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  1. Been following with interest since I will be hosting a "Technology on the Road" roundtable at Northwest Area Rally next week. here's the Technomadia thread https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/fmca-rolls-out-unlimited-verizon-hotspot-plan/ Just sayin...
  2. Sounds like a "salesman switch"... when switched do your 12v dinguses work?
  3. Join us in Indio for our “Beach Party” 2017 Western Area Rally January 11 – 15, 2017 Online registration: http://www.fmca.com/chapters/area-rallies.html Download the form: http://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/areas/wea17-registration.pdf
  4. I've had the w/d dry trap issue, the not-glued-together roof vent line that passes through a commode closet, the broken toilet inlet - and vent - piping into the black tank, etc. Our bathroom sink smells occasionally due to hair, etc caught in the sink drain "aging". Cleaning it and hitting it with a dose of bleach fixes that. Before we got the SewerSolution, I always put a bump in the sewer hose to create a "P-Trap" effect to keep sewer gas from coming up the hose.
  5. So sorry to not see this earlier, but yes! Onsite registration is available. We hope you can make it - should be another good one. And welcome to FMCA Forums!
  6. Latest Info will be on the Western area website here Daypasses at the gate for $10 and Registration or Passports for FMCA members at FMCA.COM We will open for early arrivals with Electric starting on Sunday afternoon 1-3-16 for just $20 per extra night. Standard arrivals begin Wednesday 1-6-16. This is an excellent opportunity for FMCA Chapters to hold a chapter rally here and make it a seven day event. In addition we are planning on offering bus tours to local attractions on Tuesday & Wednesday for a nominal fee. See you in Indio!
  7. Agree with Frank and Jack - our 04 Monaco product had 2 outlets for the 1210. Figure out which is on Inverter. One thing to check is if the Samsung is okay on a MSW inverter. We did the change out to a Whirlpool and it was okay for a while but the Defrost Cycle Control circuit board lets the blue smoke out on MSW. Maybe some on here can confirm or deny. We are looking for a deal on a Pure Sine
  8. Brett, the link works fine. Thanks! Good info Andy, 6-7% grades with a 3126b/330hp ==> 2000 rpm in 3rd gear, 35 mph and the temp stays low, even on high hot days with a radiator that hadn't been cleaned in a couple years. On the flat - SilverLeaf shows ~10MPG at 62 mph
  9. First off, condolences on your wife's passing - it is never easy but our thoughts and prayers are with her and you. Secondly, perfectly amazing solution - brilliant! **** shame it's needed.
  10. Hi! Sorry for a late response but we just got the latest info on Day Passes. As an FMCA member you have 2 basic options: 1. Passport(s) which are good for all days of the Rally and include evening entertainment. 2. Buy Day Passes for just the days you will attend. Passports are $45 per person (before 12/19) and $55 per person after 12/19 or at the gate. Before 12/19 Register here on fmca.com http://www.fmca.com/chapters/area-rallies.html Day passes can be purchased at Gate3/Information Desk throughout the Rally. Gate 3 Parking is limited and is for Passport and Handicap. Day Passes can also be bought at Gate 9 on Wednesday including parking (Wednesday only). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday Day Passes will be sold at the Arrival Area (entrance on Oasis street), but not at Gate 9. Day Pass parking is available at the Oasis Street entrance south of Dr Carreon Ave on Thurs, Fri, Sat. Tram service is available from the Arrival Area to the center of the grounds. Day Passes for attendees are $10.00/day, those under 12 are free Day Passes allow day visitors to stay on the grounds until 5 PM and they can attend the Ladies Tea ($2.00 charge), craft and seminar classes, Chapter Fair, etc. FMCA members can stay for the evening’s entertainment for an additional $15.00 As to kicking of tires, these RV dealers will be bringing some (and the attached coaches): Holland Motor Homes Kenai Coach Mike Thompson’s RV Super Stores OC RV Paul Evert’s RV Country Premier Coach Southwest Coaches Transwest RV (list subject to change) See you in Indio! Warren
  11. We've received several inquiries about what Seminars will be offered at Indio at our Out Of This World Rally January 7-11 2015, Here are links to the Details See you in Indio!
  12. I've attached preliminary listings (Adobe PDF files) of Crafts and Seminars at our Western Area Rally in Indio January 7-11 2015. The Rally theme for 2015 is "Out of This World"! See you in Indio! -- Warren F352839
  13. Agree that all of this is good info. When passing, I don't start to return to the lane until I see both headlights of the passed vehicle in the right side mirror (a flat mirror, not the wide angle). You normally would have that mirror adjusted to see just the side of the coach and the lane behind. I was taught this in driving school and it works no matter how long you are. I use the rear view camera as a guide as to when to start looking for the headlights. I drive the coach with toad in Los Angeles and other nasty urban traffic. You'll also get the salute from those who will cut in behind you since they think you are taking too long to move back over <sigh>. I think of them as 3 year olds who need to me to make sure they survive the trip.
  14. Get an early start! Here is key info and arrival instructions for the Western Area's 2015 "Out of this World" theme Rally at the Riverside County Fair and National Data Festival grounds in Indio, Calif., January 7 to 11, 2015 Latest General and Arrival Info is here See you in Indio! Edited 12/12/14 to change info link to wafmca.com to avoid duplication
  15. Getting ready for the Western Area 2015 Rally "Out of this World"! Here's the FMCA Blog article http://community.fmca.com/blog/803/entry-1557-out-of-this-world-rally-with-western-area-january-7-2015/ The PDF is also Here. -- Warren