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  1. Insurance For Stored Household Goods

    A rented storage unit. Not a residence. State Farm knows this and has it covered. Maybe things have changed recently, but it was not even a question when we got the insurance.
  2. Insurance For Stored Household Goods

    We have State Farm Renter's Insurance.
  3. Steve, Typically, the brake light switch feeds the lamps through the turn signal switch. The t/s interrupts the brake lights so they can flash. If it is a ground operated system then the ground is most likely operating a relay that may have failed/stuck. On this year/model I dont know where the alleged relay might be but on likely it is in a black box full of fuses and relays. Safari used white wires for ground if that helps. Otherwise that blowing fuse looks like a dead short and would indicate there is/are a burned up wire or wires causing the open and the dead short to ground. In most cases, stop lamp circuits are not fused but have a circuit breaker. Keep looking! In addition to Brett's advice check: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SafariCoaches/info (You have to "join" the group to ask questions) Plus the FMCA Safari Internationl chapter has a website and magazine with lots of knowledgeable folks.
  4. Main Battery Charging

    I'm not sure what is meant by "main batteries", House batteries or Starting batteries. If it's Starting batts, based on what I read on this forum, I got an echo charger. Uses whatever is charging house batteries to "maintain" charge on starting batteries. Look for RV Echo Charger. While I heard there are cheaper units out there, mine has been working well going on 3 years. Xantrex 82-0123-01 Echo Charge for 12 and 24V Systems
  5. Pads For Jacks

    Yep! I echo the plywood ideas... Many years ago (7 or 8?) we were in a very unlevel site at The Riverside, went to The Home Depot in Bullhead City and had them cut a 4x8 3/4" exterior grade plywood sheet into 1 ft squares (for free). Screwed 4 pairs together 2 deep (i wish I had offset them, Brett) -- no glue needed as they don't crack anyway -- as the base set. I keep several individual squares to stack to keep the jack throw as short as I can when in a way off level site. Each base set has a drawer pull handle to push/pull with the awning stick. They work under the tires if necessary. They are still going strong.
  6. High Mileage Diesels

    Roadtrek chapter comes to our Western Area Rally in Indio every year - and they are well represented. http://www.roadtrekchapter.org/region9/
  7. Verizion Pulls Out of FMCA Agreement !!!

    Been following with interest since I will be hosting a "Technology on the Road" roundtable at Northwest Area Rally next week. here's the Technomadia thread https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/fmca-rolls-out-unlimited-verizon-hotspot-plan/ Just sayin...
  8. Mystery Switch

    Sounds like a "salesman switch"... when switched do your 12v dinguses work?
  9. Join us in Indio for our “Beach Party” 2017 Western Area Rally January 11 – 15, 2017 Online registration: http://www.fmca.com/chapters/area-rallies.html Download the form: http://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/areas/wea17-registration.pdf
  10. Sewer Gas Odor Inside

    I've had the w/d dry trap issue, the not-glued-together roof vent line that passes through a commode closet, the broken toilet inlet - and vent - piping into the black tank, etc. Our bathroom sink smells occasionally due to hair, etc caught in the sink drain "aging". Cleaning it and hitting it with a dose of bleach fixes that. Before we got the SewerSolution, I always put a bump in the sewer hose to create a "P-Trap" effect to keep sewer gas from coming up the hose.
  11. So sorry to not see this earlier, but yes! Onsite registration is available. We hope you can make it - should be another good one. And welcome to FMCA Forums!
  12. Latest Info will be on the Western area website here Daypasses at the gate for $10 and Registration or Passports for FMCA members at FMCA.COM We will open for early arrivals with Electric starting on Sunday afternoon 1-3-16 for just $20 per extra night. Standard arrivals begin Wednesday 1-6-16. This is an excellent opportunity for FMCA Chapters to hold a chapter rally here and make it a seven day event. In addition we are planning on offering bus tours to local attractions on Tuesday & Wednesday for a nominal fee. See you in Indio!
  13. Inverter Circuit Retrofit For Residential Refrigerator

    Agree with Frank and Jack - our 04 Monaco product had 2 outlets for the 1210. Figure out which is on Inverter. One thing to check is if the Samsung is okay on a MSW inverter. We did the change out to a Whirlpool and it was okay for a while but the Defrost Cycle Control circuit board lets the blue smoke out on MSW. Maybe some on here can confirm or deny. We are looking for a deal on a Pure Sine
  14. MPH Drop On Hills In Branson

    Brett, the link works fine. Thanks! Good info Andy, 6-7% grades with a 3126b/330hp ==> 2000 rpm in 3rd gear, 35 mph and the temp stays low, even on high hot days with a radiator that hadn't been cleaned in a couple years. On the flat - SilverLeaf shows ~10MPG at 62 mph
  15. Refueling At Service Stations

    First off, condolences on your wife's passing - it is never easy but our thoughts and prayers are with her and you. Secondly, perfectly amazing solution - brilliant! **** shame it's needed.