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  1. For my situation in Southern's not a priority.. BUT, maybe you live in the Northeast or Northwest where this is an issue?? Are there any true 4 season Class B motorhomes? Or, if you are traveling in winter climate, just add the pink antifreeze to the fresh water tank..... What do you do???
  2. From A to B

    I know....I'm asking IF they'd considered a late model???? AND, I pointed out various options for a gasoline or diesel powered rig...
  3. From A to B

    Question... were you thinking of purchasing "new"...? If you can find a late model vs. getting a brand new rig.. you'll save money, at least that's my opinion.. trouble is finding exactly what you want... Also, keep in mind that the gasoline versions of Class B's are not built to the same standards as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.... We went from a teardrop trailer to the Class B.... So, in answer to your question, NO, we didn't have any problems whatsoever making the switch.. Hymer and Roadtrek are sister fact, Roadtrek is part of the Ervin Hymer group...they got absorbed by Hymer... great company... I had a few questions about my RS Adventurous..a used vehicle and the representative called me back and answered every one of my questions... never rushed me off the phone.... I appreciated that..... Roadtrek makes a lot of different models.. but, they ONLY make Class B's.... they're not trying to be in every market segment which means they focus on one thing only...and they have been in business building Class B's since 1974... In case you are wondering...NO.... I don't work for them.... BUT, I did a lot of research and have a friend who is on his second Roadtrek and highly recommended it to me... My average MPG with the diesel engine is 18.. although I have gotten 19 to 21 depending on where I was going...all flat ground etc.. The main difference between the gasoline and diesels is the mileage and performance....sure, the diesel are more buy and maintain?? We'll see...One thing is that the diesel engine won't slow down climbing mountains...if you plan on going to do a lot of steep mountain driving... you're going to want the diesel...and the Mercedes Benz tiptronic transmission is really great!! I purchased my rig 5 years old last May, it's just a little less than one year old for me... saved almost 50 percent off the sales price of a brand new rig.... that's a lot on a Class B.... most newer Class B's's not just the's the sales tax... let me tell you it all adds up... If I were you..I'd go look at them, drive each model and look at the various features .. plus look at the WEIGHT CAPACITY...of each rig... not as important on the Class B's, but, it's all important..... One final thing... for me, getting the dual wheels setup in the back was really important.... because, it gives you better of the first things I did was examine all the tires... they looked fine, but, were approaching 6 years... remember, Roadtrek takes a coach from the my case, was a coach conversion on a late 2011 model... they converted it and sold it as a 2012 RS Adventurous... pretty much everyone does this as well.... There's going to be a driving difference between a front wheel vs. rear wheel driving setup... again, the Ram Promaster has been getting very good reviews... Roadtrek definitely sells them.... look at the Roadtrek website..... I've heard the Roadtrek Zion and Simplicity are quite capable... If you're giving up the Class that because of poor mileage, or just too big for you....the great thing about the Class B is we can take it everywhere.... Last year... took it across the USA on an almost 11,000 miles grand tour... there's no place you can't take this ..... Good luck...we searched for quite some time... finally found a slightly used model with only 26,000 miles....
  4. Cracked windshield??

    Already reported it.. yes, I'll pay the current deductible... just wondering if this is more prevalent on higher profile vehicles..if so, I'll go ahead and lower my deductible for next time... just a hairline crack.. about 10 inches long.. didn't even give it a second thought when I heard the rock hit... short time later it will only get worse over time..
  5. Cracked windshield??

    How many of you have experience a cracked windshield ?? And, how often does it occur? Did you consider lowering your deductible on your comprehensive insurance??
  6. Do you feel like a castaway in your RV?

