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    Yes, you can do that... but a more simple way is to take the magnet off the wood frame and tape it securely to the black switch. Then, secure the assembly and wires so it will not interfere with bed movement.

    It is a poorly designed system to prevent you from retracting the slide out unless the bed is fully up. I had to bypass the magnetic switch to be able to drive the coach to the dealer for repair. If you take the switch out, it will be on you to remember to make sure the bed is fully up, before bringing the slide in (crush damage).
  3. Exhaust Brake & Lower Gearing

    Excellent description...
  4. Tire Pressure Monitors

    I went to Pressure Pro's website to look for price and availability, no luck there. Any help please?
  5. Replacing TV Antenna Coax Wiring

    We need a "like" button...!
  6. Feedback On The New Jayco Seneca

  7. Feedback On The New Jayco Seneca

    You are all correct on the suspension... I didn't catch that. I thought the Jayco was pricey, but the Renegade is 300k! The cab/body mounting issue is another reason to re-think this idea. Thank you all for your input!
  8. Feedback On The New Jayco Seneca

    Anyone have any feedback on the new Jayco Seneca? Initial quality of materials and workmanship, does it match up to the hype? After a bad experience with another brand, trying to decide what to do next. Seems quality control is shaky industry wide. MT
  9. Video For Car Drivers

    What brand of dash cam do you guys own?
  10. DEF Hydrometer

    DEF will go bad over time. The deionized water will absorb contaminants from the atmosphere based on temp, humidity and density altitude. Apparently, urea is not just urea. The cheap stuff uses cheap components (duh!). As in, don't buy the cheap stuff from the big box discount chains (you know who). Cummins uses only Valvoline DEF. They sell it in 2, 2.5 gal. cases for about $14. Once you crack the jug, the timer starts ticking. Truck stops probably go through the stuff at a fairly high rate, so it doesn't have time to go bad. For us casual users, best to buy the best quality DEF you can find. Also, as stated earlier, the water can evaporate and increase the ratio of Urea to deionized water, which is also bad. So, there are several ways for this to go south on you. The cost to drain and clean the system is a lot more expensive than buying good quality DEF. As far as long term storage, I have no experience with that, I don't even know how to drain the tank....