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  1. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I did not call the roadside assistance number, only the customer service number. It was an automated msg. Perhaps I should have called the current member roadside assistance number, but I guessed they would have simply transferred me to the customer service automated msg. again.
  2. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Sounds like you'll just give them my information and they will/might call me within 24 hrs., I wanted the information today. My phone number is unpublished for a specific reason. If Saferide customer service does not care to answer their phones directly, to me it is a sign of how much they actually care about customer service. I will attempt to phone Saferide customer service again, if a person does not answer, I'm done. I wonder about a current policy holder requesting assistance now. I already know about customer service at GS., yes it's more expensive, and I get to talk to a person on the first call. This reminds me of all the difficulties posted with the tech services , Mr. Smith is monitoring. I understand FMCA is merely a broker with these companies, and thus has no control over their operations. Thank you for your prompt reply.
  3. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Wife and I discussed joining the roadside assistance program @ $69/yr. I've attempted to call Saferide customer service (877) 581-8581. No-one answers the phone, it rings about 8 times then a recording says to leave a message and someone will call back within 24 hrs. This is unacceptable for any customer service department in my opinion, if they actually want to sell their product. No wonder it only costs $69 if this is an example of their service to contract holders. I phoned FMCA membership in hope they could answer my questions, but the man said they are not connected with Saferide in any way. The only way to obtain answers is to contact Saferide directly. Looks like we'll be staying with Good Sam ERS since Saferide does not answer their phone.
  4. Spartan Chassis Front End Ongoing Squeak

    Have you used rubber lube on the bushings in the suspension?
  5. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Everyone is shooting in the dark until waynemcissac posts the make/model of his frig.
  6. Where is the Fuse??

    He might run a temporary/test hot wire (w/fuse) to the motor to insure it hasn't failed. If the motor runs, it is eliminated, if the fuse blows he knows there is a short somewhere. This doesn't help locate the OEM fuse, sorry.
  7. Exercise great care when underneath your MH. Earlier this year a mechanic in Indiana was suffocated when the MH he was working underneath unexpectedly lost air pressure and pinned him. The ultimate penalty for not following safety procedures. That said, I suggest blocking underneath the frame, then crawling underneath with a spray bottle of 50/50 dish soap N water, then spray every air line, connection, and device to locate air leaks.
  8. FMCA Website

    Humm, I signed up to be a beta user for the new website, so far I haven't seen any difference.
  9. Register Your Tires

    I registered my new tires with the mfgr. instead of a 3rd party.
  10. Do your homework before spending money. The FMCA tires page states to do this because some Michelin dealers will sell for less than the FMCA discounted price.
  11. Firearms

    Us too!
  12. RV Navigation App

    DW has the free Trucker Path app on her phone, I've grown to like it. I've learned to ignore features that don't apply to our MH, and focus on the one that are beneficial.
  13. RV Tire Recommendation

    My experience with the effects of constant sun exposure; my box trailer sits parked E to W, it hasn't been moved in 3 years. The tires on the South side of the trailer have sidewall cracks, the tires on the Norths side look like new. When I bought new Sailun tires for our MH, I also bought new tire covers. I already had my proof sun damages tires. Edit: I don't buy the "ozone damages tires so cover them" theory because there is no practical way to prevent ozone contact without shrink-wrapping them.
  14. I've been using Sta-Bil in my farm tractors ever since my mechanic told me Ethanol would cause problems with everything that runs on gas. My 1972 farm tractor had never given me a problem after being stores most of the winter. I always add the appropriate amount of Sta-Bil to my 5G gas cans prior to re-filling them, sure it adds to the cost of gas, but IMO it's well worth the expense. I had to replace the carb on my ZTR lawn mower 4 years ago because I forgot to add Sta-Bil to my gas can that fall before storing the ZTR for the winter. I haven't forgotten since. OH! a side note. This is still in the planning stage, diesel fuel is not immune to suffering the bad effects of Ethanol: https://www.dieselnet.com/tech/fuel_ediesel.php
  15. Motorhome Financing

    I do realize the OP is selling their MH, but this was our financing route: That's what we did, well, we actually re-financed. We actually got a 3.5% annual loan, bought the MH; monthly payments are less than prior to the re-financing too. MH purchase price is now re-paid. There is nowhere one will find a 3.5% rate for financing an RV let alone an older one.