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    Just finally got around to posting here. My name is Jennifer. I retired early to travel with my mother. I, unfortunately, will be traveling solo, or with an aunt or two. I recently bought my 35 foot Newmar Ventana (new) in April. I just got back from a 6000 mile round trip from south Florida to Yellowstone. I know it is only about 2600 miles from here to there, but we made stops. I was a six week trip which I would have liked to have been longer. I did nearly all of the driving - one 300 mile stretch someone else 'helped' out. I am planning to go to the Newmar KK Keys rally in Decemer. And possibly to Tuscon in 2018. I have a few cats, but have only taken one with me so far, and he has been a good traveling kitteh. Otherwise, I will be travelling the US for a while. I almost applied for a campground host in Yellowstone Again, I wanted to say "hello." I may not say it in person, as I am an introvert. And bossy.