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  1. Mr. Walker, Better late than never (joining and posting). While likely not a representative group of FMCA members, those that post here appear to be a vocal and knowledgeable group. I do not find your first post - or that it "is" your first post - to be appalling at all. I am happy to know you at least know the forum is here. Hopefully you will take advantage and continue to participate. The recent vote may have proven, at present, this space is a vocal minority (meaning not the majority), as my impression is the majority here were not for including towables. I could care less what the magazine title is, what font is used, etc. I have not delved into the numbers, but I assume the magazine is at worst revenue neutral, and probably revenue positive, and helps offset expenses. Those that read the forum probably see little new at all in the magazine, and maybe, like me, do not even open it (have already read the online version), and instead, leave it somewhere hoping someone may enjoy it. I would like to see an opt out option (for the magazine), since I am fine with digital, but lower "numbers" would probably lower the ad rate... since the mailed copies is usually a large factor in ad rate... Like at least some here, I have volunteered to lead an affinity group, and other similar organizations. I know there are few who will, and appreciate your willingness and efforts. I know that unless you find personal satisfaction in your efforts, you will not last long, as there will be what the kids call "haters", who will loudly voice their opinion, but rarely, if ever, step up to govern.
  2. Ca dmv had the steps and process in place, specifically for dollies. A plate is optional, which means available. Troopers may not always educate themselves before a stop... see posts of those using a class 8 rig (HDT) for personal use. I have the certificate of origin, and the dmv confirmed the vin matched, so plate was easy. If I did not have the Cert, a statement of facts and a clean vin would have done the job. IIRC, WA does not require a plate unless the dolly is towed unloaded, so a WA trooper not familiar with CA law might initiate a stop for no plate. I am a stickler for not giving cause for a stop.
  3. The lawmakers in each state may know, but not all troopers know every law. Probable cause is something many prefer to avoid.
  4. Foe me, Acme. I use vinyl covered cable through wheels as strap backup. For a license plate, i pop riveted it to the, center of the rear of the dolly, and bent the plate around the frame, which leaves the numbers and letters visible. Note, my state does not require a plate, but i got one to avoid issues in other states.
  5. Are the wheels spoked type, where you could put a vinyl covered cable though them?
  6. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    A brand specific card is less hassle should it get skimmed...
  7. Registered For Gillette This Morning

    I was able to register (at least as confirmed by my charge card company, shortly after the email was received on the 9th... Looking forward, and had already planned out and reserved our stops out and back from the Left Coast. First timers!
  8. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Personally, I try not to identify myself in a public, searchable forum. My employment used to require my name be known. My name is just unique enough, with location knowledge, to find me. One disgruntled customer, currently a guest of us taxpayers at a federal institution, made threats against me and my family. The person was easily able to get my address. It took quite some time to scrub as best anyone can do. There are still some old posts I cannot scrub, but they are not as easily discerned. So my choice is just enough online anonymity to keep the nuts away, while allowing me to participate. I have disclosed my information in private communication. My problem, for certain, not others, but unless you walk in my shoes, I think a blanket statement that using a moniker is hiding, is not appreciated. This sort of tatic (implying those who do not use their actual name are hiding) could be why many members don't participate at all. Unless the post ability is tied to paid members, we are all anonymous.
  9. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Used to belong to a regional MC group. Inside that group were local clubs. Those not in a local club were called outriders, and they had vote power in the regional group... so Wayne has a the seed for an international chapter, to at least get a director voice, for those who do not fit in the current chapters, but want to participate in a "non-chapter" chapter. In the case of the recent vote, all had the ability to vote per member number.
  10. Firearms

    State, and possibly local laws, will likely be the controlling rules. For instance, it may be there is no carry violation on private property until asked to leave (even if posted with signs), and it might be basic trespassing. Could be it is an actual carry violation. Signs do not always have legal weight... Way too much for a non expert to wade through. Relying on some sort of service to provide information, then verifying for yourself, as best you can, is what I suggest, along with appropriate insurance policy and legal defense policy/coverage. Concealed is concealed, both visually and verbally...
  11. Firearms

    Careful on the archery gear. Some locations may restrict those as well, since they are weapons. For us, we usually have recurves on hand, since they live in the rv, but the strings can be locked up if we are in a restricted location. May not be 100% compliant, but seems like a logical solution. I would ask the PTB, but one never knows who will answer.
  12. Firearms

    This is a public forum... I get and accept this as fact. I hope all who elect to arm themselves get training from someone who is currently working in the protection field. Such training should come before selecting what tool or tools, if any, to use. During the training, I suspect you would find things like needing to rack or slide before use will be discouraged, since presentation should be reserved for deadly force use only, in an expedient manner. Which mechanical tools I have at my disposal at any particular time is something I was trained not to disclose.
  13. Firearms

    For what my opinion is worth, why say either way, especially in public? I am not personally fond of public disclosure. I am very fond of education, specifically education to make the proper personal decision, and education on the consequences and responsibilities of said decision.
  14. Jeeps have a cowl drain which drips on pass side if plugged. DW is not happy if her footwell is wet, so the cowl area and cowel drain tube is a must keep clear item for me...
  15. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    So many lost homes, so few builders to rebuild them. Even those who can will have a long recovery. One friend who lost their home was smart enough to find a place to rent within 48 hours. It is about 45 minutes away, but they decided to take it while there was something to take.