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  1. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Those that don’t like or have time to attend rally’s I don’t think there is a answer to your question.
  2. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    The Wrangler is ok. Any vehicle that has “EPS” (Electric Power Steering) I would stay away from for towing 4 down.
  3. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    I would say that’s not bad percentage base it off the percentage that goes to rally’s. Most national rally have less than 2% of the membership bothers to show up and look at the effort put into organizing one.
  4. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    I believe our 2017 GC Limited experience the wobble when we turned left leaving Loveland CO. I say I believe because we thought we had flat tire on the coach or toad but after pulling over to the side of the road we couldn't find anything wrong. We continued our trip without any additional problems. After reading on IR2 thread with numerous 16 and 17 Jeep Grand Cherokees having the wobble and what felt like it described our incident to the tee. We have a total of 3500 miles towing the GC
  5. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    My 2017 Grand Cherokee limited also has the " electric assisted steering " just like the 2016 so far so good but there are 2017 owners that are having the problem also. We leave Saturday for 900 mile 2 week trip so we see if we have the wobble.
  6. Tires Parked For Months On Cement? Is There A Problem?

    I thought about using the horse trailer pads you can buy at Farm Supply and cut them to the correct size to use under my tires while in storage. They are made from recycled tires so I won’t think they held any chemicals that would damage the tires. What do you think?
  7. Are You A Veteran?

    1. Dennis Haza 2. US Army Aviation 3 June 1967 to June 1987 4, E7 Aircraft Tech Inspector 5. Served 2 years Vietnam as Helicopter Door Gunner in UH!, OH6 and OH58.with 1700 combat hours over two years. 6. Two tours Germany but when branch said is going to Korea I submitted retirement papers.
  8. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    Mine is 2017 GC bought in June 2017
  9. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    We just got back from 3600 miles towing a GC without a problem.
  10. Membership

    The question is how many of those 3000 plus will sign up for the second year of membership. I'm in the wine business and we say the first bottle is a easy sell but getting the customer to purchase that same bottle of wine again is a lot harder sell.
  11. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Anyone know what the plans are for this forums if this passes? I guess it will have to mirror RV.NET that supports both Motor Coaches and Towed type RVs including Tow vehicles
  12. Idea For FMCA Revenue Enhancement

    After not seeing any great reviews of FMCA towing service I got worried and got Good Sams offer of 69.99 first time special and they offered a package that sounds like assist but only 30.00 a year.
  13. I currently have FMCA road side but after reading that most of the FMCA members commenting here use other services I will be looking else where also. I haven't had to use them yet so no comment on th quality of service.
  14. Best GPS Router Garmin or Rand McNally

    We have both a built in McNally and portable Garmin in our coach and if the Mcnally and the Gamin disagree we ALWAYS follow the Garmin. If there is time we will also verify the route against Waze. The Garmin has been spot in in the last 20,000 miles of RVing.