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  1. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    2012 bounder Dometic RM 1350
  2. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    all fixed, on our double door fridge, the left door has a hinged extra strip that is magnet closed and on ours for some reason it wasn't completely closing. Not sure how to fix that but until we get to someone who does, we can manually close it. Thank you all for your assistance
  3. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    I don’t have on in my fridge
  4. Plugs Not Working Using The Generator

    Ok thanks I will try that tomorrow will let you know if I don’t blow up not funny
  5. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    No powder anywhere we have a 2012 bounder, no slide out, doors look clean, lots of air flow, it's showing 50 this morning after being closed all night if it needs extra fans then it needs replaced, what replacement fits that space?
  6. Plugs Not Working Using The Generator

    On a bounder where would that J box be located
  7. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Our propane/elec fridge on a Bounder will not go lower than 50. A normal fridge is 40. I have tried it on electric and propane and still won’t go lower. Any suggestions? ps the freezer is just OK but ice cream is softer? Meat is frozen though.
  8. Plugs Not Working Using The Generator

    I thought the same thing both breakers on the generator are ok. When we got to the next park and plugged in everything worked. So I will check the ATS tomorrow thank you Wolfe any other suggestions
  9. Plugs Not Working Using The Generator

    Not sure how this happened but my plugs will only work when plugged in to 50amp. We stopped at a rest stop to make dinner, turned on the generator, plugged in the kettle and induction burner and nothing worked. Any suggestions where I should look to reset or replace something !?! Wayne
  10. Microwave Repair

    I have no experience with repairing them. Out of my scope for sure.
  11. Microwave Repair

    Has anyone had a problem getting their microwave repaired in your MH? We are traveling in South Carolina and our unit isn’t working and no one will come and look at it ?!? We are covered under warranty but they won’t let us replace it until someone looks at it. Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me. Any suggestions
  12. Service - or Disservice?

    We could not agree more. We have a class A and live in Canada. Service is as bad if not worse. We made sure we had full coverage for anything that may go wrong but they didn't say "but good luck getting any work done". Our longest wait for parts was July to October. And some of the things were not done properly so had to go hunting for another service centre. This past Aug we needed a new windshield from a stone crack, the first of Sept we had a trip planned and when that time came we called only to find it wasn't in yet. We took it for our 2 week trip and dropped it off again. Picked it up the first of November just in time to head south. Oh and did I say the shop was 2 hrs from our home. Fleetwood bounder Wayne