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  1. Surge protector?

    When my external Progressive took a lighting hit and arched from the case to power pedestal and left burnt marks on the case of the progressive. I decided that I would rather have that million volts from the lighting strick to terminate outside my RV rather than inside my RV. Progressive had to replace my unit because it was damaged beyond repair.
  2. They were turning at low speeds one was turning left and one right. I use all blue ox tow bar and baseplate. One was with my Cricket golf cart in the back and one without. My tow bar is as close to perfectly level as I can get it less than 1 inch high.
  3. We have a 2017 Grand Cherokee and in the last 7,000 miles of towing had the wobble twice. There is a thread running on IR2 about this issue the Grand Cherokee and there isn't a fix for it but Fiat is working one but the problem is it took them two years to fix the problem in the Cherokee. The wiring harness you talking goes on just the Cherokee and will not work on the Grand Cherokee. The second time it accrued it was violent enough that we decided not to tow it 4 down anymore and purchased a 2017 Wrangler to tow 4 down. You own the Grand Cherokee you can get the death wobble and Fiat solution is not to tow 4 down but on a trailer with all wheels off the ground and that is the official responds from Fiat to CYA.
  4. Manholt - The first time was before I owned the Cricket and one after.
  5. So far there isn't a harness for the Grand Cherokee and the one that fits the Cherokee won't work on the Grand Cherokee. Yes, most of the ones have been in a turn but now there been some reports of it happening at highway speeds. We have had it happen twice in 7,000 miles and both times was in a turn from a stop. Now Jeep has done CYA and told us not to tow the Grand Cherokee 4 down till they work out fix and who knows when that will be.
  6. I also used the Blue Ox baseplate and towbar but I got the dreaded death wobble and Jeep recommend I only tow the Grand Cherokee Limited on a trailer with all four wheels off the ground. There is a huge thread on about the problem and jeep is working on a fix but nothing yet.
  7. I have towed my 2017 Grand Cherokee Unlimited and I have towed for about 6000 miles and I had the death wobble twice. There suppose to be a survey coming out in the next issue of the FMCA magazine address the problems many of us have had with the 16 and 17 GC with the electric power steering (EPS). Both FMCA and Jeep are aware of the problem and working on a fix probably similar to the wire harness that required to be installed on the Cherokee.
  8. Would one of these work Pulling fuses is pain and this would just have flip a switch....
  9. Firearms

    I have a short barrel S&W Governor that hold 6 rounds rounds and can be any combination of 410 shotgun shells, 45 long Colt or 45 auto. I load mine with six 410 personnel defense shot gun shells. When I go to Yellow Stone next summer I will load some 45 Long Colt for a little more punch....
  10. Tax Code Reform

    The pass though down to 20% is wind fall for us that have a S-Corp. Just haven't decided if I going to use the money to upgrade our coach or give my employees the raise in pay the deserve.
  11. Just Rejoined FMCA With A Towable

    Hmmmm.. You must of been one of those elitist that won't let me join the HitchHiker RV Club because I owned a Montana! Of coarse I was a member of the Montana group that wouldn't let Hitchhiker RV join. I was also a member of Corvette Club that wouldn't let a Dodge Viper join. Guess there is a lot of elitist in the world!
  12. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    My coach is 2017 Discovery LXE 40D and the coach in at factory repair in Texas so not sure about the brand but I do believe that right next to the power cord reel there black box with 'Surge Guard" label on it and come from the factory that way. Off Topic --- We brought our coach to Fleetwood Factory Repair to get it done right. We need a recall on the awning done and our kitchen counter was lose. They reattached the counter to the outside wall and screwed 13 screws thought the wall and sticking out on the outside of the coach. Now it's in the body shop getting repaired. So much for getting it down right.
  13. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    That is what Fleetwood Tech support told me about my coach. Now I don't know if yours is the same as mine. Hopefully some one with more knowledge than me will chime in and explain why you should or shouldn't use two surge protectors.
  14. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    I was told by Fleetwood Support that the transfer switch was also a surge protector in my coach. They said that placing two surge protector that are capable of regulating power will/could confess the Surge guard and could cause damage to the transfer switch. I have the same one in the picture above left over from my 5er days.
  15. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    Here is the reference I using to the camping in and around Grand Tetons.