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  1. House Lights Dead

    That relay is what is controlled by the "salesman switch". Mine was replaced twice due to failure. I bypassed it on the third failure (which happened in the middle of the night). Also beware of the big fuse (200 amp) between this panel and the house batteries. My 200 amp fuse turned into a very large resistor and caused the inverter to shut off.
  2. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    We full time in a 38' w/4 slides - would not consider smaller. Agree with above - most if not all NPs have nearby full service RV resorts. Some folks consider not having 50 amps as boon docking.
  3. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    85 deg F here in So Cal today. Might get down to 53 tonight. Just sayin'
  4. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Do as I used to do, run an extension cord out the window to run a heater. A small towel in the sliding window will seal the gap. Now... I just move to a warmer climate.
  5. HEEELLLPP! Tire Information Overload!

    If you haven't got new tires yet, try Pete's Road Service. Michelin dealer and FMCA commercial member. They have a shop in Victorville. http://www.petesrs.com/ We have a similar coach and while our Goodyears were okay I love the Michelins and with the FMCA discount 275-70R22.5's are about $550 each before taxes and installation. Keep them clean and use 303 on them once it a while. If you have a 4 bag suspension, look underneath and see if your trailing arms have been upgraded from bent tube to these:
  6. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    The MS2812 is a 23 amp continuous current box - it can provide 3900 watts (~30 amps) momentary. Toaster, Heater, Coffee pot could present an overload condition in any event. You may need to find a non-inverted outlet to run the Lasko heater which by itself it is close to half available (12 amps) on your inverter. Such is RV life. I'm a little confused when you say you have 2 inverters: "...the normal AC set up is like Carl's...two separate sets of 4 each 6 Volt AGMs each with a PSW inv/charger" << Is this what you have? It likely is what you want and move half your inverted outlets to inverter #2.
  7. Seattle To Disneyland (Anaheim)

    Our usual stops: Portland Fairview RV Park, Fairview (Portland), OR Premier RV Resort, Coburg, OR (near Eugene) Seven Feathers, Canyonville, OR Yreka RV Park , Yreka, CA Rolling Hills Casino, Corning, CA Up/down 101: Gilroy Garlic USA, Gilroy, CA Flying Flags, Buellton, CA Up/Down I-5 Boondock between the freeway and the Shell station at Harris Ranch (go in for steak dinner), Coalinga or Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park, Coalinga Disney: Orangeland RV Park, Orange Anaheim Resort RV Park, Anaheim
  8. New Mexico I-10 to San Jose, CA

    Welcome to the Forum! Pick up CA-210 in Redlands, well marked right exit off I-10. It turns into I-210 in Glendora. Watch out in Pasadena as 210 requires you to take a right single lane exit in a pretty busy stretch. Stay on 210 to I-5. If you're not in a big hurry, take 126 in Valencia towards Ventura and then US-101 into San Jose. Otherwise I-5 and over the Grapevine to 152 over Pacheco Pass to 101. Keep an eye on weather as the Grapevine does close from time to time with snow and So Cal folks don't do well in snow. But you're not really avoiding LA traffic anyway, just the guts of downtown/405/I-5 corridors.
  9. 2019 Rallies

    Indio is in New California!
  10. 2019 Rallies

    Indio has no traffic to speak of -- it's 120 miles to Quartzsite and 60 miles to Slab City. Plus 350 days of sunshine a year, no humidity, no bugs big enough to be pets, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, far enough from the fault that it could be beach front property, fresh produce all year, and home to the biggest and best Area Rally... We will miss you I guess...
  11. 2019 Rallies

    We're just now coming up for air after the Western Area Rally in Indio... Our 2019 rally: Riverside County Fairgrounds, Indio, CA Arrival Area Opens: January 6, 2019 Noon Rally: January 9 to 13, 2019 Our Rally theme for 2019 is “Once Upon A Time” http ://wafmca.com
  12. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Whew! Persistence does pay off! I got a good rep first try I guess (Alex). He took a moment to search for the info and came back with the plan and did it again when asked about getting the Jetpack.
  13. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Success! After going through the "Existing Customer - Register your line to receive discount " process the other day. I was this afternoon able to follow the new directions: Member calls Verizon customer service at 800 922-0204 The rep was able to change our plan to Plan ID 11454 and also able to add the Jetpack for a penny.
  14. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Aware of their income stream. They analyzed the cost/benefit including costs of FMCA membership compared to other data plans. Obviously one joins FMCA for this and many other benefits. What a crock to sum it up as "Nice Try" Sorry! But they missed it this time.
  15. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Will do - no email yet