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  1. A rented storage unit. Not a residence. State Farm knows this and has it covered. Maybe things have changed recently, but it was not even a question when we got the insurance.
  2. We have State Farm Renter's Insurance.
  3. Steve, Typically, the brake light switch feeds the lamps through the turn signal switch. The t/s interrupts the brake lights so they can flash. If it is a ground operated system then the ground is most likely operating a relay that may have failed/stuck. On this year/model I dont know where the alleged relay might be but on likely it is in a black box full of fuses and relays. Safari used white wires for ground if that helps. Otherwise that blowing fuse looks like a dead short and would indicate there is/are a burned up wire or wires causing the open and the dead short to ground. In most cases, stop lamp circuits are not fused but have a circuit breaker. Keep looking! In addition to Brett's advice check: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SafariCoaches/info (You have to "join" the group to ask questions) Plus the FMCA Safari Internationl chapter has a website and magazine with lots of knowledgeable folks.
  4. I'm not sure what is meant by "main batteries", House batteries or Starting batteries. If it's Starting batts, based on what I read on this forum, I got an echo charger. Uses whatever is charging house batteries to "maintain" charge on starting batteries. Look for RV Echo Charger. While I heard there are cheaper units out there, mine has been working well going on 3 years. Xantrex 82-0123-01 Echo Charge for 12 and 24V Systems
  5. Yep! I echo the plywood ideas... Many years ago (7 or 8?) we were in a very unlevel site at The Riverside, went to The Home Depot in Bullhead City and had them cut a 4x8 3/4" exterior grade plywood sheet into 1 ft squares (for free). Screwed 4 pairs together 2 deep (i wish I had offset them, Brett) -- no glue needed as they don't crack anyway -- as the base set. I keep several individual squares to stack to keep the jack throw as short as I can when in a way off level site. Each base set has a drawer pull handle to push/pull with the awning stick. They work under the tires if necessary. They are still going strong.
  6. Roadtrek chapter comes to our Western Area Rally in Indio every year - and they are well represented. http://www.roadtrekchapter.org/region9/
  7. Been following with interest since I will be hosting a "Technology on the Road" roundtable at Northwest Area Rally next week. here's the Technomadia thread https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/fmca-rolls-out-unlimited-verizon-hotspot-plan/ Just sayin...
  8. Sounds like a "salesman switch"... when switched do your 12v dinguses work?
  9. Join us in Indio for our “Beach Party” 2017 Western Area Rally January 11 – 15, 2017 Online registration: http://www.fmca.com/chapters/area-rallies.html Download the form: http://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/areas/wea17-registration.pdf
  10. I've had the w/d dry trap issue, the not-glued-together roof vent line that passes through a commode closet, the broken toilet inlet - and vent - piping into the black tank, etc. Our bathroom sink smells occasionally due to hair, etc caught in the sink drain "aging". Cleaning it and hitting it with a dose of bleach fixes that. Before we got the SewerSolution, I always put a bump in the sewer hose to create a "P-Trap" effect to keep sewer gas from coming up the hose.
  11. So sorry to not see this earlier, but yes! Onsite registration is available. We hope you can make it - should be another good one. And welcome to FMCA Forums!
  12. Latest Info will be on the Western area website here Daypasses at the gate for $10 and Registration or Passports for FMCA members at FMCA.COM We will open for early arrivals with Electric starting on Sunday afternoon 1-3-16 for just $20 per extra night. Standard arrivals begin Wednesday 1-6-16. This is an excellent opportunity for FMCA Chapters to hold a chapter rally here and make it a seven day event. In addition we are planning on offering bus tours to local attractions on Tuesday & Wednesday for a nominal fee. See you in Indio!
  13. Agree with Frank and Jack - our 04 Monaco product had 2 outlets for the 1210. Figure out which is on Inverter. One thing to check is if the Samsung is okay on a MSW inverter. We did the change out to a Whirlpool and it was okay for a while but the Defrost Cycle Control circuit board lets the blue smoke out on MSW. Maybe some on here can confirm or deny. We are looking for a deal on a Pure Sine
  14. Brett, the link works fine. Thanks! Good info Andy, 6-7% grades with a 3126b/330hp ==> 2000 rpm in 3rd gear, 35 mph and the temp stays low, even on high hot days with a radiator that hadn't been cleaned in a couple years. On the flat - SilverLeaf shows ~10MPG at 62 mph
  15. First off, condolences on your wife's passing - it is never easy but our thoughts and prayers are with her and you. Secondly, perfectly amazing solution - brilliant! **** shame it's needed.