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  1. Camping Near New Orleans..Any Suggestions?

    Lake Pontchartrain Landing is a great park. Stayed once at the one downtown but isn't in the best section of town. Don't know if Pontchartrain still has van service to French Quarter.
  2. Campground Near Washington DC

    Cherry Hill. Great campground and the bus to the subway stops right in campground. Seminars about touring. where to eat and what to see, etc.
  3. Lazydays Tucson Rally

    Lazydays responded today (Jan. 24) with a reservation. Case closed. Thanks. Charlie Tuit
  4. Lazydays Tucson Rally

    On Monday, Jan. 21, I called Lazydays Tucson to register for the March 20-24 rally. The lady took my information and said she would have to put me on a waiting list as all spots were filled up. Did anyone else have the same response or was the lady confused? Charlie Tuit
  5. Best Towed Car Braking System

    X2 on Roadmaster brakemaster. I have towed our Suziki XL-7 for 150,000 miles. A light on dash denotes when working. I have replaced front brakes on toad after towing 120,000 miles so that confirmes the brakes do not "drag" and are proportional. Roadmaster has great customer service altho I have used it on towbar only. Charlie Tuit 02 Journey, 32T (176,000 miles), 03 XL-7 toad
  6. Looking For Nice RV Park Near Pensacola, FL

    We have stayed at Emerald Beach many times. Great park. Charlie Tuit
  7. 1. 15,000-20,000 2. 145,000 3. 250,000 4. 3 hours 5. 3 times per day 6. 67 MPH 7. Yes 8. Towbar, Homemade
  8. Motorhome Parking - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    JJ Kelly Storage and Parking. (954) 321-3957. It is near the cruise port. Limo service to dock is $20 each way.
  9. Travel To Washington DC And Other Historic Sites

    For D.C. Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD has seminars and information on touring DC. Also public bus stops at campground and transfers to subway to the mall and other sites. Great campground and location and information on DC. For Philadelphia the Timberlane Campground in Clarksboro, NJ is located a short drive to Phillly Visitor Center. Most tours and sites start from the center.
  10. Storage/Campground While On Cruise: Ft Lauderdale, FL

    Thanks, I'll give them a call.
  11. We're taking a cruise this fall leaving from Ft. Laurderdale, FL. Looking for a campground or storage nearby within taxi range for our motor home and toad. Must have at least 15 amp service to keep our fridge, basement freezer and batteries charged. It will be for 10 days min.
  12. Reverse Lights On 2007 Tiffin Zephyr QSZ On Spartan K2 Chassis

    Turn on your flashers and follow the noise. This may help locate the fuse.
  13. Suzuki ZX-7 Towing

    Bought a 02 XL-7 with 18,000 miles in 03. It now has 88,000 driven miles plus 140,000 towed miles. Just had new front wheel bearings installed otherwise trouble free. Great tow vehicle. Bought it as it will squeeze in 7 people (grandkids) and will hold MH spare in place of the third seat. It has a manual transfer case so it freewheels in neutral. Built like a tank (4,000 plus pounds). The only fault is we call it a 100 mile car as it gets uncomfortable on longer trips. Otherwise a great tow vehicle. Charlie Tuit 02 Journey, 165,000 miles