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  1. After not seeing any great reviews of FMCA towing service I got worried and got Good Sams offer of 69.99 first time special and they offered a package that sounds like assist but only 30.00 a year.
  2. I currently have FMCA road side but after reading that most of the FMCA members commenting here use other services I will be looking else where also. I haven't had to use them yet so no comment on th quality of service.
  3. We have both a built in McNally and portable Garmin in our coach and if the Mcnally and the Gamin disagree we ALWAYS follow the Garmin. If there is time we will also verify the route against Waze. The Garmin has been spot in in the last 20,000 miles of RVing.
  4. test post
  5. I'm not sure why anyone would go to rally with a coach and park in a big field with bunch of other RV crammed together on questionable power source and no shade and even pay a premium price to do it. I would much rather go to place with trout stream behind my coach and trees to park under and for the same amount of money I can do 10 days or more. If I didn't need a toad braking system and couple other products I wanted to checkout I wouldn't waste my time going. I have talk to a lot people with FMCA ovals on the back of their coach and about half were no longer members and most of them stated that if you don't go to rallies then FMCA has nothing much to offer. As you can see I'm not big fan of Rallies. I going just for the vendors and that's only 10 bucks a day and two nights in hotel and we head back home get ready for our month long trip to Washington state and down the west coast.
  6. We not bring out coach. It would be a 1400 mile round trip plus camping and fuel cost we figured for just a few days we drive our car up for less than half the cost of bring the coach. We're interested in RVI3, Brake Buddy and Blue Ox.
  7. We are driving to Indy for the show part and we will be looking for a braking system for our new TOAD 2017 Grand Cherokee. I assume most of the big names in braking system will be there but my question is do they sell at the show and do they have inventory that you can bring home with with you? Do they have show pricing?
  8. Here is what I'm thinking about but would like to see one before I order it. It's a smoker and grill all in one. Smoker Grill
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head also, this is our first year and probably our last year of membership in FMCA. We will remain members of the Good Sams for the benefits.
  10. This is our first year as a member of FMCA and our 10th year members of Good Sams. We just renew our GS membership since the savings on fuel and camping more than pays for membership but we don't go any of the GS functions. We talked about FMCA and at this point we have decided to drop them with the membership expires. We attended a local FMCA chapter rally and they just sat around tell stories of the great adventures they had the past but no real plans for the future other than the next rally. We are into traveling and meeting people and visiting new places not going back to the same parks over and over.
  11. I have a 2013 CRV and the battery would go dead in about 6 hours of towing but from day to day non towing it waas fine. Brought back to the installer and verified even with the fuse pulled I was getting some drain on the battery. He gave me choice on paying him by the hour to try to figure out what causing the drain or just run charge wire from the coach to the car battery. After getting the charge wire run I no longer have battery problems.
  12. I have a 2017 Discovery 40D and I was told it has built in surge protection and not to use additional surge protect like my Progressive since two on the same line can give false signals. Is this true? Is there a need for two or is the built in one on the Discovery gives enough protection?
  13. We new to Class A and have couple questions about the rally in July in Indiana. I see that $175,00 for 30 amp and $295.00 for 50 amp. If you opt for no power can you run the generator for air conditioning at night? Any restriction on time of day your generator can run? I have Discover 40D with three air conditioners will I be able to keep the coach cool on 30 amp connection or will I need 50 amp? This will be our first rally of this size any words of wisdom?
  14. Well I check out the thread that was posted here to and found a company called "Dave & LJ's in Woodland, WA." funny thing is we have booked a site at the Columbia River Front RV camp grounds in Woodland Washington for our high school reunion in Longview Washington in July and we are looking to have our couch replaced with theater seating. Wewill have to check them out LOL
  15. We have 2017 Discovery and have switch in the bathroom cabinet that has a clean setting for the Trum On Demand Hot Water Heater. The video below shows inserting a tablet with filter housing into the drain port in the water to clean it. I check Trum site and they sell the tablets but their secure payment link is down and don't want to use un-secure link with a CC. Does anyone know where you can purchase the filter housing and tablets?