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  1. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    That would be reversed if you were south of the equator
  2. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    I'm up for it. We had plans for going to Gillette but things changed and we'll be in PA till end of July. Then we'll be stopping at Elkhart for a few upgrades and then on to Amana.
  3. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    We'll be at the Rally in Amana, Iowa Aug 8-11 if anybody else is going.
  4. Last Retreat for Sgt R Ermy Lee

    They don't make 'em like they used to. None of us are getting out of this alive. RIP Top.
  5. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Yep, that's the beer but I was lacking quantity. I stay away from the hard stuff. For some reason, I drink the hard stuff, the cops show up. Like Dirty Harry says, "A Man's got to know his limitations".
  6. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Yeh, I read about the research they did and it pretty much pointed to headlights on 67. Thought that was the end of it. Then when I got out there, one of the marker signs talks about a cowboy that saw them in 1880. According to them, the mystery is unsolved. We like the area so I'm sure we will be back and give it another go. I'll be sure and have at least 6 drools when we get there, haha.
  7. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Hahaha, now ya tell me. Thanks Buddy.
  8. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Yeh, I figured it was a hit and miss thing. Looks like we missed. Heading out this morning
  9. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    It's been checked and yes, within specs. Thanks
  10. Hamming on the Road from KE3HAY

    Not me, just my handheld with a rubber ducky
  11. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    OK, we are boondocking at the Marfa Lights viewing area. It figures it's going to be the coldest night in a long time. Down to 30 degrees tonight. Anyway, when we pulled in here, we were the only ones here. Then they all started coming in, and coming in, and coming in. This place is crazy. Convinced Sweetie Pie to leave the warm coach and come out with me to see the lights. We've never been here before so we don't really know what we are looking for. I grabbed 2 beers and figured if we didn't see anything by the time I was done my brews, we'd leave. Well, my last 2 Moose Drools went down and all we saw were a bunch of zombies walking around. Nice place to park up for the night but don't ask me about no stinkin' ghost lights. Didn't see squat. Maybe somebody tripped over the cord and pulled the plug out of the wall. Cheers.
  12. Captains chair

    I hear ya. My seat is extremely comfortable. I just never heard of an air seat in a motorhome. In fact we probably don't even need to swap them out. Just looking into some options but I always appreciate the input.
  13. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    Yep, now you're talking. Heading to Lafayette, LA for my yearly addiction fix.
  14. Captains chair

    This is interesting. We were just talking about upgrading our capt chairs but I never considered an air ride chair. Have to look into this some more. Thanks
  15. Another Bad Pet Story

    Staying at the Fort Bliss RV Park in El Paso. Been here for 6 days and leaving in the morning. We have been to a lot of parks and yes, dog crap in everyone. This park however, is the worse we have seen. Two big grassy areas, no fence, and it's about as bad as trying to walk next to a lake with a high goose population. It is a direct reflection on the management, or lack of.