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  1. we are doing a 3 month trip starting from New York in May 2018 we will be driving a 30ft Fleetwood Motor home. The only fixed thing is starting in New York and 3 months later fly out of somewhere to Australia. I have attached a rough itinerary to this post (I think I have any way) but open to any suggestion on places to go, doesn't matter how far of the attached route, if I don't reach San Francisco .How ever far we get I will park up the RV and fly from there. Then my brother can continue from there. would like to see National parks, Lakes, water falls, any festivals, Historic monuments and etc and great camp sites. Thanks Keithnew york trip map.pdfnew york trip map.pdfnew york trip map.pdf
  2. Hi All Wasn't sure where to post this but here it is. I am looking at storing my RV near New York some were from November 2017 to March 2018 while I fly home to Australia, can someone give me Ideas on a good place to store it, I am concerned about the amount of snow and freezzzzing temperature's it will endure, if it is winterized do you think it will be ok left in an RV park in the open, if not what other options do I have, e.g how far south or west would I have to go to get out of bad conditions? Thanks Keith
  3. Tyre Pressures

    Thanks for the info, yes I will get it weight and see what it weights, think it will be well under max load but sure it will get heaver as we travel, my RV in Australia was always on the limit so weighed it every time we set of on a trip when fully loaded.
  4. New FMCA & A Class RV

    I am from Jervis Bay 2 hours south of Sydney New South Wales, We have a 1999 30ft Fleetwood Storm 30H on a Ford chassis with V10 motor.
  5. Tyre Pressures

    Herman the only data sheet I can find is a sticker on the left of entry door which says up to 95psi which I am running but I am finding the ride very harsh as if the pressure is to high. Keith
  6. Tyre Pressures

    The right side I think its the wrong side, I am getting used to it now, just have to remember when pulling out in the mornings
  7. 12v To 120v Inverter

    I have an 1999 30ft Fleetwood storm. It has a inteli power model PD9145A. From the limited information I have on this it only converts the 120v shore power to 13.5v. I want to be able to use my 120v outlets from my house batteries. Can this unit do that or do I have to get a 12v to 120v inverter. If so were is a good place to get one. I don't need anything too big as I will only be running-- a computer and phone charger etc Thanks Keith
  8. Tyre Pressures

    Hi, just trying to find out what tyre pressures to run on my RV (and yes I am from Australia hence the spelling) I have a 30ft Fleetwood Storm with a Ford chassis and V10 motor. Tyres are 245/70/19.5 14 ply. I don't know my axel weights but I am not carrying much extra weight. Thanks Keith
  9. New FMCA & A Class RV

    We are just visiting, Staying 3 months this trip then my brother comes over and will do around 3 months and them my other brother is coming over and will be staying a bit longer he is applying for a visa he comes over every year to go skiing in Utah, then I will be back for another stint and hope to do this for many years.
  10. New FMCA & A Class RV

    Hi My name is Keith. My wife, Marian and I have arrived from Australia and purchased an A class RV in LA and heading to Miami in a round about way, we have just joined the FMCA but have been a member of the CMCA in Australia for around 15 years. I converted a 21ft LWB Toyota Coaster Bus to a motor home and traveled around Australia for about 12 year, but this Fleetwood is a bit longer and much wider than the Coaster so will take a bit of getting used to especially on the other side of the road. I am in Las Vegas at the moment getting shocks, tires and wheel alignment and hope it steers a bit better. The 78mph wind we copped on the way didn't help.
  11. Generator Runs But No Output

    Hi All Thanks for the replies, when I am on shore power everything works fine but when I start the gen I get nothing, haven't tried turning the breakers off and back on yet, will try in the morning, don't think the neighbors would like me starting the gen at this time of night, I do have a meter but not to keen on playing with 240 volts sorry I mean 110volts I have to remember I am in the US. As for the automatic transfer switch where would I find that. Thanks again Keith
  12. Generator Runs But No Output

    I have just arrived from Australia and have bought a1999 model Fleetwood Storm 30ft. It has a Onan Marquis 5500 generator, it starts up but doesn't have any out put. I have check the fuse at the generator. Is there an isolator switch or more fuses? Any Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Keith