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  1. Installing Ground Effects Surround Exterior LEDs

    Got any pictures?
  2. Motorhome Financing

    If someone has a home Equity line of credit they can use it for whatever they want to buy. If they wanted to buy a 25 year old MH with 165,000 miles on it, no one is going to stop them as they have already been cleared up to what ever percentage of value their home is worth. No banker is really involved in what they spend their money on, as anyone that doesn't want to lose their home is going to repay the loan. That would be one way that someone could buy more than a 10 year old vehicle. Then again if someone had cash then there also would be no banker involved.
  3. First Timers - Our "New" Addition To The Family

    Very Nice unit. You even get to park on concrete.
  4. I have to use blocks to raise the coach up high enough to get my 12 ton jack stands under the coach. I don't have a death wish and have worked in industry for 30 years which preached Safety Safety Safety so I know how to work safely. But thanks for your concern.
  5. Allison 3000-- Correct Fluid

    You have more money then I (we) do as I can't afford to have anyone do it for me.
  6. Itasca Horizon

    Nice clean looking coach.
  7. Allison 3000-- Correct Fluid

    I spent about $250 on 5 gallons of fluid and about $70 on the 2 filters - So about $320 to do it myself. Most time consuming part was the gasket removal using plastic scrapers instead of any metal to keep from marking up the aluminum covers that the filters attach to. Drained into a big tray and then refilled the gallon bottles with the used fluid and took it to a recycle center. It's not too bad of a job and I cleaned everything real good so I could tell if there where any leaks - none found.
  8. Part Timer Mail Question

    I know this is the full timing section of the forum - but my question is for a Part Timer. I'm planning on snowbirding for about 4 month's in FL this Winter. Since this will be my very first time to do this in my MH I'm not sure what to expect yet. I have heard that if I use USPS to forward mail it is hard to stop them forwarding it when I move back home. I had used them before but it was for 19 months and it was from my house to a house in NV - I had to change some addresses back when I moved back but I don't remember any big issues with most mail making it back to me in my home State. But this will be for a much shorter time - AND YES I have most of my bills paid via the internet or auto payments but not everything yet. So there might be a few things in the 4 months that I need to receive so I can either send a check or call them for a CC or Debt payment. Not to mention getting the FMCA magazine. I don't have anyone near that can send me my mail - because my neighbor is going to FL too. So my question is for a short 4 month stay in FL would you use USPS or some other forwarding service? ONE nice thing about using USPS is my mailman told me they don't forward junk mail.
  9. Allison 3000-- Correct Fluid

    I used MOBIL DELVAC Synthetic ATF which is Allison TES-295 approved and on their list as OK to use and was more readily available at the time I was ready to do my fluid and filter change.
  10. Rarely Seen Motorhome

    Two things come to mind here. 1st is maybe in 2002 not all diesel fill lanes had duel fills so they decided to put one near the center so it could be filled from either side, 2nd is they could argue that you can fill from either side but it only cost them one fill point to be installed instead of two. I also "fixed" the need to go to Photobucket to view the image I had posted through them and then they decided to take away third party posting of images unless you paid them an outrageous fee - which I assume is not a popular option for them but I also assume they are making more money then they did before as some might feel it's worth - I'm not one of those that feel that way. But at least now anyone viewing this thread won't have to be redirected to another website and wait for an image to load.
  11. Rarely Seen Motorhome

    I know that I haven't seen any other Motorhomes like the one I now own. It's a 2002 Rexhall Rose Air Diesel Pusher with a Cummins ISC 350HP. It has 2 slides, a side radiator and no TV over the front seats. In this image it's just about ready for it's Winter nap. With any luck next year it will be napping in warmer weather.
  12. New Member & New RV Owner

    Looks pretty nice and you even have a garage for it - Lucky you.
  13. In my case my system is totally Manual. There are lights that show which side is low and then you raise that side up until that light goes out. Then if another light lights up, you level that area til that light goes out etc. In most cases yes it is common practice to dump the air before you level. However there have been times when I wanted the coach higher than normal because I planned to work under it so I put extra blocks under the jacks so they didn't have to extend all the way down and to coach was still higher then when a normal leveling job was done. But that's just how I do it when I might need to work under it and it's not something I would do when camping.
  14. Our First Rig...

