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  1. Options For Washing Motor Homes

    Blue Beacon.... download the application on your smart phone... they have a locator to direct you to the nearest location.
  2. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    Really?? Yes, this was my question on the Class B answered it. As far as remarks, brought this up.... these are your words not mine, you have to own it.... sorry.... Can't turn that back on me... You wrote;. "When you die that's all you will have left and only your beneficiaries will get any pleasure from it." "There are so many things in life that are more important than money that I don't think you will ever understand" Again, your decision for your situation is fine... I said that before and I'm not changing my mind on that issue... As for making "right decisions"..., I'm not saying your decision is bad at all, just doesn't work for me.... i think that you're reading a lot more into this.... my decisions work for me that's all I'm saying... your free to make yours... What I don't appreciate is people making "sweeping generalizations" about my situation.... And, statements like the many things in life I will never understand" ( see second quote from you, above) Sorry, all your quotations.
  3. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Welcome to the forum... what kind of rig do you have?
  4. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    Bill, I was just in the Grand Canyon area didn't see any challenges with parking... NOW , Yosemite National Park.. have you been following what's going on there?? As we just returned from a trip... we're relaxing at home now... very nice... My plan is go during the off season... We avoid crowds..if we want to experience crowds, I only need to get on the LA freeway... Speaking of crowds.... You ain't seen nothing yet.. until you get to the "eclipse"... Whoa, that will be a crowd infested event... guaranteed... We're taking our rig across country for two months in late set route to the Midwest.... down the Eastern shore to Florida and across the country back to California... We have some key highlights we want to see and visit friends and family... For me... fuel economy is important... By the way... I don't pay for storage costs for the Class is parked in front of the house....the advantage of the single vehicle is I don't have to worry about towing, reduced speeds in California , and the maintenance and repair on another tow car... Enjoy your trips...
  5. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    Tom...- thank you... your posts continue to be very adult like and well reasoned replies. I think it's great that you are living 6 months out of the year...and enjoying visits with your family... We just got back from the Grand Canyon.. visiting our granddaughter... We're also on Medicare., Social Security... and I'm retired.. We are going on a two month journey with no set scheduled stops across the United States... Have a few key locations but the rest are up in the air...Plan on taking 10 days to the Midwest , see friends, out east down to Florida and finally back to California....a 7,500 miles journey over two months... AND, we can easily do that in our Class B because we have places and family to visit... The journey is the destination... And, maybe if the weather is too much.. hurricanes, tornadoes, or something, we'll just find a hotel for a few days... No problems. I'd rather be safe staying somewhere than be at risk on the road.... As far as medical stuff.... we're Kaiser Permanente members...we can get out of area coverage, and get reimbursed later if we need to.. Your story about the rig getting fixed right away is very lucky.... We have a couple of small issues to work out before our long trip this fall and I recently called a local RV shop that came highly recommended.... turns out the first appointment is about one month from now just to bring the rig in.... glad I don't live in it..... Keep moving as long as you can...time and age is like a cruel creeps up on people and many people overestimate how much time they actually have left.... that's WHY I retired early.....
  6. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    Bill, Not once have I ever said that people, including you, should NOT be entitled to choose a Class A... heck, the Prevost is an extremely large and luxurious vehicle...we saw a brand new one recently at the Grand Canyon.... must have been a million dollars plus rig.... Really spectacular... I'm just saying that I don't need to have something this exotic... Is it cool, YES... I wouldn't have any place to store this and I'm sure that lot of other people don't either. Seems to me that by listening to what you are saying....if you don't go full time , you cannot appreciate traveling and experiencing this great country of ours, that's not TRUE..... Please layoff making perjorative remarks about us part timers.... even insinuating remarks like "When you die that's all you will have left and only your beneficiaries will get any pleasure from it." Don't you realize that a comment like this is really in poor taste? Not necessary. Again, keep it up... your killing off new members like me, really obnoxious.
  7. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    Again...I have appreciation for traveling and enjoy doing it... I'm just making decisions that suits my lifestyle... your free to make yours. Who said anything about not enjoying my travels... you're making some sweeping generalizations here predicting what other people might do...
  8. Good Sam Exclusions

    Wayne, when you said that the warranty from Good Sam ran out.. you mean that you went 150,000 miles?
  9. Good Sam Exclusions

    Wayne, thanks... How much did you spend in premiums vs, your return from Good Sam?
  10. Good Sam vs FMCA Insurance Discount

    We're in California... and an insurance agent told me that the industry here is a mess...
  11. Did Full Timing Really Save You A Lot Of Money?

