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  1. Diesel Block Heater

    Keep in mind a block heater only heats the coolant, any heat to the oil is radiant unless you also have an oil pan heater. You have nothing to pre-heat the transmission and oil unless it is an aftermarket add-on.
  2. Veterans Corner forum

    I first thought I was looking at a pic of our MH until I read the narrative. I'll contact a friend who has the address of a different source for WWII records, hopefully it will be useful. I rhought
  3. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    The Power Service Diesel 9.1.1 in a red bottle treats 100G diesel fuel. Since I topped off my tank last fall, I added a bottle of 9.1.1 to the tank 2 weeks ago, just prior to the below zero weeks we've had since then. If it was not needed, $12/bottle was cheap insurance IMO.
  4. My simple test of my ISC Cummins engine heater; I turned the switch on, came back 2 hrs later, turned on key and temp gauge read 80°. The outside ambient temperature was -4°F. Sure it allows the starter to work more easily, but it does nothing to warm anything but the coolant and engine. One must drive judiciously until every drive train component is warmed to operating temperature in sub-freezing weather.
  5. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    I didn't answer your question. The simplest way to avoid water pooling on the toppers is to raise the front end on the jacks during/after a rain/snow event just enough to allow drainage. Lower to level after a short time, so you don't get the frig cooling system upset. Some folks have used cheap inflatable beach balls to prop up the toppers, but I find using the jacks much easier.
  6. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    After much thought, I'll forgo joining FMCA roadside assistance. I'll remain a member only for the emergency medical assist program. Now to these personal attacks. IMO it is reverse horn-blowing-ie; deride someone to make ones-self look better. Carl, lock this thread please. I'll converse with Mr. Bell via phone.
  7. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    That's what I use to keep the topper awning supported. DW's straight broom works well to position the beach ball and remove it when we make ready to travel. I wonder why bdsham doesn't have his LP tank filled delivered by tanker truck? It's hard on a diesel engine and transmission being started unless it's driven at least 20 minutes to reach normal operating temperature, and it will never reach normal operating temperature while idling; in fact it will cool down idling after being driven. Washing any vehicle in freezing weather doesn't sound good for the seals either.
  8. What I have gleaned from reading about vehicles with electric power steering, and being towed 4-down, the negative battery cable must be disconnected in a positive way or the "fly-by-wire" electric power steering constantly keeps trying to sync the steering wheel and front wheel positions, as it is constantly powered. The result is destruction of the steering.
  9. Front Axle Weight Way Different Side To Side

    OOPS! Just noted I quoted your post instead of richard, sorry. Right! Looking into this further, curtsue and I have exactly the same axle GVW's, 19K rear, 12K front. Rear weighs more than front, agreed? Now raise RF corner 1" or more, what happens to weight on LF corner? The rear axle weight will prevent the RF corner from dropping to equalize front corner weights-UNLESS anyone thinks the frame will flex enough to equalize front corner weights. Thus my race care analogy.
  10. Onan Oil

    That is a very old service bulletin-2007. It simply means Valvoline meets/exceeds the requirements of CES 20081. Sorry, I was being flippant; any diesel oil that meets/exceeds the requirements of CES 20081/CJ-4 is approved for use in any on-road diesel or gas engine running today.
  11. Front Axle Weight Way Different Side To Side

    Anyone who thinks ride height is not related to corner weight has never been involved with auto racing. I can post a page of links but most articles are so technical they would not bother to read them. Ride height is perhaps the single most important starting point when designing a race car.
  12. Onan Oil

    Yep, Cummins now recommends Valvoline Premium Blue 15W40 diesel oil.
  13. Michelin Tire Gone Square

    Open the Michelin Truck Tire Service Manual, pgs 55-58. You'll see pictures of similar tire problems. Locate the one most similar to your tire appearance. The narrative should describe what is happening and how to correct the cause.
  14. Front Axle Weight Way Different Side To Side

    How long since ride height was checked/set? That is the first step towards even weights on the corners, and also for total wheel alignment.