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  1. It's very nice to hear that you've had excellent results with your Sprint HotSpot. I believe we'reexperiencing what you did at first: The HotSpot isn't holding a signal and is extremely slow. I'm now speaking with FMCA and hopefully they will be able to solve the issue faster than Sprint. I'm looking forward to being another "happy camper" shortly :-) having access to unlimited data is so important when you can't on your cell phones due to a much slower cell if you do.
  2. 2014 Cummins ISL 8.9L Engine Noise & Code

    I wish. We didn't get any booklets or manuals with our Coach and have been trying to get everything we can as we encounter issues. Very long story about a difficult dealership for another time. But we did call Cummins and they said take the unit into the nearest Cummins dealer. UGH. We'll try Thor next. Just thought someone might know; and we'll check the coolant too. Thought we had, but will do again. Diesels are new to me so this one issue will teach us alot. Thanks for the assiatnce.
  3. We just did a 200 mile run in our 2014 Thor Mortorcoach and when we shut off the engine we heard a loud piercing whistle sound. Checking the print out on the steering column, it showed "Check Engine NO J1939 Data". Does anyone know what this means??? After restarting the engine 2 times, the high-pitched sound stopped, but the error code still shows on the screen. Anyone know???? Thanks!
  4. Best Car for Towing

    Thank you all for such wonderful advice. We contacted Ford direct and they said we can't tow 4 wheels down but could on a dolly, rear wheels down. Not sure what we'll do, for now, not towing and we'll see how we do without another vehicle. I guess there's always Uber or rental cars??? Appreciate everyone's comments and the sens of "family comedy".
  5. Best Car for Towing

    Unfortunately the manual didn't come with the car and what's online is very thin on true, useable information. I thought I try thr pros that have actually been doing this in FMCA! Thanks so much RCR :-)
  6. Best Car for Towing

    Thank you so much. We have a 2014 Ford Escape FWD automatic and the manual doesn't say. We were thinking dolly with front wheels up, but read some horror stories for just about any towing. We have a call into our Ford dealer, but nothing back yet. Thanks so much for everyone's advice. New to this forum, and not sure our question got out there. Much appreciated. RCR
  7. Best Car for Towing

    We are new to RV towing. We haven't yet done it as we've read some pretty scarry stories about our present car (2008 Ford Escape FWD, automatic). We're looking advice from those that have taken this journey before us. We have a 2014- 41' Thor Tuscany diesel pusher. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  8. We are new to this and are looking for advice from those who hjave blazed the trails before us. We have a 2008 FWD Ford Escape, with automatic transmission that we'd like to tow behind our 2014 Thor Tuscanny. We've heard horror stories on everything but a dolly. So we are looking for opinions for best dollies, or best ways to tow. Thanks so very much! The Rasors