    One more thing... about full time.... while your rig is in the shop for repairs.. you essentially are locked out of your home and have to stay in a hotel... A little more than inconvenient.... I don't collect vehicles... I collect houses....and the investment properties help me finance what I want to do.... You can't refinance an RV... based on appreciation... they don't appreciate... I'm not saying that it's not worth doing...this is a business decision... You just have to be very careful with how you handle money and investments... Long term planning is key... I definitely want to travel first... And when this becomes too difficult have my own home to come back to... A large Class A that you live in is like a mobile home on wheels... You still have to pay for fuel, maintenance, long term storage, repairs, insurance, any other costs.. traveling and admission to recreational areas... All of this we can do and enjoy in our lighter foot print Class B.... Again, I'm not saying anything negative or that the Class A's aren't nice.. they're wonderful... I just don't want to spend the extra money for fuel, maintenance and everything else that goes with a more complicated machine like the Class A's... That's all...Choices ......
  12. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    OK, sorry Michelle... So, you have a Class B plus... really a Class C.. Didn't mean to misquote your words... As far as I know ... there's almost "no activity" on the FMCA for Class B owners... I'm talking van motor homes like mine.. By the way, the Leisure Travel Unity is an absolutely wonderful vehicle... Do you have the Murphy Bed... I loved the videos and features of these... Really great product.. has the same drive train as mine, 3 litre Mercedes Benz Sprinter V6... We also looked at the Navion... Leisure Travel Unity is kinda hard to find in Southern California...and I didn't want to purchase a brand new one... I'm sure you are going to love it... I did consider the Navion.. but, I absolutely loved the way the Roadtrek's less complicated, less concerns about roof seals and better road dynamics... At least it's my opinion behind the wheel.... Good luck....
  13. Hi Ross, Glad to hear that you have helped people "right size" to the rig they wanted... I started many places I wouldn't be able to go based upon size of rigs, restrictions at National Parks, fuel costs, ease of parking, maintenance and repair etc and I kept coming back to the Class B.... Plus, it's hard not to find a well built Class B....and out Roadtrek RS Adventurous is close to the top of the line Roadtrek model. There's a lot of cheaply made Class A's in the price range I paid it the 5 years old Roadtrek.. Question.... aside from my posts... how many and how long ago did you see any posts see from other Class B owners recently?? Actually, we love to take long road trips... planning one across the United States this fall.. about 7,500 miles ... I'd rather do that at 18 MPG rather than 5 MPG.. We could even stop at a hotel a couple of times and still save money.. considering the fuel economy difference... AND, we go everywhere with the Class tow car necessary.. I hope you enjoy your rig as much as we do.... we're not letting it sit around in the driveway ...the more we use it and go out, the lower the costs per trips overall...
  14. Well, thanks for clarifying that.... I certainly appreciate your liking the Class A ... they're beautiful...we looked at all of them when we went shopping...I can see advantages to every class... It's just that we wanted to have a greater deal of mobility at a lower fuel consumption, smaller rig also means less expensive tires, brakes, suspension parts, the list goes on..... Yes, cruising range... I get that... Some of the Class A's have 100 gallons of fuel... I only have 25 gallons of fuel... I can get around 400 miles per tank comfortably before worrying about running too low... But, to be really safe 350 to 375 depending on how much hill climbing etc. When someone says...I shouldn't be doing this..and in the wrong hobby... yes, that's a little offensive.. I don't tell Class A owners they shouldn't be driving their rigs, although I have said that they pay a lot more for fuel, which is true... Just the facts. It's all business.... No personal agendas here, your choice. In Europe, people rarely drive Class A motor homes because the roads are narrower and the price of fuel is so much higher there. We can and do get out to all the places a Class A can go... maybe places that are too large for a Class A.. Is it a little more camped, sure it is... Does it work? YES, everyone's different , we do spend time outside and inside... Time to fold things up.... I suppose you are right... but, how much time does it take to put two chairs, a mat and maybe a small table in the back. And put the awning up.... Not a lot of time.... especially compared to my teardrop trailer which is very labor intensive and takes an hour or more... Listen, the teardrop is very cute and we took it out on more than a dozen trips, but, there's a lot more work...see picture... We still have the teardrop... But, the Class B is so much easier ... And, yes, I have posted on the Class A forum.... too bad I'm apparently the only active Class B owner out there reading and responding to questions on the FMCA.
  15. Good Sam vs FMCA Insurance Discount

    Jim, be very careful with The Hartford...we had them as our insurance company on our cars... had one very minor incident... they were great fixing everything....then, later trippled our rates.... repairs were only about $1,200 ....we would have been better paying for the repairs ourselves....we dumped them... business decision.