    Jim, just sent you another private message on this subject, please reply to me there. ---Mark
  7. Aside from traveling, you sometimes need to just stay in place.. weather conditions, resting from driving, medical conditions, or just taking care of business... There's many large cities that restrict access to where you can land your rig or just park overnight. Some situations might make it feel like you're a shark, always in motion, so what do you do? You can't always just head for the hinterlands. Then, there's time when repairs just are required and your home is temporarily disabled....and you have to dock for repairs or take the rig to a professional? I'm sure that very few of you do major mechanical work on your RVs.... including transmission, engine, fuel and electrical problems? All of these are serious questions.... what's the best alternative for these things? Having a contingency plan for all of these things are really important.
  8. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    AAA helps with car registration, sales, insurance matters, overseas travel, DMV and much more.... It's not just hotel rooms....
  9. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    There's a lot more to a AAA membership than just roadside assistance.. obviously, you don't know that...I've been a member for more than 35 years... I'm sure not going to try and even explain this to you or anyone else..
  10. Annual mileage and how old is your coach?

    Thanks for your replies, I figured it was around 10- 12,000 miles per year, give or take...on average, sometimes more sometimes less.. I expect that we'll do about 10,000 miles per year... Since I purchased my rig last May 2017... have gone about 14,000 miles...of course, the USA trip last fall was almost 11,000 miles .... I certainly don't expect to do a cross country trip like that every year... More local regional trips... Enjoy your rigs...
  11. How many annual miles on average do you expect to drive in your rig and what's the age of your coach?
  12. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    As a point of information....AAA Premiere including RV'S is available and they will tow you to the facility you choose within the 200 miles tow range...oh yeah, they will make sure it's an approved AAA, you probably won't get ripped off.. they vette the people they work with... The AAA has been operating in the United States for over 100 years.
  13. How Many Of You Are Roadtrek Owners?

    Hi and thank you for your reply, Our rig had 26,000 on it when we purchased it in May 2017.... and now have just under 40,000 miles...the last 11,000 miles were last fall on a USA trip... Are you able to take advantage of the FMCA's program to get Michelin tires at a discount?? I purchased Michelin tires before I became a member...the Defender series is great.. actually, if you got over 40,000 miles on the first set, I think you have done well... So, you're average miles per year are about 10,000 or so?? I changed my tires and batteries when I purchased the rig.. they were six years old.. didn't want to drive on old tires.. Easy on gas.. what's your MPG? 15 to 17 MPG?? Doest the 4.8 litre really struggle on hills... Aren't these your specifications below, why is it struggling ..? Engine Drivetrain Engine Type: 4.8 L, SFI V8 Horsepower: 285 Hp (213 K W) Torque: 295 Ft. Lbs. (398 Nm) Fuel Type: Gas Fuel Tank Capacity: 31 Gal. (117 L) Transmission: Automatic, 6-speed, Heavy Duty Awning?? I have a manual awning on my that what you mean? Yes, the 2.5 gallon water tank is small, we actually have not used our shower.. prefer to go to campgrounds or hotels occasionally... very occasionally.. it's an option if we had to use least you have a small window in the bathroom..we don't have that... Our bathroom is also a wet bath and didn't want to deal with wiping down the water every time we used it, has this been a problem for you with moisture ?? I have solar panels on the roof..we have used the generator, but, the solar works extremely well.. only need the generator for the boon docking to run the air conditioning or microwave... Yes, we have the rear king size bed..and use a mattress topper makes it very comfortable...we can't feel any seams..on the sofa... We roll up the mattress topper and put it away during the day to use the living room... My propane needs a service once a year.. it's under the chassis above the rear wheels... also hard to RV mechanic services this for me.. and I do exercise it once a week for about 20 minutes ... One thing we don't like is the heater and AC is a little noisy... Have you experienced any high winds..we went through some areas with winds blowing 15 to 20 MPH and it was OK, but, anything higher I would have considered pulling over... Otherwise, we love the RS Adventurous....drives nice and goes everywhere with ease... no slowing down on hills... ample power... This is the vehicle we purchased... see link below,
  14. RV's are more prone to high wind conditions due to their, how fast does the wind speed have to be BEFORE you consider pulling over for safety and waiting for the weather to get better? Have you had to do this on long distance trips and where do you look first? Rest areas ? Fortunately, I didn't have to do this on my cross country trip, but, there were a few times I considered it...
  15. Good for you... smaller footprints have many advantages, fuel economy and lower maintenance ... How do you like your Minnie Winnie? We sure see a lot of those on the road.. Our rig also accommodates the two of us..why take more than you need....