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  1. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    OK, the fuses are good, power is where it's supposed to be, arrow is pointed away from the pump, it's all good. I had one of the valves in bypass instead of normal use so when I installed the check valve and turned the pump on, it did pump and pressure up and turn off. Wasn't until I went in to wash for supper, I noticed no water coming out the spigot. Well, there was enough to wet my hands and soap up and then it died. Tried a few things and couldn't get the pump to come on or get any water. Troubleshot today and found the problem. Put the 3 valves in normal use and away we go. Diagnosis: Loose nut behind the wheel. Thanks guys
  2. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Yeh, I made sure about the arrow. Thinking back, it did come on after installing the check valve but I may have bumped the hot wire on the switch to the frame and could be a popped fuse. I'll be fresh at it in the morning. Thanks
  3. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Had the same issue with my coach. Fresh water tank filling on shore water. I installed a check valve downstream of the pump but now the pump wont come on at all. I saw a thread in here about having to prime the pump but don't remember where it was. It got dark so I went back on shore water. Tomorrow I will get out and check the fuses and so on. When putting the check valve in I'm sure I got air in the lines. Does the pump need primed and if so, what are the steps? Thanks Guys.
  4. Forum Speed

    I still got my Mickey Mouse phone.
  5. Firearms

    He's 8.
  6. Firearms

    My 105 lb Black Lab/St Bernard says, "Never mind the dog, beware the owner".
  7. Hondo, NM

    Thank you Sir. She will be missed for quite awhile. Thanks
  8. Hondo, NM

    Yep, that is the place. I found it on freecampsites.com when I was looking for a free spot to overnight. I saw where one guy did a review on it. Then I went to google satellite (I use it all the time) and was able to locate it. It is tucked in right there in the north west corner of the junction. I will say it is very dark at night so if you like a lot of streetlights, this may not be good for ya. When we left in the morning and headed west on 70, we passed a couple more places we could have parked. Casinos and shops with huge parking lots.
  9. Hondo, NM

    Just wanted to pass on a little gem of an overnight spot. Found this on the way from Fort Sumner, NM to Las Cruces. No hook ups at all but the view is great. Close to the highway but not much traffic at night. You could run a slide or two out but I would only do it curbside. Not sure how long you can stay. Def worth the money. It's on Route 70 in the Hondo Valley at the junction where 380 splits off to Lincoln, NM. Happy trails and stay sharp.
  10. Anti Gravity Hose

    Well, that's how I do it but I'm still an FNG
  11. Anti Gravity Hose

    It's all flat ground. Might be hard to see in the pic. The hose holder isn't opened up all the way and actually stopped behind the dolly wheel. That created a sag and you can see where he propped it up with a yellow wheel chock. I'm thinking he must be an engineer and not an installer, haha. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.
  12. Anti Gravity Hose

    Get one while supplies last.
  13. Connecting/disconnecting Sewer Hoses

    Note to self; buy stock in Magic Lube. Thanks Paul.
  14. Brand New

    Looks good. I used to deliver them. Would pick them up in Forest City, Iowa and take them east. Is that a Blue Healer?
  15. Thoughts On Thor Tuscany

    Pop used to hang this big thing on the window of our '59 Ford station wagon. Would fill it with water and every now and then would pull the string to recirculate it. People would slow down when they saw it, thought it was radar.