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  1. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    No I knew going into this what I needed plus after what I had seen under the undercarriage the past owner had already installed the Safe _t_plus up front, but it needed some major adjustments because the motorhome pulled to the right bushing were gone and somehow someone installed a sway bar for the front upside down and missing bushings or were just gone the rear stabilizer bar was the wrong kit installed for the rear it needed a bigger bar and the shocks were bad they had to be replaced even after 44,000 miles they were from the factory yellow in color but no name on them. I have no record what the past owner did not even a car fax history on this motorhome but they told me who ever installed a few things they did a half *** job of it. I'm going to pass on the Sumo Springs for the front and rear because the Koni Quad shocks front and back will do the same job and I do need the suspension stabilizer trac bar for the rear there is nothing back there to keep the motorhome from dog wagging and it does rock back and forth when you drive it down the hwy and it did need an alignment real bad and mostly they are fixing what was not installed right in the first place, and yes I had a budget for all this My Gulf Stream Sun Voyager just looks so heavy and was riding low in the back to. during the test drive they found allot of things that could be upgraded because of the F53 frame by Ford has some issues but for now just need to fix and make it road worthy They did find out that my front end is 500 pounds heavier than the back end and the front tires were cupping so sometime down the road I will need tires at least for the front I could have them rotate them. In another words there were some major issues under the undercarriage what you get for buying something from the auction. The only thing the past owner did right was installed the Banks Power Pack. After I bought it I found out later after driving up to Virginia City Nevada that all 4 rotors were cracked and the pads were so worn down and some were missing parts of the pads that If something went wrong coming down the Geiger Grade Road which has a 13 mile 6% down hill grade from about 7,000 feet would not have been a good day you need your brakes and learn how to use your 3 2 1 gears and let the engine do your breaking for you I have seen allot of motorhomes driving with their breaks on red lights (Mostly Gassers) all the way down the mountain and just smell them breaks. I'm just trying to make a better ride while driving this monster I really like it everytime I pass a fellow motorhome I get the wave like something to do with a hello wave and I don't know them so I wave back.
  2. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Yea I said the same thing but that was only a recommendation for a better ride and to help with the weight on the F53 suspension, I have seen motorhomes like mine that have two sets of shocks Koni's per wheel that's why I brought up the subject. Henderson's looked at the undercarriage and they can install two shocks per wheel, now that was just a recommendation but that was up to me. I will know more tomorrow after the test drive and when I go to the pit so they can show me what is recommended.
  3. Hello, I have had my 2007 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager 8368 37 foot. She weights about 22,000 lbs.For about 6 months now and it only had 44,000 miles on it, I had the brakes serviced Right after I bought it and found out that all 4 rotors were cracked and two brake shoes were missing or just too worn down. Was informed that the last owner was what they call a BRAKE RIDER-- never learned to use his gears and his engine to do the braking for him and I have a gas coach, so a complete brake job cost me around $3,750. Well the RV place that only does suspensions upgrade recommended to me that I install a Safe-T-Plus Motion Control Unit for the front steering, also replace the shocks. They recommended Koni's for a total of 8 shocks 2 per wheel. Also a Trac Bar Rear End for side play (Dog Wag) they call it. Also Sumo Springs front and rear to help out the leaf springs. Before I do all this, they and I will go on a drive test to see what I really need for the suspension. I have driven one RV that had about $5,000 dollars worth of suspension upgrades and that gas coach drove like a Cadillac no making turns and your front end dips down like you are going to touch the pavement and no rocking while driving if you are driving on a roads that has ruts and I really noticed a big difference from they way mine drives and the one I just drove with all the upgrades, so by that said has anyone else recommend anything to help out or to add to what I would like to do to the suspension upgrade? My goal is to travel cross country in it and just want to have a more comfortable drive. The Banks systems they installed sure makes a difference when driving on the hwy.
  4. Reno To Virginia City

    Thank you, at least I have the Banks Power Pack installed to make that climb, I have driven that route by Car but a motorhome will be a little different
  5. Reno To Virginia City

    What is the best drive route from Reno to Virginia City with a 37 foot motor home? Going up the Geiger Grade road or do you have to go all the way to Carson City to take route 50 and take the back way into Virginia city? Thank you
  6. I have a Motor Home on a Ford F-450 super duty frame it is a 1999. There is a Banks powerpack which came with the motorhome or from Ford because their logo is on it anyway. I changed the Banks air filter and installed a new one, when I went to drive it its seem I have lost power when trying to drive it. It feels like it's not getting any air intake. when I do get enough speed it seems to drive ok, but when you come to s stop and take off again it has no power and you start driving about 15 miles an hour. This did not happen before I replaced the air filter, it drove fine had no issues, but only after I had changed the air filter. can anyone help me? My owners manual does not go into detail all it does is show you how to replace and install a air filter. Thank you