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  1. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    Here is the reference I using to the camping in and around Grand Tetons.
  2. Dish started the option listed below a few months ago. Only problem is the time of evening they will be on since they are from the west cost. "Never miss a moment of your favorite shows on major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC – no matter where you roam! Add Distant Network Service*** to your package for just $10/mo and you will have HD channels from Los Angeles wherever you go, meaning you can watch your favorite Thursday night comedies even if you are hundreds of miles from home."
  3. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    We book Grizzly RV park for three weeks but make sure you sitting down when the quote the price. I understand that north of Jackson there lot dry camping that is very cheap or free and we plan to take advantage of that on the way home from yellow stone for few days.
  4. Any word on when they revamp the forum to include all the towable categories?
  5. I believe that has changed and now you a moved to the nearest adequate faclility and not to your home if you require rehab they will fly home on a commercial plane. I understand the recent change to cut cost of the ASSIST program I also understand that if you have insurance ASSIST will bill them for the move. I know for a fact that Medicare and my supplement will also cover moving us to a adequate faclility but they won’t pay for airline ticket to fly home for rehab.
  6. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    And I got my renewal letter in the mail today. LoL. I will stay a member of Good Sams for the benefits but is the assist worth the money since I have 6 years left on my tires. I’m part time a rarely more than days drive from home. If you are a full timer isn’t you Motorhome your home. I think GS Motorhome magazine and is dedicated to just Motorhome is better than FMCA’s but GS magazine comes at a addditional cost.
  7. Firearms

    If I was in the Lake of the Qzarks RV Park when shoots were fired and sure wouldn’t want to be in my coach with a can wasp spray or getting my dog shot or putting on my wing tips to kick the guy. I also won’t run around the park with a gun try to find the guy but I would lock load my S&W Governor pistol with six 410 personnel defensive shotgun shells and stop someone with a gun from entering my coach and threaten my family. I probably in my life time be faced with a gunman but i’m Sure the two killed in the Ozark RV Park thought the same thing. The world is changing and not for the better.
  8. RV Navigation App

    I have Co-pilot for RV and the 760 RV and compare routes and 99% of the time they are the same route. We also have a built in Rand McNally that will put you on some back roads that i’m Not comfortable driving on. The Co-Pilot I can zoom out and see the complete route and adjust it if needed and zoom in to area in question. I run on a IPad Pro with a 12’ Screen that has cell built in and great option for me eyes. They are both great options but being able to see the complete route and adjust by dragging the route sets it apart from the 760.
  9. Firearms

    I agree in the past I didn't feel a need to have a weapon in my coach. Just a couple of months ago in the Lake of the Ozarks RV park in Mo a man went crazy and shot and killed two people. In that case I would want some sort of protect if he decided I was next on his list and was trying to gain access my coach. I wouldn't jump out and play John Wayne and hunt the guy down but I would protect my family. I have stayed in the very park about two years ago.
  10. Firearms

    I carry a S&W Governor that is 6 shot pistol in the coach loaded with 410 shotgun shells called the personnel defense rounds. The shells have three 30 cal disk and 12 steel BBs in each shell. I don't carry outside the coach and so far haven't felt a need but the could change in the future and that is sad!!!. The same pistol will shoot 45 auto using moon clips and 45 long colt.
  11. Those that registered their coach in South Dakota looks like they are turning over list to people to other states. Just a heads up! Here is the link to the info....
  12. Dang Rodents

    Below is a link straight off my Amazon order list and the I received. Is that the wrong stuff? Makes the RV smell nice but did nothing for mice. I also put packets of mouse/rat poison under my generator so hopefully they won't use that route to get in. 14 packets later I purchased a game cam and wasn't hoards of mice but a possum eating my poison. Picked up all the packets and left the game cam and comes back every night looking for more.
  13. Dang Rodents

    We put several plastic cups with pepper mint oil and cotton balls and the mice stole the cotton balls. We also had a mouse eat a complete pack of cayenne pepper. We ended up with traps with peanut butter.
  14. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    If you have AT&T service you need to check out the Direct TV bundle and streaming and see if works and if not check out the AT&T Mobley. Link to Mobley below. This plan may of ended last July..... Check with AT&T to see if it has been extended since I have heard recent users getting the plan..
  15. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Maybe I not understanding the deal. I have a single line with 5g for data plan that base cost before taxes is 60.00 bucks a month. Ask what a Unlimited plan upgrade would cost and was told 20.00 bucks a month for a total of 80 bucks a month plus taxes. I check it out on Version website and what the sales guy me told is correct. I can use my smart phone as a hot spot so what are the advantages of Jetpack over using the phone has hot spot? Why wouldn't I just added the Unlimited plan for 20 bucks to my phone that need anyway?