    Very Nice. Where was that picture taken?
  15. 2001 Winnebago On A Spartan Chassis

    Congrats on buying a work in progress. Your going to learn a lot about it. If you have no flame it could be that the lines have air in them from sitting so long. Try to light the stove top - once those are going turn them off and then try the fridge again. Does the fridge work on shore power or with the generator? Not sure how the inverter works fine with no AC and no charging of the batteries? Good luck and post a picture of it when you can.
  16. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    If your looking for good fuel mileage it will be only slightly better in a small 32ft coach but you will be giving up comfort and storage space for sure. Tanks sizes will likely be smaller and many other things will be a compromise going so small especially for 4 months at a time. Boondocking could be a challenge. One thing I see very often on this and other forums is people buying something too small and then upgrading over and over which gets expensive. Starting out a little bigger then you think you need will pay dividends down the road in many cases. Being able to tow a car (or truck) behind the MH is something many people do and it's usually easier with a bigger coach which most likely has a bigger motor to do the job you want it to do and not struggle especially going up hills.
  17. Here's my 2ยข. On my coach they may start out in pairs - like if the right side is low then the front and rear jacks on the right side will deploy. Then when that is lifted it might show the front is now low, so pushing the button to raise the front will then deploy the left front jack (by itself) until pressure is on that jack, then right and left jacks will work in unison to raise the front up more. Then if the rear were to be showing low, the left rear jack (one that hadn't been deploy yet) will start down and again when pressure is on that jack then the right and left rear jacks will work in unison like the front jacks did. I believe that any adjustments after all 4 jacks are down would be 2 at a time whether it was the left side or right side, the rear or the front. I have never heard of deploying the front jacks just to reduce body flex/torque when the rear jacks are deployed to level the coach. Sometimes only the front needs to be raised to make my coach level - but I will usually deploy the rear jacks just so there is a little pressure on them to help stabilize the coach some, but not enough to raise it out of level. My owner manual says to level first then extend the slides. I have been pretty level and tried to extend the slides with the jacks up and they go out about 2-4 inches and then stop. Once I deploy a set of jacks even a few inches (not touching the ground) then the slides will extend as normal, so there must be a switch that says if jacks are not down the slides don't work. I have never tried raising all the jacks and then seeing it the slides will retract. But with hydraulic slides I don't think you need to be perfectly level as sometimes after a rain I tip the coach down in the front so water runs off the slides before I retract them in and I don't have to re-level.
  18. Entry Door On 2014 American Eagle

    Can you get inside the coach? I would think something broke or shifted in the handle that is not allowing the handle outside to open the door. I think I saw a post somewhere where a rod inside the handle had bent and therefore wouldn't release the jaws. If You can't get inside - a Locksmith MIGHT be able to help - but repair to the door frame is a possibility too. Good luck and please report back when you get this figured out.
  19. Rarely Seen Motorhome

    It's in the front Just right of center. It's been close a few times but I've always been able to reach with a fuel hose. Although I'm training myself to pull to the left more if the hose is on the left which seems to be the most common situations I've run into. And of course I do have to stop with the front of the coach at the fuel hose and not go past it or I would not be able to reach the fuel fill on the coach. But like everything you learn what you have to do to get the job done.
  20. Class A With A Trailer

    I'm wondering if any of you pull a trailer behind your Class A MH. I going to be pulling a trailer and am thinking about putting a camera behind the trailer. Have any of you done that? I assume that all of you that pull a toad have no need for a camera other then the one on the MH. In my case the camera on my MH only shows the front of the trailer and I can see nothing behind the trailer. Because I will need to swing wide making right hand turns - it would be nice to see if someone tries to sneak up along side me before I make the turn. Also if someone is tailgating me, I won't know that if I can't see them. So If anyone has trailer towing advice, I would like to hear it. My trailer is an enclosed and about 24ft behind my MH counting the tongue and receiver setup. Thanks in advance for any advice on cameras or driving etc.
  21. Class A With A Trailer

    UPDATE, Just figured I would update you all on what I decided on. I recently finished about an 1800 mile trip and did NOT use a camera at the back of my trailer. As a matter of fact, most of the time I didn't even look at the rear view camera screen (partly because all I could see was the trailer) and used my side mirrors to catch glimpses of my trailers fenders which I can see a tiny bit of going down the road or when backing up. I did have to back into to 2 of the 3 camp sites I visited. So in a nut shell - I don't think I will be buying a camera system for the back of my trailer any time soon, if ever. Thanks for all the tips and advice. And in all my travels so far with my MH I haven't seen a camera on the back of a semi-trailer yet. So if they can do it so can I. Although their trailer is a lot closer to them (and in their mirrors) then mine was.
  22. Towing Problem: 2012 Ford Edge

    What speed do you travel at with the toad attached?
  23. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I just signed up for the Roadside Assistance (program?) now, as I'm about to take my first major (to me) trip and like the OP (original poster) I hope I never need it either. But it should be better to have it and not need it vs. not having it an needing it. Unfortunately I was able to find a used tire to purchase as a back up - yet. My tires are about 3 years old so hopefully they will not blow out because of age. After my trip I will continue to keep looking for a used tire. I guess my size (275/70R/22.5) isn't as common as other sizes. How many of you keep a spare (either used or new) on-board your coach just in case?
  24. First Time To A National Rally

    Being this is my first time... does anyone know when they will sent out the registration packets? Or when we should receive them?
  25. Video For Car Drivers

    Thanks for all the advice. You'll be happy to know that I have already signed up for the safe driving class at the Expo in July. I will have about 2000 miles in before the Expo, So I hope nothing happens before I get more training.