island to be exact, I would enjoy a house call and it would be worth a couple of beers at the Ragged *** Saloon in St, James City, just a short 1/2 mile down the road.
  5. Here is the picture of my wipe that I'm trying to change on my 2009 Scepter.
  6. I would take a picture if I knew how to post it.
  7. I need to replace my windshield wipers and need some help as to how to remove them for changing. They have a large metal hook that is part of the wiper arm. There is a hole close to the this hook, is that the release mechanism?
  8. Cummins Onan Exhaust Tip

    Looking for any advice as to where I can locate a chrome exhaust tip for my Cummins Onan generator. The one I have the chrome has all rusted off. 2009 HR Scepter.
  9. Dinnette LIght Fixture

    We purchased a 2009 Scepter three weeks ago and our dinette light does not work. I installed 2 led bulbs and it will not work. It worked with the incandescent bulbs and will not work after I re-installed them. I checked the fixture and it indicates no power with the switch on. We have those push button switches and I'm not familiar with them, is there something internal to these switches that would cause it not to work for this light. I installed LED bulbs in other fixtures in this motorhome and they work great.
  10. Extended Warranty Recommendations

    We are in the process of buying a 2009 Holiday Rambler Scepter 42 tag. We would like to find a reputable extended warranty company that any FMCA member has experience with or a recommendation.
  11. 50 Amp Does Not Indicate 50 Amp At Intellitec

    Finally determined just what the causal factor is for the Intellitec is, determined that the breaker for the washer/dryer was off and after turning it to the on position, Intellitec is now indicating correctly. The washer/dryer breaker was off at panel because we don't use it, so no need to have the breaker on. As to why Fleetwood would wire/assemble it this way I would not know.
  12. Intellitec Circuit Board

    In talking to an electrician in regards to my power indicated issues with my Intellitec, has anyone ever changed a circuit board for the Intellitec and where is it located?
  13. Loss Of Tire Pressure

    Basic problem was caused by braided stainless steel stem extensions that were installed by Camping World of Northern Michigan. Stay away from stem extensions unless they are installed by people who know what they are doing.
  14. 50 Amp Does Not Indicate 50 Amp At Intellitec

    I was able to start my Expedition after it sat since last September. I installed my trickle charger to the starting battery and after 24 hour charge I got my cat diesel started. I hooked up my 30 amp supply line through and adapter to my amp 4 prong plug and the Intellitec either searches, or indicates that I'm hooked up to 50 amp which I'm not. No readout indicated as to which voltage I have just small indicator led light opposite 50 amp.
  15. Charging System

    I have sealed starting batteries and they started the coach after running the generator for a couple of hours.